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At the Solstice: 5G vs. Bees, “Bee Heroic”

By Patricia Burke of Safe Tech International with Nikki Florio of Bee Heroic

‘For decades, the agrochemical, geoengineering, and communications industries have been wreaking havoc the lives of untold trillions of insects, birds, small mammals, reptiles, amphibians and other animals, as well as the microbial communities which support the base of our food and eco-systems.  Through the direct and indirect poisoning of agriculture and ecosystems through chemicals and radiation, they are driving forces in the current mass extinction event. Today, these same industries – and partner corporations and subsidiaries – are driving not only animal and plant, but humans, toward the edge of extinction.”Bee Heroic

As the December Solstice approaches, the “United Nations Biodiversity Conference” COP15 is concluding in Montreal.

Bees are one species receiving increased attention, in part because of their role as pollinators of the world’s food supply.

Concern for bees dates back to Rudolf Steiner’s teachings in 1923.


In addition to seeking to safeguard bees, activists world-wide concerned about a multitude of issues are simultaneously encouraging the restoration of open dialogue, open minds, deep thinking, and the ability to hold respect for diverse perspectives through civil dialogue. As Gillian Jamieson of the U.K. wrote, “I suggest we all ditch [ ] the meaningless terms ‘conspiracy theorist’ and ‘misinformation’.”

For the vantage point of expansive and inclusive thinking and emerging evidence, it appears that pesticides are not the only challenge for bees.

Historical View: Colony Collapse

An article published by Spirit of Change in 2012, Picture A World Without Honey Bees, discussed the phenomenon of bee loss attributed to “Colony Collapse Disorder.”

“In 2007, the term Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) was coined when honeybees in 24 U.S. states and four continents began disappearing. Worker bees failed to return to the hive, leaving the uncapped brood abandoned. Normally, honey scavengers including wasps and bees from other hives rob a failing bee colony. But in the startling case of CCD, the hives were left untouched.

Rudolf Steiner — the founder of Anthroposophy, Waldorf education and biodynamic agriculture — predicted that the honeybee would be in dire straits in 100 years. Translated from German in 1998 by the Anthroposophic Press, Bees is a transcription of these lectures in which Steiner describes the spiritual wisdom inherent in the bee, wasp and ant kingdoms, as well as their role in maintaining formic acid levels, which are crucial to Earth’s ecosystem.

Steiner warned against the long-term effects of sugar feeding and artificial queen breeding, practices developed to boost productivity in commercial beekeeping. In years of heavy spring rain, flower nectar is scarce. Beekeepers responded by providing sugar syrup. This practice became the industry standard when both sugar and corn syrup were found to boost honey production. Steiner noted that the unnatural diet was over-stimulating, and altered the bees’ digestive juices and blood, wherein the vitality of a species is held.

The Agricultural Research Service previously noted, “Stress, in general, compromises the immune system of bees and other social insects, making colonies more susceptible to disease. These stresses could include high levels of infection by the varroa and tracheal mites; poor nutrition due to apiary overcrowding; pollination of crops with low nutritional value or pollen scarcity; exposure to limited or contaminated water supplies; and migratory stress brought about by increased needs for pollination.”

“Of particular concern is a group of pesticides called neonicotinoids (neonics for short), many of which are banned in Europe and other countries. Instead of being sprayed, neonics are used to treat seeds using time-release technology, transforming plants themselves into poison factories. As the pesticides are absorbed by the plant’s vascular system, they attack the central nervous systems of bees collecting pollen. Virtually all of today’s genetically engineered Bt corn is treated with neonics. Corn does not require honeybee pollination, but research shows that bees forage in corn. They also have multiple other routes of exposure to neonics.”

The Agricultural Research Service identified three major contributions to colony collapse:

Pesticides may be having unexpected effects.

A new parasite or pathogen may be attacking honeybees

Environmental stresses may have unexpectedly weakened colonies.”- Spirit of Change

Environmental Groups That Look at the Wireless Issue, and Those That Don’t and Won’t

There are many environmental groups circulating action items and petitions addressing concern for pollinators, while ignoring the “elephant in the room.”

Other groups have identified the significant new environmental stressor. 

It is wireless technologies.

Published Research on the Adverse Effect of Wireless Technology and Electromagnetic Radiation on Bees – Environmental Health Trust (ehtrust.org)

Birds, Bees, and Mankind, Destroying Nature by Electrosmog

Bees, Birds and Mankind – Destroying Nature by ‘Electrosmog’ – Publication – The World Foundation for Natural Science

The Competence Initiative for the Protection of Humanity, Environment and Democracy published the paper above in 2009.

This Report Aired 10 Years Ago on CNN

Study Links Bee Decline to Cell Phones – CNN – YouTube

This Video by the Insect Inspector Aired 3 Years Ago

5G is a buzzword for the digitally connected world some see as the future of mankind – it comes with risks – the most immediate being that it will be the most effective pesticide since DDT. The Insect Inspector explains how this runaway untested global experiment may kill us all. Simply put, the 30-year radiation from millions of cellular phone masts is the single factor present in every region of insect decline. With the imminent addition of 5G pollution, the situation is about to get much worse. Rather than ridiculing this idea, independent experts from around the world sent me evidence to prove It. They cited papers, experiments, and surveys to show that wireless tech is damaging the ecosphere. Insects are like the canary in the coal mine. Their slump in numbers is a warning to us all. In short, 5G poses a catastrophic threat to bugs the world over. This video is a warning notice so public officials can no longer plead ignorance when rubber stamping its roll-out.

