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5G/EMF/RF Acupuncture, “EMF Sensitivity,” and “The Law of Midday/Midnight”  

Image by VIN JD from Pixabay

By Patricia Burke of Safe Tech International

This is part 3 of on-going series discussing electric field sensitivity (EHS) from the perspective of Chinese Medicine. “The “point’ of acupuncture is harmonization between the inner and outer environment.”

Acupuncture and EHS/Microwave Illnesses; Taking Another Look at Electrical Pollution is here.

EMF/RF/5G Acupuncture and EHS/Microwave Illnesses; A Chinese Medicine Expert Perspective on Stages of ‘EHS’ is here.

Written Records (and Integrity) Yield Pattern Recognition

Ancient civilizations that formed along China’s great rivers relied on the emperor’s guidance for safe navigation, planting, breeding of animals, and trade, based on the date of the spring thaw.

Over 5,000 years ago, Chinese advisors to the emperor utilized a complex written language and meticulous record-keeping to predict the annual spring river flow.

Truth or Consequences – Cultural Mores

Unlike the current age, where mercenary science, doctoring data, and liar-for-hire analysis is big business, the ancient astronomers responsible for “reading the sky clock and calendar” were highly motivated to perform their work with precision and accuracy.

The emperor was responsible for protecting his constituents, and the consequence for misguiding the emperor was death.

(If this were the case in the modern day, many ‘experts” testifying for problem industries that have inflicted health and environmental harm would no longer hold influence. Capital punishment may not be the answer, but greater discernment regarding integrity and truth would have far-reaching impacts. This is especially true when mercenary scientists routinely jump from one industry to the next, and the issue is ignored by the political process.)

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The Luni-solar Calendar

In 2937 BC, in the 61st year of his reign, a sixty-year lunar-solar gardening pattern was formally introduced by Emperor Huang Ti as noted by the late Theodora Lau. The luni-solar calendar has been sustained to this day in many cultures.  

Yet, the knowledge encoded in a system that incorporates the influence of the moon with the sun does not inform Western mechanized agriculture and society.

Synchronizing Forces

Over five thousand years ago, both the Chinese and Indian cultures recognized that the angle of the sun’s rays, in relationship with the moon and other celestial phenomenon over the course of the day, lunar month, year, and longer cycles, is a synchronizing energy that coordinates balance between the inner and outer environment. Human health was understood to operate under the same influences as cycles of rain or drought, or early or late yearly planting dates.

The Law of Midday-Midnight

Jane Grissmer wrote, “Health in Chinese medicine is based on observable laws of nature and alignment with these cycles… like night and day and the four seasons. From this body of knowledge comes one of the most useful potions in any home medicine cabinet: The Law of Midday/Midnight.

The Law of Midday/Midnight describes the daily (24 hour) cycle in which Qi flows through our organ systems. Each organ has a two hour peak period during which it is optimally effective to perform its task. Today this ancient understanding is being rediscovered in the modern field of psycho-neuroendocrinology. [ ]

Invariably the organ times follow grandma’s adages about eating, sleeping, working, resting, and making love. If we follow these natural cycles they are our best insurance that our systems will run as smoothly as a well-oiled car. And, like a car, if something is awry with one of our organ systems, signals will appear on your two hour dashboard alerting you to the need for preventive maintenance.

Just ask yourself: What time of day do you feel the best or its” opposite”, the worst? Your body is trying to tell you something!” – Jane Grissmer

Jet Lag is Chronobiology

Another term for pysycho-neuroendocrinology is “chronobiology.”

Travelers have recognized the phenomenon of jet lag for decades, whereby the body’s rhythms including appetite, exertion and rest are desynchronized by travel across the time-space continuum.

While the West has been very slow to recognize the influence of the day/night cycle, the solar-lunar rhythms, the seasons, and other patterns as a balancing resource and foundation for wellness, Eastern cosmologies have focused on the relationship between the inner and outer environment for eons.

“The Body is Active on the Inside at Night”

Referring to the day-night darkness and light cycle, Gerad Kite explains, “[ ] during daytime the body is active on the outside and resting on the inside; whilst during night time it reverses – active on the inside and resting on the outside.”

