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Big Tech, 5G, Students, Women & Children; Education, Indoctrination or Exploitation?    


By Patricia Burke of Safe Tech International

2022: Girl Scouts Earning a 5G Patch

A feeling of disquiet emerged this week for those sensitized to the energies of exploitation and indoctrination in women and children. The Girl Scouts organization does not have an adequate system of checks and balances in place to prevent exploitation. The organization enabled a dynamic where girls were misled, and then encouraged and rewarded to use their own creativity to influence others, by an inadequately regulated industry creating harm to human health and the environment.


Peter Elkind wrote, ‘The Girl Scout’s 5G Patch Was Created By A Wireless Company, The corporate created information teaches girls that 5G and millimeter waves “are safe.”  

“[ ] recommended activities sound more like do-it-yourself advertising. High school-age members on one Girl Scout site are encouraged to “Find a cell tower and make a video explaining how 5G would change the world for you. Share the video you made with a friend or fellow Girl Scout.”

The Environmental Health Trust explained, “The Girl Scout 5G article was written by Peter Elkind, a senior investigative reporter at ProPublica, and an award-winning journalist. His previous article focused on the FCC’s failure to address the mounting evidence indicating health and environmental risks of wireless technology.”


EHT stated, ‘5G is certainly not safe. So we wrote the Girl Scouts a letter. The ProPublica expose features Environmental Health Trust’s scientific letter written to the CEO of the Girl Scouts USA by several prominent doctors and experts calling on them to suspend the 5G Patch. The letter includes copious scientific research. Our letter also includes expert resources the Girl Scouts can use to develop a patch that teaches safer tech. “

The Propublica report noted that “The Ericsson 5G patch was first made available in March 2021 through the website of the Northeast Texas council of the Girl Scouts. Ericsson’s U.S. headquarters is in Plano, Texas, and the company, which boasts of being “the leading provider of 5G network equipment in the U.S.,” has been involved with the area’s Girl Scouts program for several years.

Ericsson has focused on promoting interest in science, technology, engineering and math careers, known as STEM, where girls are historically underrepresented. (The company’s Facebook page includes photos of hardhat-wearing Girl Scouts on a 2018 field trip to an Ericsson training center with mock cell towers and transmitters.) A second Ericsson executive serves on the local Girl Scouts board, and, according to public disclosures, Ericsson has donated more than $100,000 annually to the northeast Texas council for the past three years.”

The letter sent to the Girl Scouts from the Environmental Health Trust can be viewed here.


See also the letter written to the Girl Scouts leadership by a concerned child safety advocate from Maryland.

“Not only is 5g untested for safety (it has never been tested on children), it supports wifi-enabled devices that take children away from childhood: cell phones, tablets, and smart watches — all of which are designed for adults, and contribute to a number of harms, including: obesity, low-vision, poor posture, failure to learn handwriting, content retention, eye contract, delayed speech, virtual autism, and more. 

Worse, you ask these children to share what they’ve learned about 5g with friends via social media. Let me underscore that social media is unlawful for ‘users’ under 13 years old. Most of your membership is under 13 years old. Internal industry research has also exposed the risks social media pose to teens’ mental health and emotional wellbeing, as exposed in the Frances Haugen whistleblower report. Social media companies’ business models are intentionally designed to keep users on their platforms for as long as possible and to keep them coming back again and again. Thus, if a student checks social media for information about a scouting event, they are likely to continue to scroll, sometimes for hours. These are habit-forming products that research shows negatively impact mental health. Therefore, when you encourage it in any way, shape, or form, you are contributing to a decline in teen mental health.

When Education and Non-profits Partner with Corporations

Beyond regulatory capture, where regulatory agencies are stacked by industry insiders, the Girl Scout debacle exemplifies another problem. Many non-profits, educational institutions, and other organizations have been infiltrated and co-opted.

For example, the historical record reveals ties between Monsanto, Cornell University, and Bill Gates, to promote chemically intensive agriculture, which was brought to light by student Robert Schooler. In 2018, AltHealthWorks reported, “The GMO-free movement has reached dizzying heights in recent years, with organic food sales rising by $3.3 billion by last count,and showing no signs of slowing. Despite that, the U.S. academic scene remains committed to chemical intensive agriculture, in large part because many colleges are bursting at the seams with donations from Monsanto and other corporations. One of the most prominent among them is Cornell, which recently received a grant worth more than $6 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.”

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley 5G Tissue Modeling

In a similar vein, a research project conducted at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley in 2021 involving tissue modeling and 5G frequencies came to the conclusion that “The quantitative data on the effects of 5G penetration and dissipation within human tissues are presented. The absorbance in all organs and tissues is significantly higher as frequency increases. As the wave enters the organ-tissue model, the wavelength is shortened due to the high organ-tissue permittivity. Skin-Bone-Brain layer simulation results demonstrate that both electric and magnetic fields vanish before passing the brain layer at all three focal frequencies of 2.4GHz, 28GHz, and 100GHz.”

Based on complex calculations derived from measurements of inanimate models representing blood, brain, breast, eye bulb, heart, kidney, liver and lung tissues, the study implies that 5G frequencies will not impact the brain.

The research incorrectly portrays the different tissues in the body as the equivalent of a layer cake. Inanimate engineering models, weaponized by the wireless industry to nullify reported harm, do not provide accurate information about how artificial electromagnetic exposures, including non-ionizing radiation, impact living organisms.

