About Us

We are a voluntary association of individuals from around the world who have come together in an effort to support, encourage and help grow the safe technology movement and to encourage public participation in envisioning and ensuring a future that respects and protects all life.

We support the global movement to rein in wireless expansion on Earth, in the skies and in the ocean because it poses an immediate threat to all life. We support safe wired technology for most internet and telecommunications needs and rely on evidence-based information and non-violent actions.

Our team is comprised of people of diverse perspectives, but we all share a commitment to stopping unchecked wireless expansion on Earth, in the skies, and in the ocean, and to ensuring a safer technology future for all.

We have no political allegiance or adverse intentions, and receive no funding from industry. The Safe Tech International network includes one or more people from the following countries:

  • Croatia
  • Denmark
  • England
  • India
  • Panama
  • South Korea
  • South Africa
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Turkey
  • United States

Participating members include:
Liz Barris – USA
Patricia Burke – USA
Karen Churchill – UK
Sean Carney – UK
Thomas Graversen – Denmark
Jimmy Lindsjö – Sweden
Emma Kelly – South Africa
Amanda Kenton – UK
Kate Kheel – USA
Julie Levine – USA
Olivier Pahud – Switzerland
Valeria Picchi – Panama
Tanja Katarina Rebel – UK


Safe Tech International seeks to end the implementation of technologies that are incompatible with health, wellbeing and life. We bring people and organizations together to share strategies and insights about responsible and safe technology — Technology that enhances life without compromising health, freedom and the environment. 
The evolution of our species towards a transparent dialogue about the true impact of technology on health, the environment and personal freedom has been hindered by political and industrial motivations and strategies that benefit Big Tech at the expense of others. We aim to fix the disconnect that has served to accelerate technological development above reason and sound scientific assessment of environmental impacts and health. 
Technology, now extending from the land to the skies, seas, our bodies, and poised to increase the lethality of war, threatens the exquisite balance of nature. Safe Tech International does more than raise awareness about these harms. We bring together people to act from collective conscience as informed citizens of Earth, to address the grave and impactful challenges of technology. 
We are a powerful force when united. We invite you to choose local control of technology, informed choice, wired connections when possible, balance, and a life-affirming future for all life on our planet.