5G Safety Claims “As Evil As Big Tobacco’s Lie On ‘Safe’ Smoking”

Renowned international expert warns that long term 5G smart phone use may pose as serious a cancer threat as heavy smoking.  Electromagnetics specialist, Dr Nisa Khan, who issued the ominous warning, holds 10 U.S. industry patents and is a pioneer in optoelectronic and integrated photonic devices.

Dr Khan, who lives in New Jersey, USA,  spoke eloquently and knowledgably on tntradio.live giving a passionate warning of the dangers of corporate greed and ill-informed group think which is touting the ‘benefits’ of 5G but ignoring the harms.

Not until her current PSI paper Novel Derivations and Validation of Near-field Electromagnetic Spatial Power Density Distribution and Propagation Functions for Flat Antennas has anyone been able to accurately quantify and assess actual risks of millimeter wave technology on human tissue.

Would you put your head in a microwave oven? Well, long term smart phone use may be as just as reckless, because no standardized industry safety tests have ever accurately measured the risks.

Khan is no lightweight on such matters.  Her ground-breaking work is archived by the Wall Street Journal and New York Times. Now it seems, when Nisa Khan speaks the tech world listens.

In this broadcast she pulled no punches likening Big Tech’s rush to install (untested) 5G towers on every street corner, relentlessly bombarding our bodies  with invisible millimeter wave electromagnetic radiation, as not only immoral, but as costly a mistake as Big Tobacco’s promotion of smoking. For much of the 20th century even medical doctors claimed tobacco smoking was ‘safe’ until hundreds of thousands died of cancers.

Listen to the podcast at tntradio.live/shows/sky-dragon-slaying

Article source: https://principia-scientific.com/5g-safety-claims-as-evil-as-big-tobaccos-lie-on-safe-smoking/

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