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5G/EMF/RF Protecting Patients and Practitioners vs. ElectroSmog: Acupuncture Caught in the Crossfire?

Image Courtesy Campaign for Radiation-Free Communities: Places People Call Home

By Patricia Burke of Safe Tech International

There is a nutritionist in a Northeast suburb of Boston who has a thriving home-based practice treating many individuals who have had little success with mainstream medicine.

Her patient population includes autistic children, individuals with allergies and auto-immune conditions, and those with environmental illnesses, including microwave sickness.

There is a sign on her office door asking patients not to wear perfume and other scented products, and to turn off all wireless devices (cell phones and smart watches).

But she took her efforts to protect herself and her patients much further.

There are no wireless devices or ‘smart’ RF-emitting appliances in the building,

The windows of her office are covered with curtains that block RF from antennas and towers that were installed, unwisely, in the residential neighborhood.

She spent months negotiating to have meters for water, electricity and gas hard-wired so that the transmissions would not infiltrate her treatment space.  (Many individuals who have attempted to secure a similar accommodation for their own homes have not been successful)

Yet alongside the efforts of informed individual practitioners who are on the leading edge of recognizing risk and implementing protective policies, the mad roll-out of wireless infrastructure is continuing, including 5G.

Technology is on a collision course with biology.

Why do some perceive that the safety of acupuncture, in particular, is at risk?

An Uninformed View of an Intricate Eastern Cosmology

In 1972, an opening of diplomatic relations with China extended the welcome mat for Oriental Medicine practitioners arriving in the United States.

Yet in 2022 Wikipedia reports, “Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine and a key component of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in which thin needles are inserted into the body. Acupuncture is a pseudoscience, the theories and practices of TCM are not based on scientific knowledge, and it has been characterized as quackery.”

The U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services’ National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health is not helpful either, noting “How acupuncture works is not fully understood. However, there’s evidence that acupuncture may have effects on the nervous system, effects on other body tissues, and nonspecific (placebo) effects.” 

Because recognition of chronobiology is so new to the West, and because the West does not possess a working knowledge of the energy pathways that sustain the human energy field, the West does not understand the efficacy of Chinese medicine or the risks of artificial EMFs.

This can change.

History of Acupuncture’s Very Recent Journey to the West

Wikipedia fails to report the historical influence of New York Times reporter James Reston’s dramatic emergency appendectomy performed in China in 1971.

In his article, Acupuncture’s Journey to America, Michael Braunstein explained, “.As a distinguished columnist for the then-prestigious New York Times and a member of the press pool accompanying President Richard Nixon and special envoy Henry Kissinger, he was set to interview none other than Chairman Mao. [ ] China had been a sleeping giant as far as world politics and trade were concerned and President Nixon was set to change all that by opening up the beast of the East.“

While in China, James Reston developed appendicitis.

“James Reston had his appendix removed and his post-op pain treated not with drugs but with acupuncture as the sole anesthesia. Needless to say, Reston was impressed that his doctors in China used medical science that had been described in The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine from 2000 years ago. Acupuncture had been in use for at least 2000 years before that. So, with the insertion of three slight needles not much bigger than a human hair and the burning of a Chinese herb, Reston’s pain was gone and he slept, on his way to recovery.

Two weeks later, Reston wrote about his experience with acupuncture in his column in the New York Times. When Nixon learned more about it, he sponsored research of Traditional Chinese Medicine at UCLA Medical School and the validation of a traditional course of treatment that had stood the test of centuries began. A small but dedicated group of practitioners, mostly on the West Coast, were using acupuncture as a therapy. Most of them had traveled to China to learn the full background of the technique and brought the knowledge back to the States.”

In the decades following Jim Rushton’s appendectomy, cohorts of Western medical experts studied acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in China. Eventually, acupuncture schools were founded the United States, and acupuncture is now a recognized, licensed health profession in the majority of U.S. states.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Because the technological-industrial age treats time as a commodity and a tool to coordinate the activities of the masses, and is not cognizant of “Time as Energy,” the West has become increasingly dissociated from the laws that govern the natural electromagnetic environment.

The field of ‘chronobiology” has only recently emerged in the West. “Chronobiology is a field of biology that studies how our body’s natural cycles—mental, physical and emotional—are affected by solar and lunar rhythms. For example, the circadian rhythm, a 24-hour cycle of physiological processes that happen throughout the human body, is a vital cycle in the study of chronobiology.”

Jet lag and sleep disruption caused by smart meter transmissions are examples of disharmony between internal and external energies.

Maps of Pathways

Ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic (Indian) masters mapped the cycles of energy that distribute “chi” or “prana” to different parts of the body at different times. (As a simple example, digestive power peaks at high noon.) Sunrise, sunset, high noon, and midnight provide an energetic framework for all biological functions, including hormone balance, biochemistry., and neurobiology.  Likewise, the seasons also impact the distribution of bio- energy.  

