Chuck and Drew; Real Men Listen to Their Bodies; & Protect Their Health, Their Families, Their Homes: 5G/EMF/RF Father’s Day

“You really don’t hear buzzing, ringing, or frequencies, you just have TINNITUS and…YOU ARE DEEPLY DISTURBED”

Chuck’s Story:

I first became aware of microwave radiation in an offhand way in 2013. Firstly, I have to say that I was a huge fan of wireless tech since I got my first MacBook in 2002. I used wifi on the train in the pilot program on the commuter rail since its inception and loved the convenience (until it got way too laggy to use at all). I had my whole condo on a WIFI network. My entire family had iPhones, iPads, and we all talked with cordless and cell phones right up next to our heads. I always noticed my ear would get hot and I felt irritated after long talks on my cordless phone, but I never realized the cause until years later.

Fast forward three years after I bought an iPhone. I kept my iPhone in the same pocket in my pants. And one day, in the interior of my thigh muscle, a very strange extremely fast-rhythmic pulsing would occur. I first thought it was one of those muscle spasms that would go away, but it went on for over a week non-stop. Then into two weeks. It was strange. So, I looked at all the possibilities it could be. I narrowed it down to my phone, after doing some research into how cell phones work.

I then realized that the pulses from the phone had somehow entrained my muscles to pulse when the phone was sending out its signal to the nearest tower. I was deeply disturbed, but more annoyed that I had a rhythmic pulse in my inner thigh that I had no idea of it would go away. So that led me to learning to keep my phone away from my body, and as it turns out, it’s in the phone’s operating instructions to keep the phone away from the body. I wondered why it had this guideline, which led me to more and more scientific studies, spanning many years (including Dr. Carlo’s studies for the industry). I wondered – How much more microwave radiation am I exposing myself and my family to? – thinking initially that this was a harmless technology. I am a curious person by nature, so I had to follow-through with the research. It was around that time that I started to experience heart palpitations and trouble sleeping, which I had never experienced before. I’ll get to what I found was the cause later.

After thoroughly researching the work of Martin Blank, and Henry Li, I acquired an electro-smog tri-field meter. I realized my wifi router, my DVD player, printers, and a host of other electronic devices in my living room, along with the four laptops (and corresponding Bluetooth devices in my house were all sending out their own signals, night and day. Our phones were left on and charging next to our beds. I realized I was doing all the wrong things with this technology. We changed our behavior practically overnight. No more phones under pillow or falling asleep with the iPad on the stomach. No more leaving the wifi on all night. Changing our behavior to more safely live with this tech seems like the only option. I lived in a condo, however, where we were also exposed to our neighbor’s wifi and other microwave signals.

I ended up figuring out how to hard-wire my entire condo. That did help with my sleep, but not that much. I was still reading a very strong signal from directly below my bedroom/workstation, where I work from all day long and sleep at night. I could control the amount of microwaves I was exposing my family to, but not the neighbors.

Regarding my sleep problems and heart palpitations: it turns out my new neighbor had just installed a new wifi setup with two strong microwave signals directly below my bed, which I was being exposed to 24 hours a day. I asked her if she could turn off one of them, and she did (Comcast installs both signals by default when setting up, and only switches off the second signal if instructed by the user), and I saw an immediate improvement in my heart palpitations, and my sleep patterns were not noticeably disturbed. So just cutting down on the amount of microwave exposure has helped my health, but I realize that we should not be exposing ourselves to non-ionizing microwave radiation at the frequencies and duration we currently are.

My Son and His School

I’ve had to delve more into the community when my son (whom I hadn’t told any of this to at the time) kept coming home with headaches and needing to sleep, which was uncharacteristic of him. I took a tour of his classrooms, and noted that some rooms had industrial strength WIFI routers. I made a connection, and read the Bioiniatitive Report that the symptoms my son was exhibiting were consistent with the data levels in the studies.

