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“Cell Towers, Antennas, and 5G Emit Radiation Like Bananas?” It’s Time to Stop Consulting the Industry

By Patricia Burke of Safe Tech International

Researcher Alan Brandt chronicled the denial that prevailed, for decades, about smoking and health harm in his book “the Cigarette Century.”

The article, “Smart Meters and Wireless vs. Energy Intelligence: It’s Time to Stop Consulting Drs. Who Smoke” referenced doctors who smoked, and failed to accurately advise their patients, in part, because they themselves were not willing to change their beliefs in the face of emerging evidence of harm. Many were addicted.

We are repeating history again with another industry-led wave of subterfuge, manipulation, and addiction – from the wireless industry and its partners.

The late author M. Scott Peck defined mental health as “the on-going process of dedication to reality, at all costs.” 

Who among humanity is dedicated to “reality at all costs” regarding wireless technologies?

Let’s not look to the industry for clarity, especially when the industry and its partners have dismissed health and safety concerns, for example, by likening the emissions from 5G, cell towers, and cell phones to bananas.

The 2020 article, “What Is the Environmental Impact of 5G?” is by Marlese Lessing, writing for SDxCentral.  “SDxCentral is the only B2B media company that delivers a 360-degree view of today’s tech landscape to facilitate digital transformation in all industries.”

SDxCentral: “Theories, Hoaxes, and Controversies”

The article notes that “The environmental impact of 5G is still being studied by biologists and environmental scientists. While there have been several theories, hoaxes, and controversies, it is still unclear if there is a long-term environmental impact of 5G deployment. Concerns about 5G center around the effect that the higher network frequency will have on humans and animals, and how much energy it will consume.” (hyperlinks intact from original article)

SDxCentral: “No Conclusive Evidence Has Been Found Thus Far Of A Major Impact On Human Health” (is false)

“[] to date, no conclusive evidence has been found thus far of a major impact on human health because of high frequencies from 5G and 5G infrastructure. 

This is, in part, because no research was conducted, as noted in this congressional hearing.

These 4 studies co-authored by Dr. Lennart Hardell showed the development of microwave sickness in people after 4G or 5G small cell towers were installed in close proximity to their work or homes

Now another new study by Dr. Hardell and Mona Nillson has been published  Case Report: A 52-Year Healthy Woman Developed Severe Microwave Syndrome Shortly After Installation of A 5G Base Station Close to Her Apartment , where a 52-year old healthy woman developed microwave sickness in November 2022, 1 month after a 5G base station was installed in October 2022 within 60 feet of her home, with symptoms of  headache, dizziness and balance problems, concentration problems, loss of immediate memory, confusion, fatigue, anxiety, cough, nosebleeds; symptoms from lungs, stomach, urinary system, and the skin. Interestingly, one month later after moving to another apartment with no 5G in December 2022, all symptoms disappeared except for minor problems with dizziness and tiredness both with grade 2 (see Table 1). However, after returning to her apartment in January 2023, the symptoms reappeared and worsened, and she gained additional symptoms of suicide ideation and a slowed pulse, which she didn’t have before.  Measurements showed her peak exposures from the 5G cell towers at 758,000 uW/m2 (=75.8 uW/cm2)

 SDxCentral: “5G Is Not Radioactive”

In debunking and subtlety ridiculing concerns, the article offers several talking points including “5G Is Not Radioactive”, “Japan Did Not Halt 5G Deployment Due to Health Concerns”, and “5G Did Not Cause A Mass Bird Die-off” while not offering any evidence of any actual environmental, health and safety research.

Implying that informed consumers are concerned about 5G because they mistakenly believe that it is radioactive, and that there is a lack of recognition of the difference between ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, is an inaccurate and prejudicial portrayal of the level of knowledge and discernment of the community and the reader. 5G/EMF/RF concerned individuals are far more accurately informed than the caricatures painted via intentional misrepresentation.

SDxCentral: Japan

SDxCentral referenced Snopes. According to Snopes, “On June 9, 2019, a website named Putin Tomorrow posted a story claiming that the Japanese government would be banning 5G cellular technology “for the health of [its] citizens.”

Unless SDxCentral can provide evidence that the 5G activist community references or contributes to either Putin Tomorrow or Snopes for that matter, the talking point about Japan is irrelevant, misleading, and prejudicial.

SDxCentral: “5G Does Not Cause Cancer in Humans”

The banana reference hyperlink is not available to the public and has nothing to do with the question of whether or not non-ionizing radiation or 5G causes health or environmental harm.

The faulty reasoning that only ionizing radiation is harmful (which was previously assumed to be benign) is pure propaganda.

The reasoning is akin to saying that dogs can’t scratch humans because they are not cats, without any investigation of scratches by dogs. They may be different animals, but both can cause injury.

