5G and Earth Day Countdown: Pondering Plans for Precision Agriculture

5G and Earth Day Countdown: Pondering Plans for Precision Agriculture

In a distant corner of the solar system –

TEACHER/WISE ONE:  Did you hear what happened on that planet where they kept putting poison on their food? And then, got the idea for “Precision Agriculture” to monitor farmland from satellites, thinking that the farmer would want to work inside in front of a computer screen, controlling an autonomous tractor?

GRASSHOPPER: With their “internet” how did no one remember India’s Green Revolution,[i] or the Chinese “Great Leap Forward?” [ii] What happened to organic, regenerative, biodynamic farming? How could so much money be taken away from farming itself, to pay for software and firmware and security and sensors that have nothing to do with food? Can any man afford such arrogance?” [iii] What about the sacred pollinators?!?!?!?

TEACHER/WISE ONE: You have studied your history well. Grasshopper, it seems that when looking at a blue light screen, when the words “Sustainable,” or phrases like “Creates Jobs,” or “Winning the War against China or Russia” or “Conspiracy” or “Green” or  “Low latency and lightning fast speeds” are used, humans go into some sort of hypnotic trance and lose their minds.  It appears that the small screens and blue light removes empathy. For example, the idea that virtual reality is a substitute for inter-relationship with nature, and not bothering to protect pollinators…  We believe that the small screens might be corresponding to smaller brains, but we can’t be sure. The humans seemed to have a mantra, “We are grateful to you, for rewarding our carelessness.”

“The growing dependence of agriculture (on anything else, for that matter) on technology comes with a potentially serious downside.  If there is a mechanical breakdown in the hardware, or a farming IOT/sensor malfunctions – serious crop damages can be the result. For example, in case the smart irrigation sensors are down, plants are likely to be underwatered or overwatered. Food safety can be compromised. If the technological resources in the storage area(s) are not functioning, even a few minutes of downtime due to a power failure can have serious consequences – particularly when backup power is available.”[iv]

GRASSHOPPER: How did this happen?

TEACHER/WISE ONE: Well, Grasshopper, looking back, the people did not understand that the wealthiest inhabitants were treating the planet and its resources as a high stakes crap shoot.  The people seem to have been misguided “to satisfy a stronger hunger.”

The poker players laid cables under the oceans that the people couldn’t see:

“Hibernian Atlantic is building an undersea fiber optic cable that will stretch from New York to London. The purpose of this engineering feat? To allow computers to complete financial transactions 5 milliseconds faster than their competitors. Finance is now increasingly dominated by automated trading, and to a computer 5 milliseconds is an eternity.[v]

So they are actually feeding this computer and its insatiable need for faster speed and more data, with even more cables,[vi]  instead of feeding themselves safe, nutritious, pure food.

Then the poker players convinced everyone that high speed internet access was a human right, and was needed everywhere.  The humans did not realize that whatever supposed “high speed internet” was provided, that there would be faster, exorbitantly expensive higher speed internet and devices for those in the poker game, who would use the high speed internet to observe and to modify the behavior of the public in playful ways, to “game-ify” humanity using the internet. They wanted the humans to be able to spend money all the time, wirelessly. The poker players enticed and then forced the humans to be on-line for longer and longer periods of time. Over time, they did away with cash. They only offered wireless internet, not cable wired or fiber optic. They bribed neighbors to install small cell antennas in exchange for free wifi.  They took away the copper phone lines. They bribed decision makers. It was such a masterful, gradual, insidious, progressive series of boundary violations.

And it was ingenious. Like, for example, using the words “Safe” or “Safer” or “Fastest High Speed Network” or “Virtual Reality.”  So humans did insane things, like radiating their babies with a wireless baby monitor, and putting a cell tower on Mt. Everest. And wanting connected cars. And carrying a cellphone everywhere.  They were addicted, even children. They sacrificed their privacy and their sovereignty.

It was a remarkable achievement, to create a demand for products that dramatically increased energy use and resource consumption and e-waste, because the people also got hypnotized when they heard the words “Smart” and “Climate Change” and “Modernize the Grid.”  And even, “Robust Architecture.”  It appears that the humans have a weakness for consonants, like IOT, AV, VR, FCC, CIA, 5G, LOL, LMAO, SMS, RF, EMF, BTW, FTW, ROTFL, NY, UK, SA, AUS, FB, BBC, Woot, ICNIRP, MIMO, NFL, CBS, CPUC, BC, BS, COMAR, DOD, and others that we do not yet fully understand.

