5G EARTH DAY Countdown: Debunking Conspiracies About 5G Conspiracies, and OTARD

“5G is Our Friend”*[1]

According to 5G Content Marketing Specialist student, Sydney Hutchison, at the University of Ottawa, in her article “Why 5g Is Safe: 5 Facts That Debunk 5g Conspiracies,”

“It is essential to understand that (5G) is not a danger to us, but an ally. We need 5G networks to support continuous technological innovation and our connected way of living…5G is our friend.”

“Networks have evolved over the years from 1G to 5G and have brought us enhanced connectivity and ease with every upgrade. With any change comes resistance, as society proves time and time again. But in the age of mass media, misinformation can spread rampantly, and it’s hard to spot.”

Debunking Conspiracies About 5G Conspiracies? The Non-Industry View

Luddites will often ask if something has been proven safe.  Industry will claim that nothing can be proven absolutely safe. That’s your first red flag when leading experts claim that 5G guidelines fall within acceptable limits.

It’s easy to think of things more dangerous than we once realized, –  like new technologies such as flammable pajamas, nonflammable flame retardant pajamas, Heroin cough syrup developed by Bayer Laboratories in 1898, or radio-active drinks.

According to Business Insider, “In the early 1900’s people believed that radioactivity was good for you. Radioactive items were sold including radium pendants for rheumatism, uranium blankets for arthritis, anti-aging radioactive cosmetics, radioactive water, and more.” Industry enthusiasts will want to assure you, a new generation of innovation can’t be compared your great great grandfather’s radiation drink, as it falls on a non-ionizing electromagnetic spectrum, unlike X rays, which are ionizing.

Thinking radiation was natural in water, radioactive drinks were marketed to the public. Eben Byers, a well known industrialist, claimed to drink three bottles a day. His death inspired the 1932 Wall Street Journal headline “The Radium Water Worked Fine Until His Jaw Came Off”.[2]

Back to the Industry Claims! And Industry Guidance!

Unlike Radiation drinks, 5G is your friend, your jaw will not fall off, so please be aware of 5G conspiracies that say otherwise!!!!!!!!

How to identify conspiracies!!!  Beware of “bots!!!”  Bloomberg noted, “…in the age of mass media, misinformation can spread rampantly, and it’s hard to spot. Researchers have independently established that many 5G conspiracies are “boosted by using bots, ingraining frightening false ideas into people’s minds.”[3]

“As we learned, 5G offers greater bandwidth than 4G. Greater bandwidth opens the door for more devices, which continue to enhance our lives in seemingly every way. From phones, watches, and even electrical outlets, everything seems to be “smart” these days, so we need the network to support it. These devices are making us more fit, keeping us connected and not to mention, 5G provides numerous benefits to our healthcare systems.”

“The protests and destruction being fueled by 5G conspiracies must be combatted with facts highlighting the true nature and purpose of 5G. As technology continues to grow, the network needs to grow with it. This is why it is essential to understand that it is not a danger to us, but an ally. We need 5G networks to support continuous technological innovation and our connected way of living. Remember, 5G is your friend!!!!!!!”

Debunking Conspiracies About 5G Conspiracies? The Non-Industry View

  1. In reality, tech isn’t making us more fit, it is making us more fat,[4] and causes headaches, and damages eyesight,[5] among other things. Beware the 5G marketing machine. Marketing is NOT science.
  2. Marketing students, media, and the industry should study the definition of conspiracy theory.

Science evolves. Raising questions about using 1996 science, in the face of reported harm, does not constitute “conspiracy theory.” Seeking to evolve the scientific assumptions about the difference between ionizing and non-ionizing radiation does not constitute “conspiracy theory.”

However, having the media and the industry portray 5G opponents as conspiracy theorists is a conspiracy, not to mention, the issue of portraying anyone questioning 5G for any reason, (and there are plenty of good reasons) as an arsonist.[6]

Beware the 5G conspiracy machine. It’s not the one reported in the mainstream press.

  1. All 5G marketing students need to befriend 5G by pitching a permanent tent right next to one of the towers! Friends live next to friends. “People tend to focus on the negatives of change”[7] which is why we advise all 5G marketing students to pitch a permanent abode next to a cell tower “so as to not overlook the direct benefits they’ll receive,”[8] close up. Not just for one semester, but for a whole year, “to fully experience everything the next-generation network has to offer,”[9] and at close proximity (right next to the cell tower). The tent right next to the nearest utility pole is one option.  See how “5G operates on three different bands (high, medium, and low) within the spectrum,”[10]and all 5G marketing students will know exactly what to expect from this next generation network.   And remember, 5G is our friend, so 5G marketing students need to bring their friends for a fun camp out next to the cell tower to experience enhanced connectivity and ease with every upgrade.

Beware ongoing violations of human rights and fair housing.

OTARD – Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood

Due to regulations like OTARD (Over the Air Reception Act), it might not be necessary for anyone to move, to experience life next to a friendly small cell antenna. Because your friend, 5G is coming to a rooftop or front yard near you.

In ‘Disheartening’ Ruling, Court Paves Way for Deployment of 5G Wireless Antennas on Private Property

An emergency injunction filed earlier in March by Children’s Health Defense (CHD) to stop a rule allowing private property owners to place fixed point-to-point antennas on their property and extend 5G wireless services to users on neighboring properties was denied by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.  In response to the Court’s decision, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., CHD chairman and chief legal counsel said:

“The Court’s determination is disheartening considering the horrific human rights violations allowed by FCC’s rule and its far-reaching impacts. The rule effectively sentences vulnerable adults and children, to eviction, diminished property values, debilitating illness, agonizing pain and even death without legal recourse. Sadly all these violations will continue until we can secure relief on the merits.” [11]

This is really happening, towers going into neighborhoods, and a “small cell” on a rooftop near you. With no safety studies or monitoring, with low latency and lightning speed, unlimited headaches, unlimited nausea, unlimited dizziness, unlimited palpitations may occur.

“One of the most striking differences between a cat and a lie is that a cat has only nine lives.” – Pudd’nhead Wilson.  Mark Twain’s quote alludes to the mind trap where lies get repeated ad infinitum, so people eventually believe that the lie is actually the truth as in the case of urban legends and myths.  Industry “Dubunking of Myths” about “5G Conspiracies” requires great discernment. Caution ahead.

Conspiracy Art Image by Flo Freshman

Bottom photo: http://www.facebook.com/pittsfieldcell http://www.stoptower.com https://www.change.org/p/pittsfield-city-council-stop-the-pittsfield-cell-tower

Sarah Aminoff has taught psychology and health education at various colleges, and is an educator for K-12 students. She is currently working as a College Internship Coordinator with Ecological Options Network/S5GI.  Sarah helps train college interns to work with a consortium of international health and environmental advocates, non-profit leaders, and public officials addressing critical world challenges to secure a sustainable future for people and the planet.


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