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Currently, there is a mad rush to connect everything possible to the internet. Infrastructure is cropping up across the globe – millions of cell towers radiating homes, hundreds of thousands of satellites polluting the heavens, and an ocean teeming with technology.

We did not ask for a world where every person, “thing”, event, and moment in time is connected to the internet. Nor did we agree to our data being mined, monetized, and used to track, manipulate and control. We did not consent to the use of the ocean, heavens, and Earth for corporate self-gain and war nor do we agree to the irradiation of ourselves, the flora, and fauna,

Now is the time to stop unchecked wireless expansion on Earth, in the skies, and in the ocean and to ensure a safer technology future for all. Wired technologies are safe to us and to other life forms with whom we share this precious planet. Please join the growing movement of people calling for safer and wiser use of technology. .

The International Declaration on the 
Human Rights of Children in the Digital Age

An international group of leading lawyers, physicians, physicists, epidemiologists and other children’s health experts have announced their support for a new International Declaration intended to raise public awareness of three fundamental rights of children which are not adequately being protected: the right to be free from addictive platforms and apps; the right to be free from hazardous radiation from wireless devices; and the right to be free from commercial exploitation of private information.

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