Candle/Lantern Vigils for Safer Technology – December 2020

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Shining the Light on 5G – WinterSolstice

We invite people around the world to join together on December 20th with Candle/Lantern Vigils to honor increasing reverence for nature, and to call for a Stop to 5G.

5G is the “next generation” of wireless telecommunications infrastructure build-out. It presents unacknowledged risks to human health and the environment, and perpetuates rather than addresses economic, digital, and racial inequities. 5G will vastly increase energy consumption, the exploitation of poorer nations via resource extraction and e-waste and violates human and community rights by placing profits before people.

The winter solstice has been observed for millennia in cultures that were aligned with the rhythms of nature, as a time for reflection on the balance between darkness and light. The Solstice marks the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, and the longest day in the Southern Hemisphere. (NB: The Candlelight Vigil has been set for Sunday, December 20 although winter solstice is on December 21. Either day works for an event.)

The call to Stop 5G represents the intention to reclaim reverence for the abundance and generativity of the natural electromagnetic environment of the Earth. It recognizes the need for technological innovation to operate within, rather than in defiance of, the Laws of Nature.

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Dear, Dear friends,
We have had so many candles the whole day, and lanterns through the night.
We do not have a cellphone, so no photos from all these beautiful candles and lanterns through the night.

Silkeborg, Denmark