Brilliant interview by Richard Sacks

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Please, find enclosed a new and brilliant interview by Richard Sacks, host at Lost Arts Radio and founder of the Lost Arts Research Institute and Planetary Healing Club. The interview was done on March 3, 2022.

Richard Sacks’ interviews are at a completely other level than most others. His way of reasoning about, and analyzing in-depth, our current world sets examples for everyone, including myself. I have told you before, and I am telling you again, his general take on morality and ethics deserves a round of extra applause! It is a genuine honour to appear together with him!

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When A Great Scientist Is Also Human… Top EMF Damage Expert Dr. Olle Johansson–special-guest-dr-olle-johansson

Planetary Healing Club – Dr. Olle Johansson – Insider Interview 3/3/22

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