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Open Letter to Elon Musk & SpaceX

Disheartened and dismayed by the increasing number of satellites despoiling the skies, a team of health and environmental organizations from North America were moved to write an Open Letter to Elon Musk & SpaceX in the hope of prevailing upon the company to reconsider what they are doing to the Earth.

The Open Letter requests that SpaceX halt their satellite program, and that Elon Musk sit down with scientists, astronomers and others to begin a conversation about the non-consensual taking of the skies and the dire consequences SpaceX satellites will have on the planet.

As SpaceX satellites will radiate and pollute every inch of the planet leaving nowhere untouched, the team is inviting environmental organizations and individuals, both nationally and internationally, to sign and share the Open Letter.

SpaceX, headquartered in Hawthorne, CA, plans to provide wireless internet to every corner of the globe using 5G technology. To date, the company has submitted applications to the FCC for 42,000 satellites, and as of February 2021 the company had over 1000 satellites orbiting in the earth’s ionosphere. Public beta testing began last October. To communicate with the satellites in low earth orbit (LEO), plans are underway for complementary ground-based infrastructure which will include hundreds of Earth Base Stations and millions of personal 5G cell antennas (aka User Terminals) mounted on homes.

Shedding light on the changes the planet has undergone in the last few decades from more and more electromagnetic pollution, the authors of the letter rhetorically ask,

Do we really want to build learning gardens at our schools, that will be pollinated with robotic bees? Do the oceans and Antarctica and all rainforests and wildlife preserves really need the Internet? Do the immutable stars in the unchanging heavens really need competition from ten thousand or more moving lights?

They conclude:

We believe in something better. For us. For our children. For insects and for all of life.

As our children will be the ones to inherit the future, plans are for the Open Letter to be hand-delivered to SpaceX headquarters by a group of children as part of the March 19th SpaceX Protest Day events in Hawthorne, CA. A copy of the letter will also be sent to each member of SpaceX board of directors.

It’s unlikely the letter will reach Elon Musk’s desk, or if it does that he will agree to meet with us and consider halting SpaceX’s satellite program. But at the very least, the letter will serve to increase public awareness about what’s happening above our heads, and will serve to awaken desperately needed public pushback to the tens of thousands of satellites being deployed around the world.

While the promise of worldwide internet service, even to previously unserved locations, sounds like a technological panacea, when the curtain is pulled back, environmental dangers abound.

They include:

  • radiofrequency radiation and disruption to the electromagnetic circuity of the earth
  • visible pollution of the night sky
  • interference with astronomy and meteorology
  • rocket exhaust contributing to ozone depletion and climate change
  • ground and water pollution from intensive use of increasingly many spaceports
  • space debris
  • toxic dust and smoke from continual deorbiting of satellites
  • collisions and risk of Kessler Syndrome

We urge environmental publications to publish the Open Letter in its entirety as the urgency of its message speaks loudly to environmentalists around the planet. (A publishable version of the letter is available upon request,

The Open Letter can be read, signed, and shared HERE.

Press Release for Open Letter to Elon Musk & SpaceX can be found HERE.

Satellite Protest Day Announcement and Flyer can be found HERE.

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    1. We are alresdy looking at a dark future for our kids with mass vaccination. Elon, please rethink your plan to wire our planet .
      Don’t you want your kids amd gdkids to live their life in a sane healthy world?

    2. Queremos volver a conectar con la Madre Tierra, la Naturaleza, respetarla, honrarla. Ni siquiera hemos sabido respetar y vivir en armonía en nuestro planeta

      1. Queremos que dejen de jugar a ser Dios, todos esos grandes magnates que dicen hacer estas cosas en favor de la humanidad, les decimos, no queremos que sigan interviniendo y experimentando con la humanidad, dejen vivir en paz al mundo

  1. Please consider stopping this in the name of all life on the planet. We are already suffering the consequences of too much radiation, with our rising cancer rates and increasing millions of people suffering from Electrohypersensitvity, and a myriad of other diseases, and animals turning up dead by the thousands. When will it stop!?

  2. How can we survive this? There is good science letting us know that microwave radiation, even at low power, causes myriad biological disruption leading, in some cases to chronic illness and even cancer. This must be stopped.

  3. Owning the communications around the world with satellites is like a super grab of our combined air space and will do more harm than good with our problems with the artic warming causing more melt of the ice caps and thereby increasing the methane into the air column and more freezing in places that never have had this kind of weather extremes before. Can this be manipulated to have more extreme weather to be a power grab of one business to ruin another? This along with the microwaves beaming down over your home can cause people to become ill from microwave sickness and possibly die – not due to their own health, but exacerbated by frequencies from this kind of technology.