Beware of intentional faulty reasoning designed to manipulate attitudes and beliefs, especially when colored by ridicule. Reclaim discernment.

In addition, the question of health harm is much more extensive than the myopic focus on cancer, which itself is a play out of the unethical tobacco playbook.

SDxCentral: Regarding The Claim That Human Skin Deflects Nearly Half Of All Power Emitted 

Referenced claims about the effect of 5G on the skin are based on engineering modeling and not real-world conditions.

 “III. MILLIMETER-WAVE HEATING OF THE SKIN In this section, the heating effects induced from mmWave exposure are investigated in four one-dimensional (1-D) human tissue models, as shown in Fig. 6, to simulate different body parts. Model 1 represents the tissue layer structure of a H Et t Er Hr Ei Hi Er rqi q tq Ei Et Hi Hr Ht rqi q tq naked human body, comprised of skin, subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT) and muscle. Model 2 illustrates the tissue structure of the naked human forehead. Model 3 simulates the human body covered with clothing and model 4 illustrates the forehead covered with clothing, such as a hat. In order to simplify the problem, we assume a continuous plane wave with radiation frequency f normally incident to the surface of the one-dimensional models of human tissue.” – https://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/1503/1503.05944.pdf

Complaints of real-world harm negate the implications of inanimate tissue modeling, and not the other way around.

An alternative reference – not filled with subtle psychological innuendos and propaganda to manipulate and misguide the reader.

Skin is Not Just an Outer Inanimate Covering or Shield, It is Alive

Missing entirely from the West’s inquiry about skin and health is the knowledge accumulated by both the Chinese and Indian cultures about the varying electromagnetic and communication properties housed at various points and pathways in the skin, including the marma points and meridian pathways.

This knowledge has long formed the basis of healing, martial arts and self care practices, from acupressure to moxabustion to massage to yoga to athletic prowess to combat.

Engineering modeling is irrelevant to the question of health and safety for all of the inter-related organ systems of the body, which are in constant communication with the skin and the entire resonant field, within the context of the cosmic current choreographing all of life.

The mainstream modern medical model and mass consumer culture has not yet recovered the long suppressed knowledge of bio-electricity, and the essential need for a balanced electromagnetic environment.

As a result, we are diminishing our vital forces, as well as adversely affecting the nature environment.

SDxCentral: 5G Did Not Cause A Mass Bird Die-off

SDxCentral referenced the Audobon Society. In 2020, the Audobon Society reported, “The “5G kills birds” phenomenon was started by John Kuhles, who according to the fact-checking site Snopes, “runs several anti-5G conspiracy websites and social media pages.” In a Facebook post last year, Kuhles claimed that a recent mass die-off of European Starlings in the Netherlands was caused by a 5G antenna test. Despite the fact that the local municipality never named a cause for the die-off, and the fact that the test Kuhles cites happened months before the die-off occurred, other Facebook pages and health blogs nonetheless picked up the post. “

Many groups that previously provided stewardship of nature and health have been co-opted. The Audobon Society is parroting the industry.

Yet, the needle has moved significantly towards integrity on the question of harm to the nature environment, as reported by Microwave News.

Don’t Overlook Admitted Increased Energy Consumption

SDxCentral’s writer reported, “5G is expected to consume up to three times the energy it takes to power the LTE networks, according to IEEE Spectrum, since 5G use cases require more power-hungry base stations to ensure full coverage. This has grim implications. Much of the United States still depends on emissions-heavy fossil fuels like coal and natural gas for its electricity.”

“This has led to some service providers, such as Ericsson, to commit to an energy-efficient 5G network deployment that relies on alternative, renewable energy sources, and that uses software-defined 5G architecture to make data storage and delivery more efficient through provisioning and dynamic routing.”

Some refer to these efforts as “putting lipstick on a pig.”

We’re Dancing with the Devil, Again

As reported by Wikipedia, in 1998, as part of the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement, the Tobacco Institute, the Center for Indoor Air Research, and the Council for Tobacco Research were dissolved.

“The Tobacco Institute was founded in 1958 as a trade association by cigarette manufacturers, who funded it proportionally to each company’s sales. It was initially to supplement the work of the Tobacco Industry Research Committee (TIRC), which later became the Council for Tobacco Research. The TIRC work had been limited to attacking scientific studies that put tobacco in a bad light, and the Tobacco Institute had a broader mission to put out good news about tobacco, especially economic news.[4] It also attacked scientific studies, although more by casting doubt on them rather than by rebutting them directly. It also lobbied Congress.”

The group held sway for over 40 years as the body count grew, caused harm to many health indicators, not just cancer rates, also created by secondhand exposures.

“Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognized. In the first stage it is ridiculed, in the second stage it is opposed, in the third stage it is regarded as self-evident.” —Schopenhauer

If mental health is “the on-going process of dedication to reality, at all costs” every wireless consumer has to choose discernment and integrity over addiction and entitlement.

