August’s Lammas Day & Moon Blindness; We Don’t Even Know How to Live on Earth; We Don’t Have A Snowball’s Chance in Hell of Making It On Mars

These are the times we live in, when the mass culture’s directives need weeding, and purification.  

When planting herbs, we carefully place organic fertilizer in the chosen spot.

Weeds move in, competing for nutrients and sunlight. Without proper tending, they will take over everything.

To Everything There is a Season

Today was a good day for weeding in the garden. Last week the soil was hard, and the weeds broke off at the stem, only creating more weeds down the road.  Today, the soil was moist and the quack grass pulled out easily, roots and all.

One day is good for weeding, another day not so. Society’s profit motive doesn’t recognize that there are patterns to these variables in the garden and in our lives, but we could, easily.

Not only are the patterns right in front of us, but they have been codified by earlier wisdom cultures, (like the Chinese 60-year luni-solar gardening calendar.)

We ignore them at our own peril.

America Has A Weed Problem. Nearly Every Effort To Grow A “Garden,” Literally Or Figuratively, Has Been Taken Over By The Moral Equivalent Of Weeds

Or parasites. Or a Trojan Horse.  Call it what you like, but do we have the courage to ask?

Mores (/ ˈmɔːreɪz / sometimes / ˈmɔːriːz /; from Latin mōrēs, [ˈmoːreːs], meaning ‘manner, custom, usage, or habit’) are social norms that are widely observed within a particular society or culture. Mores determine what is considered morally acceptable or unacceptable within any given culture.

Weed/Parasite Infiltration:  Off The Rails with Misbegotten “Environmentalism”

Let’s say that you live in a state that mandates compact fluorescent bulbs, but they make you and your child feel wired. Or, you are mandated to have a wireless smart utility meter, but it is making your neighbor, whose bedroom abuts the meters, sick?

How did a desire to live a conservation lifestyle translate into a mandate to cause harm to self and others?

Not enough weeding, of truth vs. untruth, science vs. mercenary science, public servants vs. sociopaths.

Bright Green Lies, Look Behind the Curtain

In an interview referencing the new book Bright Green Lies, author Derrick Jenson notes that

“The environmental movement has been captured. At one point it was about protecting wild places and wild beings.  [ ] these days it has become about powering industrial civilization.

You can have 100,000 people who march on the streets of whatever city, if you ask why they are marching – they’ll say, ‘we want to save the planet.’ If you ask their demands – what they’ll say is ‘We want subsidies for wind and solar industries.’

It is an extraordinary coup –I cannot think of any other social movement in history that has been so completely captured and turned into a lobbying arm for [ ]industrial capitalism. That’s terrifying.”

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If only it were only the environmental movement.

Electronic Silent Spring

Telecom lobbyists spent a combined total of $234 million lobbying during the 116th Congress; nearly $320,000 a day emphasizing wireless, when internet access was already paid for, but declared not profitable enough. This is a weed issue.

Everything Rachael Carson wrote in Silent Spring can be re-written, by replacing the phase “chemical industry” with the phrase “telecommunications  industry.” In fact, Katie Singer is the author of An Electronic Silent Spring.

“An Electric Silent Spring reports the effects of electrification and wireless devices on people, plants, bee colonies, and frogs around the globe. It presents solutions for people who want to reduce their exposure to electromagnetic radiation. This pioneering book is for anyone concerned about the health of the environment and the people and other creatures that inhabit it.”

Our Beliefs Underlie Our Bio-Chemistry, And Our Beliefs and Bio-Chemistry Can Be Weaponized in Favor of Industrial Development and Inhumane Detachment

The driver of an electric vehicle can hold a belief that they are doing something noble every time they step into their vehicle, unleashing a cascade of feel-good chemicals.

The EV driver is not thinking about where the conflict minerals came from the make the vehicle, or where the battery will end up when it is discarded. He has been indoctrinated into an inaccurate belief system that fuels his self image.

An environmentalist can unleash a cascade of feel-good chemicals by replacing an incandescent with a CL or LED light, without being aware of indications that the products adversely alter physiology.