For example, see veterinarian Dr. Cheryl Schwartz explaining pet care from the perspective of the Fall Equinox rhythms according to Chinese medicine.  

Fall Equinox is a time of equal light and darkness in the Northern hemisphere. It is time of changing of seasons, outlook/inlook, and harvest. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is balance between Yin & Yang, and is associated with the the Lungs & Large Intestine, whose job is to balance between taking in and letting go. For the Lung it is taking in oxygen and letting go carbon dioxide. For the Large Intestine it is taking in assimilated nutrients and letting go of product we do not need.  Dr. Cheryl gives “tips” for the respiratory system – how to support your furry friends with foods, herbs, and acupressure that are good for the respiratory and elimination systems.”

Energetic Points

Over 5,000 years ago, mystics, seers, healers, and martial artists identified points and pathways in the human body that can be activated, for either healing or for harm.

Acupuncture works to either stimulate or sedate energies (reflexing to internal organs and glands) that are operating in an off-balance, undercharged, or overcharged manner, by rebalancing and harmonizing the distribution of chi both throughout the body, relative to the harmonizing influence of external cosmic rhythms. 

For example, the second point on the Gall Bladder meridian is near the opening of the ear on each side.  GB 2: “ting hui / Auditory Convergence” “Function: Removes obstructions from the channel, benefits the ears, expels exterior wind. Indications: Deafness, tinnitus, toothache, motor impairment of the temporomandibular joint, mumps, deviation of the eye and mouth.” SOURCE

Treatments Recognizing Time as Energy

Chart lists High Tides for Each Meridian. When one meridian is in its high tide, the meridian across the clock is at its low tide.

As an example, a treatment at 10 am, which is during the Spleen’s high tide, would be different from a treatment at 5 pm, which is the start of the Kidney’s High Tide and the body’s movement towards the evening rest and digest phase.

As another example, the “High Tide” of Gall Bladder is from 11 pm to 1 am. This also corresponds to the low tide of the Heart Meridian, making the Heart especially vulnerable to “insults´ at midnight.

The Misbegotten Idea of “the Skin Layer”

The technocratic idea that the “skin layer” is homogenous, which is being implied to justify the safety of 5G, disregards the remarkable interconnected intelligence of the energy body, especially the skin.

Art Courtesy Floris Freshman, EMF/RF/5G; Tin Foil Hats, Meridians, Glymphatics, and Heads That Are Not Layer Cakes – Safe Tech International

Because acupuncture is an electromagnetic practice, it may be especially vulnerable to interference, disruption, uncontrolled effects, and undesirable outcomes if the electromagnetic environment is not stable during treatment, for two reasons:

First, the human energy field is constantly being synchronized by the external electromagnetic environment through a sophisticated sensory system. Artificial frequencies can disrupt the delicate balance at any time, but especially when a skilled practitioner is seeking to adjust the distribution of “chi.”

Second, because acupuncture uses stainless steel needles, the metal objects may behave as unintentional antennas, driving discordant energies deeper into the body in specific points that have powerful potentials to alter the behavior of “chi.”

Electroacupuncture/Electric Stimulation/E-Stim

“Electroacupuncture/Electric Stimulation/E-Stim, all refer to the same technique which involves attaching metal wires to acupuncture needles and running a current through the needles to stimulate the acupoints. E-Stim is effective in addressing certain conditions such as arthritis and other chronic pain conditions, multiple sclerosis, muscle atrophy, bell’s palsy, traumas to the musculoskeletal system, addiction, depression, and many more. It can also be used to accelerate tissue healing in the case of wounds, ulcers, and the like. This technique can enhance the healing effect of standard acupuncture treatments in some circumstances. The patient will generally feel little to no sensation from the current on the needles.

E-stim is different than TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, delivering low voltage current via electrodes placed on the surface of the skin), which some western health care providers (Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, etc) use as part of their treatments. Acupuncturists use E-stim with needles in order to reach a deeper level of muscles/nerves to stimulate and assist with strengthening and rehabilitating the affected area. TENS is primarily used to relieve pain by way of temporary stimulation of superficial nerves and muscles.”

It seems to be a no-brainer that a therapeutic treatment could be corrupted by unregulated, unpredictable, uncontrolled juxtapositions of frequencies. Disruption could be introduced either due to high voltage transients traveling on the electric grid and building wiring (dirty electricity) and radiating from the wiring to infiltrate the room, or from airborne exposures to microwaves and radio frequencies powering wireless technologies, with metal needles acting as unintentional antennas.

Image Courtery Floris Freshman

A portion of the population no longer has access to acupuncture as a healing modality because the electromagnetic environment is not stable and secure.

This highlights a much more widespread and significant issue: the physiology of a portion of the population is being hijacked by inadequately regulated technologies, and not only in acupuncture offices.

These risks of having internal physiological sovereignty over-run, even accidentally or unintentionally, on and off the treatment table, are far too dangerous to continue to ignore.

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