The fact that the body is “active on the inside” at night, and that artificial manmade frequencies are interfering with this delicate balance, has not yet reached the masses, although carnage is mounting.

For example, following the installation of wireless smart utility meters in California, Texas, and Maine around 2009, health complaints immediately followed, and have persisted.

Many individuals report a state of simultaneous overcharge and exhaustion, likened to having one foot on the gas and one on the brakes, with an inability to repel the assault of invasive frequencies and/or the sound of microwave hearing.

Despite the fact that the West has established an essential relationship between quality sleep and health, regulators have failed to investigate.

If it Quacks?

Although many Westerners access acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to address health concerns, the framework of the Meridians is not well understood in the West.  

Wikipedia states, “Acupuncture is a pseudoscience; the theories and practices of TCM are not based on scientific knowledge, and it has been characterized as quackery.”

It’s a fascinating as well as frustrating portrayal.

In China, the New Year is usually observed on the second New Moon after the Winter Solstice by a society that is grounded in the Laws that govern nature, while the Gregorian calendar’s New Year will be celebrated on a day that is completely disconnected from nature’s intelligence, – yet TCM is characterized as quackery?

In fact, the template of Chinese Medicine may offer a superior framework for understanding how and why artificial radio frequencies impair health, and one tool is the Law of Midday/Midnight.

The Law of Midday/Midnight is used by acupuncturists and Chinese Medicine practitioners to assess which organs may be experiencing imbalance, against the backdrop of time.

For example, if an individual were to note that they are being awoken at 3:15 am every morning, in a clean electromagnetic environment a practitioner of Chinese medicine self-care might check the state of the Lung meridian, which has its high tide from 3 to 5 am. Herbs, massage and stretching the meridians might be employed.

However, in the modern day, Paul Harding’s story is becoming increasingly commonplace:

When the Arizona utility company came to install a new digital, wireless electronic meter on Paul Harding’s home 10 years ago, he welcomed it, because he thought that it would enable him to save money. (For those who are not aware, smart utility meters enable time-of-use billing, with peak, off-peak, and other rate schemes, including pre-pay.)

Then, the next morning, he was awoken abruptly at 3:12-3:15 am, “from a dead sleep to 100 MPH.”

When it happened again at the exact same time the next morning, not sleeping, with the smart meter mounted 3 feet from his head, Paul got up and took out his computer. He typed in a search for “smart meter sleep problems.”

One day, in the Good Egg Restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona, the waitress complained to Paul that she was tired because she kept waking up at about 4 am. Paul explained that he knew exactly what she was talking about – that the utility companies were sending data transmissions at night, and people’s bodies were reacting.”

Yin and Yang, A High Tide and A Low Tide

The High Tide of a meridian occurs when it is, in a sense, being nursed by the frequency of the solar radiation. The internal High Tide is choreographed by the synchronizing force of the external environment, through resonance.

According to TCM, when the Lung meridian is in its high tide from 3 to 5 am, the Bladder meridian (3 to 5 pm) is in its state of deep rest.

When an individual is awoken abruptly by an invasive artificial frequency at 4 am, imbalance may also be occurring for the Bladder meridian’s field, which, in Chinese medicine, includes the functioning of the autonomic nervous system. As Michelle Meramour explains, artificial EMFs are impacting the Bladder meridian at the first stage of imbalance.

While the ancients were working with this electromagnetic wisdom over 5,000 years ago, the West is portraying the insights as quackery?

The ancient reverential indigenous and Eastern cultures observed the world and learned directly from the Laws of Nature. In the present day, many laws and regulations are fueled by increasing fear, arrogance, entitlement, and greed.  And lying.

The mainstream Western medical model does not yet understand the interrelationships between the differing organs, the electromagnetic energies that nurture all of life, or the dynamic balance between humanity and the cosmos. We can change this. We can leapfrog beyond restraining cultural judgments. This is one ‘cure’ for existential climate terror.

As we continue to fry our Gall Bladders, we are breaking our own Hearts.  Literally.

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  1. This is right on!!! 5,000 of careful observation. I think the use of poetical terms may put the “rationalists” off.

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