Society and individuals must stop enabling this industry to imply that a cell tower is benign because a banana emits radiation.

As with tobacco, this is obscene.

I apologize

Instead, as inspired by Howard Wills, individuals can start here. “I apologize for all my hurts and wrongs to the earth and the life of the earth.”

He explains, “Belief systems can create limitations that inhibit our spiritual growth and awareness. The Infinite sends people blessings daily that often are blocked through scorn, judgment, pride, and other self-defeating attitudes.”

The frequencies that comprise the natural environment are an unacknowledged and ignored blessing. Manmade, unnatural frequencies are enslaving humanity, including children, and harming nature.

It stops with each and all of us. Wireless footprints matter.

 Image courtesy Floris Freshman

“Bless the trees, the flowers, the waters, the fish, the birds, the wind, the insects, the animals, all humanity, and all life on earth, and in the entire universe.” – Howard Wills

Krishnamurti: “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

A society that promotes the type of reporting sourced from the tobacco handbook is a sick society.

Get off the run-away train.

The hearts that love the most, they are unchained.

Learn More, Think Globally, See Inter-relationships, Reject Ridicule in Favor of Reason:

Microwave Sickness/EHS Documentary Film “Remembering Nearfield” Selected at the Cannes World Film Festival 2023 – Link to the Remembering Nearfield trailer and animation
feature: https://vimeo.com/810958040 press.filmnet.io/review/1680745041857×789472722062934000
safetechinternational.org/review-of-remembering-nearfield/ Remembering Nearfield Film Website: express.adobe.com/page/POYG80KaKi8mi/

Staggering Ecological Impacts of Computation and the Cloud https://thereader.mitpress.mit.edu/the-staggering-ecological-impacts-of-computation-and-the-cloud/

Policies for More Ecologically-Sound Tech: while we learn IT’s impacts. https://katiesinger.substack.com/p/sound-tech

How We’ll Mess Up The Environment on the Moon https://clivethompson.medium.com/how-well-mess-up-the-environment-on-the-moon-fa554c96067c We’re already polluting the orbital window around Earth. The recent explosion in private-sector satellite launches has littered near-Earth orbit with an astonishing array of junk; as the space firm Inmarsat notes … [ ] the lunar landers that SpaceX and Blue Origin are devising are over 40 tons, much huger than Apollo’s comparatively small previous vehicles. So how might those bigger thrusters affect lunar soil? Pretty messily.

The Quantum Perspective: Here’s Why It Matters “Western scientists have not studied the negative effects of non-native EMF radiation due to fear of upsetting the military-industrial complex”

Discussion of how Wi-Fi and cell phone radiation disrupt the hydrogen bonding networks in water molecules, impairing cellular function and structure.** \[00:01] Wi-Fi and cell phone radiation disrupt cellular function and structure. * Microwave and radio wave radiation disrupts hydrogen bonding networks and impairs bioenergetics. * History of wireless radiation and its use in military technology. \[04:42] The military-industrial complex suppressed information about the negative effects of non-native EMF radiation. * The Soviet Union recognized the negative effects of non-native EMF radiation and developed safety levels. * Western scientists have not studied the negative effects of non-native EMF radiation due to fear of upsetting the military-industrial complex. * There is an open question about the harm level of non-native EMF radiation on the populace. \[09:08] The cell uses light to structure water and create a battery * The cell’s energy production is based on the production of light in the mitochondria * Anything that disrupts this cellular battery will reduce the cell’s ability to generate energy \[13:48] EMF radiation is a stressor that degrades the quality of life and creates stress on the organism. * EMF radiation is an additional stressor that requires more work to mitigate and overcome. * The EMF radiation is causing problems and affecting the blood-brain barrier. \[17:47] EMF exposure can lead to nutritional deficiencies and altered brain metabolism. * EMF exposure increases the need for nutrients, leading to nutritional deficiencies. * Exposure to EMF alters glucose metabolism in the brain, which can have significant health implications. \[21:42] Exposure to wireless devices can lead to illness and disease. * Long-term exposure to microwave and radio wave radiation can impair cell structure and function. * Exposure to wireless devices is a slow drain on cells and can cause vague symptoms, but the increasing number of devices in the environment is a cause for concern. \[25:47] EMF mitigation can have therapeutic value. * EMF exposure can confound epidemiological studies. * Mitigating EMF exposure can lead to significant pain reduction. * The world’s attitude towards smoking changed in one generation, and the same can happen with EMF exposure. \[29:43] Reduce EMF exposure by hardwiring devices and unplugging Wi-Fi router * EMF exposure leads to fatigue, exhaustion, and anxiety * Controlling controllable factors and getting outside help to mitigate EMF exposure ***

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