Image Courtesy Floris Freshman

Funding for the Texas project is noted here:

What is the NSF ADVANCE Grant 1209210?

It is the “Total Awarded Amount to Date: $3,548,501.00” distribution entitled “Attracting and Nurturing Women Faculty at a Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI)”

“Specifically, this ADVANCE project addresses faculty recruitment and advancement, policy and climate, education and empowerment and social science research that is intended to broaden and deepen the knowledge base related to issues that hinder the success of women, particularly Latinas, in STEM fields. As such, the UT Pan American ADVANCE program has the potential to seminally contribute to a deeper and more inclusive understanding of gender equity in the STEM disciplines, while systematically addressing the underrepresentation of Latina in the US STEM workforce.”

If the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and science) are engaged in corrupted decision-based evidence-making on behalf of corporate sponsors, recruited women can simply be used as pawns.

Industry Influence on Research Outcomes

The Environmental Health Trust has compiled a list of “Research Studies on Industry Influence and Involvement in the Science of EMF’

“The Tobacco company Phillip Morris released papers clearly showing that the strategy to protect the tobacco industry as well as the pesticide and cell phone companies was to downplay legitimate science via a well-funded public relations effort by a coalition of groups funded by corporations. Electromagnetic fields, tobbacco and pesticies are mentioned HERE in one of Phillip Morris’ 1994 papers. 

Scientific analyses show industry funding can and does influence research on radiofrequency radiation.  This webpage has published citations on the influence of industry and vested interests.

The paper the Science for Profit Model—How and why corporations influence science and the use of science in policy and practice details the tactics of industry to hide the fact their products create a toxic exposure. All of the tactics used by tobacco are now in use by the wireless industry.”

These tactics are in play in colleges and universities. History may well record the extent to which corporate influence has been repackaged under the guise of “Nurturing Women in STEM fields.

Student “Ambassadors” in the National Grid Smart Meter Pilot Program

When National Grid brought its controversial pilot program to the City of Worcester, MA, the utility bragged about the fact that they were using local college students to “wear the face of the utility” in the community. The program’s “Ambassadors” were employed to dispel the image that “outsiders” (a utility based in the U.K) were implementing the pilot program.

Environmental Leader.com reported, “National Grid’s program was developed in partnership with customers, the city of Worcester and other key parties, to use advanced technology to help customers save energy and improve response to power outages. The Sustainability Hub will house interactive exhibits for customers to trial energy-use displays, programmable thermostats and dynamic pricing options. Local university student ambassadors from Clark University, Holy Cross and Worcester Polytechnic Institute will help staff the Hub, creating cooperative learning opportunities for both local customers and students. Students also will participate in various internship opportunities under the pilot.”

It sounds so reasonable and civilized, if only the program were not actually grossly misrepresented, and behind schedule and over-budget as the result of opposition to the violations of human and community rights.

The Worcester Business Journal reported, “The cost for National Grid’s Sustainability Hub at 912 Main St. in Worcester – the physical presence for its Smart Energy Solutions pilot program – skyrocketed from its $50,000 budget to nearly $800,000.” The Sustainability Hub became known as the Propaganda Hub.

Documented complaints about the corruption of the results reporting, including energy savings, customer satisfaction, and retention, remain unaddressed.

Of particular heartbreak to program opponents was the exploitation of the idealistic college student environmentalists proudly wearing identifying red shirts indicating that they were “Ambassadors” who had been carefully chosen for the role.

Smart Meter Lies and Omissions: Example, RF Exposures

The smart meter industry has been characterized by lies of omission, for example, misleading communities about the frequency of RF transmissions.

Smart Meter Questions – EMF Safety Network

The EMF Safety Network reported, “In April of 2010 the EMF Safety Network filed an application with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) asking for hearings on health impacts, including “Smart” Meter radio frequency (RF) emissions data. We wrote:

“PG&E’s paltry, inconsistent and contradictory information on RF emissions from Smart Meters is unbelievable and at odds with other RF expert findings.  Several PG&E bulletins and spokespersons make varying claims on how often the Smart Meter electric meters transmit RF, anywhere from every hour to every 4 to 6 hours to 2% or 4% of the time.

CPUC administrative law judge Amy Yip-Kikugawa ordered all investor owned utilities (IOU’s ) to answer Smart Meter radio frequency (RF) questions. PG&E’s answers are an astounding confession!  Question 2: How many times in total (average and maximum) is a smart meter scheduled to transmit during a 24-hour period?

PG&E says the average number of RF pulses for the electric meter would be about 10,000, per meter, per day and the maximum number over 190,000.”

PG&E’s Big Confession – EMF Safety Network

Victims and Perpetrators

While the student Ambassadors in the smart meter pilot became perpetrators in misleading the community with their carefully crafted talking points, they were also victims.

Many are feeling increasingly alarmed about the Girl Scouts, the STEM programs gone off the rails, and smart meter pilot programs that exploit students and communities.

For the approaching solstice, a reflection on the balance of darkness and light, consider sending a note to the Girl Scouts of America,

Email gsusacustomercare@girlscouts.org and vidya.krishnan@ericsson.com inviting them to address the 5G propaganda patch, It’s never too late to do the right thing, and to be on the right side of history.

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