  4. The future of humanity depends on NOT implementing this program. We can’t play with these technologies without taking a big look at the cost of LIFE in all aspects.. EMF are creating havoc already… Everybody will be affected negatively…even you and your loved ones. Please reconsider… thank you thank you…

  5. So much junk up in space as it is this is criminally insane and not one of us has given our permission nor signed up for this madness how can sending so much equipment up above this planet be so good for the planet

  6. This will amount to a desecration of the night skies. If we miss the next asteroid strike through galloping global light pollution, irrespective of where it comes from, then we will only have ourselves to blame. The dinosaurs and Chelyabinsk bear witness to that.

  7. Sr. Muak
    Ruego se informe en profundidad sobre el asunto, y cuando lo haga, piense en su hija y la responsabilidad de todos los padres del Mundo.
    Le doy las gracias por su atención.

  8. This project is unprecedented. There should be at least some research before we plunge the planet into a new state bio active pulsed radio frequency.

    1. Esta tecnología no es revolucionaria. Una idea revolucionaria debe romper un mal establecido y buscar el beneficio de todos. Aumentar el nivel de radiación electromagnética y expandirla a todos los rincones del planeta con las consecuencias desastrosas para cualquier forma de vida que demostradamente esto trae, es más propio de la megalomanía de un loco que el sueño de un genio. Tesla se avergonzaría de este proyecto. Reflexionen y busquen una forma armoniosa de revolucionar el mundo antes de convertir nuestra existencia en una pesadilla.

      1. “Reflexionen y busquen una forma armoniosa de revolucionar el mundo antes de convertir nuestra existencia en una pesadilla.”

        Completamente de acuerdo!!! Gracias.

  9. radiation is radiation.
    we already have record levels – increasing the total radiation is bad.
    despite the benefits, they affect all life, insect pollinators to developing cancers.
    more research for sure but basic research and the publications out there already will show the danger.

  10. We must find back to structures of “normal life”. We are soulbased human beeings and do not need all these technical frequences

  11. NO 5G in the Amazone and on Antarctica. 5G will destroy ecological webs in (untill now) unspoiled nature areas. It will cause an ecological desaster on earth, killing insects, destroy foodwebs, and all other life depending on insects, including human food supply. People that finance this satellite project are financing a criminal project which can be seen as a Third World War project of technicians agains the rest of all life on earth. So, please, stop this project. It is leading to very bad things for all of us.

  12. Egon Musk will lose a fortune on this one. Satellite internet will always be slow, because of the time lag for a signal to travel the vast distances to a satellite and back. Totally useless for gamers and other interactive purposes. Our night sky will be full of useless junk.

  13. I don’t want to live in a Word like that. Please stop It. Is dangerous for oye health and it’s not necessary.

  14. Bitte stoppen Sie 5G. Es wird alles Lebendige auf der Erde zerstören. Sie wissen doch dass 5G eine militärische Waffe ist und vielfach zerstörerisch eingesetzt wurde. ZB im Vietnamkrieg. Denken Sie an unsere Kinder und unsere schöne Erde. Verhindern Sie bitte die Zerstörung und fördern Sie eine gesunde Zukunft für alle.

  15. No al 5G. Cuidemos nuestro planeta de radiaciones y las consecuencias en los humanos. Sí a una tecnología sin perjuicios.

  16. The “New World Order” has Armageddon agendas! The last man will be the first monkey??? Elon, drive to another galaxy!

  17. I do not consent to more radiation. Please do your research and consider the overall cost (to health and environment) of technology.

  18. Did you ask us Elon if we wanted this grand scheme of yours? You too depend on nature and that it operates for your very own existence and your thousands of employees and the people who buy your products. You are not an island. Your actions are that of utter selfishness and blind ignorance of their damaging effects.

  19. Many are woke now , we’re asking you to at at least go live nationwide on the dangers health this will has caused . We know it’s worldwide to further the elites agenda from cell phone , to no more privacy,to the upcoming electric cars , this 5g is worldwide starting with 1-4g back to early 2000’s this was used in the military back in the 60’ or maybe even earlier . It’s a death trap. Our children don’t need this in or near the schools ! We know it won’t be stopped but we’re entitled to awareness !

    1. All top down operations will ultimately fail be they driven by industry or something else. We do not need to allow ourselves to be manipulated and to become prey to industry or anyone/anything else.

      We have a choice how to respond. Each of us must tune into, refine, and fortify ourselves – primarily by connecting to the natural world, ourselves, and one another at the local level – so as not be swayed by industry or any other forces that wish to control and manipulate. Only this will lead us toward a better and more promising future. The future is up to us. Let’s not give up.

  20. Dear Elon Musk, scientists have shown great concerns about the launching of your satellites and their devastating effects on Earth and it’s inhabitants, including humans, insects, anything that grows on Earth, the soil and its beneficial bacterias.

    You are a brilliant guy who can find other ways to maximize your wealth as you have done in the past without harming the Earth and its inhabitants. If you don’t stop this project, and it’s consequences do cause the predicted calamity on Earth, then your conscience will haunt you for the rest of your life. We ask you to PLEASE stop this project.

  21. Pls stop filling our skies with satellites that put radiation, etc out to us and endanger our families.

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