(But we believe noob n00b is a pictogram that clearly refers to the practice of getting breast implants. This is another incomprehensible aspect of earth life. There is some sort of fixation on certain anatomical structures and mating rituals, used to sell everything, – drugs, cars, adult diapers, and cellphones. And apparently summoning pizza by cellphone is essential to survival.)

GRASSHOPPER: So was it sort of like when children used to watch ant colonies? So with the underseas cables and the celltowers, everything and everyone was being watched?

TEACHER/WISE ONE:  I wish it was that simple. But in addition, investor$ were u$ing other $trategies to monitor the growth of their $$$$$money. Now, “Battles are waged on the earth and in the heavens.”

It started with the drones. Once the idea that the skies could be used for surveillance (remembering that the frequencies themselves were invisible), the humans were told that satellites in space would provide “internet access everywhere,” and “protect safety.”

What the poker players are doing is protecting their game, for the long haul.  Farmers have to write a blank check for security, software, upgrades, etc. “According to farmer Brian Watkins, who farms 7,000 acres of soybeans and corn in Kenton, Ohio faces problems in precision agriculture. This involves system upgrades as this undermines his historical data. He needs to install different base stations everytime he buys a better system. There is a slight shift in geographic coordinates and his data suffers. Moreover, precision farming cannot be utilized completely in every crop. It needs the farmers to embark on various technological, technical, and economical conditions before the adoption of this technology. [vii]

(Not to mention the interference from all those trees that need to come down, everywhere[viii])

Even though some humans tried to warn others that using the skies for precision agriculture, internet access, competition, warfare, and surveillance was unwise, those in the high stakes poker game were controlling the media with censorship and conspiracy theories. Even when we sent Medusa Banana Veranda to help, she was shadow-banned on social media. See her here, behind the shutters, all shut up.

GRASSHOPPER: And then what happened?

TEACHER/WISE ONE:  You are not going to believe this one. They thought they could keep using their nuclear power, and colonize MARS!


TEACHER/WISE ONE: Fear not Grasshopper. It is true. “Battles are waged on the earth and in the heavens. Within the mind and within the soul.” But the poker players thought that it didn’t matter that the humans could no longer experience restful sleep due to the frequencies. They didn’t realize that so many were awake. The farmers, the anti-war activists, the herbalists, the non-industry scientists, the gardeners, the mystics, the informed environmentalists, the parents, the “alternative” medicine practitioners, the teachers, the children, the wise ones, the artists, the earth stewards, the music makers, the ethical engineers, the grandparents, the sages, the homeopaths, the flower essence practitioners, the “alternative” news publishers, and especially those already harmed  – including injured  civilians,[ix] war veterans[x] and diplomats[xi] – aren’t buying it. There is too much collaboration, cooperation, reverence, humility, empathy, wisdom, and insight; too much reverence and love. “This battle has been won.”


READ: Animals and plants under radiation stress

READ: Precision Agriculture: Top 15 Challenges and Issues, by Hussain Fakhruddin ”…the actual growth and proliferation of precision farming has not been as robust as was expected earlier. The sector faces several key challenges, and we turn our attentions on them in this post. Includes:  Interoperability of different standards; the learning curve; Connectivity in rural areas ; Making sense from big data in agriculture – The modern, connected agricultural farm has, literally, millions of data points; Non-awareness of the varying farm production functions; Size of individual management zones; Barriers to entry for new firms; Lack of scalability and configuration problems; Energy depletion risks, Challenge for indoor farming; Technical failures and resultant damages; Mounting e-wastes; Loss of manual employment; The security factor; Benefits not immediately apparent “ https://teks.co.in/site/blog/precision-agriculture-top-15-challenges-and-issues/

This article is part of an on-going series of posts counting down to April 22, Earth Day 2021: https://stop5ginternational.org/stop-5g-international-countdown-to-earth-day/

Regenerative Farmer and Medusa Banana Veranda art by Flo Freshman

Precision Agriculture rendering adapted from Homeland Security: Threats to Precision Agriculture https://www.dhs.gov/sites/default/files/publications/2018%20AEP_Threats_to_Precision_Agriculture.pdf

See Patricia Burke’s article archive for the rest of this 5G Earth Day series.

Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and internationally calling for new biologically-based microwave radio frequency exposure limits. She is based in Massachusetts and can be reached at stopsmartmetersMASS@gmail.com.


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