Meg Sears, Chairperson, Prevent Cancer Now, echoed concerns about migration, butterflies, and wireless exposures in her very recent article, The silent culprit in the monarch’s decline.


Bee-heroic, founded by Nikki Florio, is raising issues and offering critical thinking, linking together a multitude of factors, including questions about geo-engineering, 5G/IOT, pesticides, and green-washing.  

“Our mission at Bee Heroic is to provide an information-to-action platform for initiating practices that will save and protect Earth’s bees, and all of it’s extraordinary pollinators, from near-term extinction.  Bee aware.  Bee proactive.  Bee heroic.”

See “Tess Fights Robots” hosting Nikki Florio in an in-depth interview, “Geoengineering, 5G, IoT: Tessa Lena Talks to Nikki Florio” available on Rumble: https://rumble.com/v1ik4cb-geoenginnering-5g-iot-tessa-lena-talks-to-nikki-florio.html

Pollen Nations Count

“The great pollen nation includes the scope of winged and terrestrial insects, birds, bats, and other animals responsible for pollinating the bulk of Earth’s ecosystem and agricultural flowering plants that don’t rely on wind for pollination.

These amazing animals have co-evolved with the plants they pollinate, and are largely responsible for the perpetuation and health of land based forest, riparian, and desert eco-systems.

Unfortunately, nearly all species of pollinators are in peril.  As ecosystems are destroyed for real estate, commercial or civic use, resources are polluted, valuable habitat disappears leaving many of these animals homeless, starving, or poisoned.  In addition to those impacts, human technologies – from agrochemical, to 5th Generation (5G) cellular, to geoengineering are accelerating the Extinction of Earth’s remaining pollinators.

Can we work together to stop these deadly impacts?

Yes.  It will take heroic action.  Work with us.  Bee heroic.”

5G and the Bee

5G and the Bee | bee-heroic (beeheroic.com)

“5G – Fifth Generation cellular telecom is the foundation of a set of technologies that collectively make up the Internet of Things (IoT).  The IoT itself, is a conglomeration of technologies designed to enhance, amplify, and connect communications for commercial and military purposes throughout the world. 

The IoT will connect billions of devices [ ] and will make the telecom industry trillions of dollars.

​Touted by mainstream media (MSM) as an amazing technological advancement – where citizens can download movies quicker, be a passive passenger in driverless cars, check for poop in their children’s diapers via microchips and nanotech and more – 5G looks like an exciting new technology.  But, it is their lie by omission that is deceptive to the consumer.

MSM and the telecom industry fail to expose, and present, the environmental and biological health impacts.  There is little indication of the monstrous implications that it will have on Earth’s microbes, plants, pollinators and all life within a handful of years if the 5G “dream” of 5G telecom comes to fruition.”

5G: Testing. Testing.  1,2,3

​“5G and the IoT will add millions of new, ultra-high frequency cell towers and tens of thousands of low Earth orbiting (LEO) satellites to our planet.  This will essentially bathe the planet in electrosmog; a constant blanket of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) 24/7. No living thing on Earth will be free of its deadly radiation.  

This new technology will both “piggy back” on existing 2G – 4G/4GLTE towers and be independent. The frequencies for 5G are much higher and the waves do not travel far; therefore towers will be much closer together (150 – 250 meters apart) and mounted on everything from storefronts to streetlights.

We have known for decades that EMR/EMFs have negative impacts on microbes, plants, and animals but 5G/Fifth Generation Cellular has been nonetheless, approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  Their safety studies include only a single antiquated test that has accounted for only thermal (heat) impacts; and did not utilize any existing biological, environmental, or horticultural impact studies based on current mmWave technologies.”

5G:  Bees, Birds, Bats and Trees

 “All life on Earth exists and thrives around the Schumann Resonance: 7.83 Hz, with mild fluctuations. Second, third and Fourth Generation (2/3/4G) technologies have negative impacts on us because they change they physiologically change this inside our bodies, with particular impacts on our brain and heart; and with the rollout of 5G (a frequency increase of about 10,000X), will come a swift, immediate, and deadly change to our environment.

While life on Earth exists and thrives at similar frequencies, the differences in insect, bird, amphibian and other animals’ bodies, and the genetic make-up of plants, fungi and other life, simply cannot exist for long – if at all – with the ultra-high millimeter wave (mmWaves) frequencies utilized in 5G technology. Due to several factors – including body size, the magnetite that all animals have in their bodies and more – pollinating insects and animals are highly susceptible to 5G.  In addition, the fact that mmWaves make plants toxic – to animals and humans – creates a combination that is forcing accelerated extinction of nearly all life on Earth.  Stop 5G.  Bee proactive.  Bee heroic.”

Resources | bee-heroic (beeheroic.com)

Resources: 5G/EMF Environmental Impacts

Effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields on flora and fauna, part 1. Rising ambient EMF levels in the environment – PubMed (nih.gov)



More Links at ‘Bee Heroic

Resources | bee-heroic (beeheroic.com)

… The earth is our home. Unless we preserve the rest of life, as a sacred duty, we will be endangering ourselves by destroying the home in which we evolved, and on which we completely depend.  E.O. Wilson

Bee Heroic.

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