With corporate greed in the driver’s seat, feel-good chemicals can be morph into judgment, superiority, arrogance, and, ultimately, cruel dynamics of force.

As Marcus Mason notes,

“So we see [ ] the need to control the behaviour of the collective masquerading as a sense of collective responsibility and care towards our fellow beings; we see attempts to make everything uniform masquerading as equality and humanitarianism; we see new technological systems of control masquerading as new technologies designed for the betterment of all.”

 “Connected Farming” is Lipstick on a (Wireless) Pig (Apologies to Pigs)

Read more here

As reported by the blog POTs and PANs,

“The National Science Foundation along with the US Department of Agriculture is creating a broadband testbed in and around Ames Iowa. The project includes $8 million to construct a wireless network that will cover nearly 600 square miles in and around Ames. One of the concepts to be explored is the collaboration potential and interaction between satellite broadband, existing wireless networks, and new wireless technologies.

Scientists will be experimenting with technologies involved in precision agriculture including drones, self-driving farm machinery, and an array of environmental sensors. One of the first experiments will involve identifying weeds for automatic eradication using high-resolution video. Field sensors will transmit live pictures to the cloud to allow for accurate identifications of weeds. Training robots to manually eliminate weeds would mean a drastic reduction in the use of herbicides in the food chain.”  –  CCGConsulting

Greed Has Taken the Whole Universe, But I See the Moon

In earlier times, earth-literate societies realized that there were variations in the quality of sunshine, humidity, the state of the soil. For example, the tides are higher and lower at certain times, influencing safety and flood risk.

The moon impacts the electromagnetic properties of the planet Earth.

For more than a century, industrial profit-driven science, medicine, and farming have ignored the lunar influence, in favor of increased production and profit.

This has also translated to a lack of recognition of the electromagnetic properties in our own bodies.

We plant, garden, harvest, cut hair, have surgeries, take medicine, at inauspicious times, sometimes with deadly results.  Now we are polluting the entire global electrical circuit.

Do we require sensors to take pictures of weeds and send them to a satellite because we don’t know a weed when we see one?

These ideas, about harvesting data instead of crops, come from people who love data and want to monetize further the process of growing crops. They don’t love plants, or soil, or football, or sailing, or health care, they love data.

Nature’s Messages Have Been Becoming Increasingly More Pronounced

  • Do you remember the moon? The December 26, 2004 Full Moon Indian Ocean Tsunami
  • Do you remember the moon? The Ever Given, the container ship that blocked the Suez Canal “aid crews said the tidal wave caused by the full moon helped immensely in trying to move the ship. The gravitational pull of the sun and moon causes tides in the ocean. As it was a full moon last Sunday, the sea waves were pouring into the Suez Canal helped to get Ever Given out.”
  • Do you recognize the moon? “What is the Moon’s wobble and its impact on the planet’s water. A new study NASA suggests that the world is set to see more severe flooding in the 2030s as a result of the moon wobbling – So according to data-driven scientists,  we need wireless smart meters to address “climate”?

The Cartel Is Interpreting All Of The Data It Accumulates, On Behalf Of Itself

The political-economic-banking-surveillance-military-telecom’s disaster capitalism’s cartel will keep telling us that we need carbon pricing, smart meters, electric vehicles, LED lights, a smart grid, industrial solar and wind, offshore wind, satellites to measure farming output and climate impacts, chemicals, fertilizers, wifi-ed tractors, smart cities, AR, VR, driverless cars, sensors, and many more antennas and towers.

The expression “ going all around Robin Hood’s barn” refers to the practice going way out of the way to get somewhere by a long and circuitous route.

More to the point, the expression “can’t hit the broad side of a barn” indicates one who cannot aim accurately.

We have a mass culture rejecting the moon and its life sustaining electromagnetic frequencies, women, nature, intuition, integrity, honestly, reverence, and the accumulated wisdom of cultures worldwide.

We don’t need more technocracy and more data.  We need nature, and we need each other.

It is time to weed.  Live nature.


Learn More:

Precision Ag Scorecard by Flo Freshman.

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