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A Technology Future We Can Live With

We, the people, should decide what we want, not Big Tech. Without measured and mindful guidance from the collective will of us all, Big Tech will continue to corral us down a fast track into extinction. But with us at the helm, we can create a future we can live with. A future where…

  • we know more about ourselves and our loved ones than Google does. 
  • connection to the internet is a choice we make, not something that occurs unbeknownst to us.
  • it’s common knowledge that the safest way to connect to the internet is through hard-wired technology, not wirelessly through the air.  
  • digital orphans are reunited with their parents, and tech addiction is a relic of the past.
  • using the same device for many long years is the new badge of honor, and obsession with buying the latest gadget is passé.
  • ever-conscious of our e-footprint, we are mindful to stream video only with energy efficient hard-wired connections.
  • the right to live safely in one’s home and neighborhood takes precedence over industry profits.
  • it’s common practice when arriving home to put cellphones away and give loved ones our undivided attention. Or better yet, ditch the cellphones altogether (but recycle them responsibly).
  • the new normal is wired technology in all buildings, with cellphones used for text messages and or short calls when out and about.
  • mainstream media objectively and fairly addresses the thousands of studies on health and environmental impacts from wireless radiation rather than giving preference to those (few studies) that show little or no adverse impacts.
  • our human right to free speech is restored so we can speak openly about the harms of wireless technology (or other “sensitive subjects”) without being marginalized or censored.
  • Telecom companies take pride in offering safe technology, and schools and businesses get “safeG certified.”
  • the impacts, on all beings, of every frequency and modulation – alone or in concert with others – are studied, considered, and mitigated where needed, before a given technology is approved.
  • satellite deployment is halted and we can once again partake of our common heritage – the unobstructed skies.
  • decisions based on short-term profits are replaced by long term thinking that prioritizes planetary well-being.

In short, a world where the pursuit of ‘faster’, ‘bigger’ and ‘more’ is replaced with contentment from ‘just enough’.

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  1. We also need to disband these industries and sever all ties between government intelligence and all forms of telecommunications and broadcasting before rebuilding them by the people for the people.

  2. We are truly at a turning point of consciousness.

    My 2021 wish is that the global population now deeply understand that biology/chemistry/physics all have limits to technologies created in their spheres from EMF’s of communications’ “advancements” to current Global vaccinations. Humans have superseded limits for a long time and are speeding increasingly forward in the name of progress. Really, all this is spurred forward by the stock market and the exponential growth of economic investment “livelihoods”.

    This is a great organization which deals with many connected people movements but also understands the lure of future technological visions and is willing to be the ludites who confront them. Great respect, -A

  3. Nous nous découvrons plus puissants et plus subtils que le technologie et elle est tentée de se venger de son incapacité à nous dépasser

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