Checklist for Municipal Codes Addressing Small Cell Installations

Americans for Responsible Technology.
The purpose of this document is two-fold:

  1. Provide your local government officials with a comprehensive overview of what they should be looking to include in your town/village/city’s 5G wireless telecommunications ordinance to better control the local 5G rollout process.
  2. Spark important conversations with your local legislators about how to more effectively safeguard residents from 5G antenna installations.”

Fighting to Preserve Lake Tahoe and Surrounding Area.
Eisenstecken, et Al V. Tahoe Regional Planning Authority

Lake Tahoe lies on the border between California and Nevada, and is under the jurisdiction of TRPA, a U.S. government Interstate Compact created decades ago to protect this national treasure. TRPA is strongly promoting Tahoe as a “Smart City” complete with autonomous self-driving buses requiring small- and large-cell wireless installations covering the Region… something a significant portion of the local population does not want (especially those living very near to these towers). Our plan is to stop the TRPA from extending blanket approvals to telecom companies to install cell towers throughout the Region, which violates many of the provisions of the Compact.

This is a landmark case in several ways. First, it will confirm the legal obligation of an interstate planning agency to protect the fragile environment and health of residents of the entire Tahoe Region. Second, it will further confirm that the Telecommunications Acts of 1934 and 1996 do not preempt other federal statutes, in particular the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Fair Housing Amendments Act, which require reasonable accommodation by telecom companies to prevent RFR harms to vulnerable individuals and communities. Third, the Complaint exposes rampant conflicts of interest which necessitate, under the Compact, disqualification of all decisions influenced by such conflicts of interest, and to support judicial remand and a moratorium.

PETITION ACTION ITEM: Lake Tahoe, straddling both California and Nevada, is one of the most pristine environments in the world. But thanks to profit-hungry telecom companies and their “captured” regulator at Tahoe, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA), this magical place is on the fast-track to destruction. If we don’t stop TRPA now, Lake Tahoe as we know it will not survive the looming telecom takeover.


Article source: Checklist for Municipal Codes Addressing Small Cell Installations

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