I took measurements in his school and determined that the levels our children are being exposed to are causing cellular damage to our children, which will ultimately affect their learning ability. We’re already seeing a correlation between the unleashing of wireless technology in schools and test scores lowering across the board.

I became concerned that if it’s affecting my child, WIFI and microwave radiation in our schools is a threat to all our children. I proposed to the schools in my town that we use the precautionary principle and stick with wired connections, rather than WIFI. So far, they have not changed their policy here.

It was then that I found so many others that were experiencing the same things I was, coming from all over the state, and the country, even. I realized that this was more than just an isolated incident, and its way bigger than just me and my family.

Even with the downstairs neighbor’s WIFI turned off, Comcast came into other units around me, immersing my family in an EMF swamp we couldn’t avoid, so I found a single-family home so I could be further away from these sources of electro smog. I’ve found that this has helped me with the health issues I was facing in the condo, and it was a small price to pay for my health. I’ve educated my children on the dangers, and I hope that they become keepers of this knowledge and pass on safety precautions to their kids, as well.

Years have passed since that first muscle twitch, but it opened my eyes to this invisible world of the electromagnetic spectrum and its potential hazards if not used with prudence and respect for all living things. We need to halt the millimeter-wave deployment in our neighborhoods, as it will invade and poison the safe spaces of our homes unlike ever before. –Chuck

Drew’s Story:

In June of 2013, when I was 64, I was bitten by a deer tick. I got Lyme disease, but luckily I started taking the antibiotic on the same day the bull’s eye appeared. Six months later I began to suffer from daily, all-day headaches. I had never had a headache last more than a couple hours in my life. I went to see my doctor. She referred me to a series of specialists. Finally, I saw New England’s top headache specialist in Worcester. He said he is seeing a dozen other patients a week now with the same complaint and he said that he and his colleagues are calling it “New, Daily, Persistent Headache” syndrome. He said there is no known cure but he would take me into a study on possible drugs.

I went home quite depressed. But I could not believe that there was not only no known cure but also no known reason for its inception. I had been very healthy all my life. I began to study online possibilities. In my exploration I came across the link to headaches from EMR (electro-magnetic radiation).

I live near a TV tower.  I borrowed an EMR meter to see if the tower was affecting me. When I turned the meter on in my office, the arrow went to the far end of the scale. Eventually I determined that the source was not the TV tower, but two items in my office (1) the wireless router and (2) the cordless phone base.  When I moved these out of my office to another room, the EMR fell to low, acceptable levels. (Eventually, I bought a new cordless phone with remotes with ECO feature). To my happy surprise, the headaches immediately ceased. I spend about 8 to 14 hours a day in my home office.  Now, I realize this is anecdotal evidence. As one trained in science, I came to the conclusion that the Lyme disease weakened my ability to deal with the EMR. Before Lyme, I was able to function with the level of EMR in my office but afterwards I no longer could, until I removed the excess radiation.  I continue to be headache free since.  Respectfully, Drew.


Chuck and A.L.’s stories reminded me of a call I received recently from a landscaper. He wanted to borrow an EMF detection meter to check his home office, to see if it was a “hot spot” because he was noticing sensations in his ears and pressure in his skull, and hearing a high pitched sound when in the room. It was occupied by a cordless phone and base, router, wireless computer set-up, and a cordless printer. Yes, it was a “hot.” More concerning was that the bedroom was over the wireless trainwreck.

Prescription for Wise Communities: Allowing Awareness, Experiencing the Cognitive Dissonance of Questioning Inaccurate Assumptions, Re-establishing Cognitive Coherence That Addresses the New Information Even if It Goes Against the Tide of Societal Beliefs, and Not Discounting the Perceptions and Suffering of Others

The very first step is paying deep attention, and not discounting, messages from one’s own physiology.  A wise society listens, investigates, and takes action to protect everyone, especially children.

Actions for Smart Individuals and Smart Communities

Rent or Buy a Meter: Magnetic Sciences Inc has been selling test instruments, probes and sensors for measuring electromagnetic fields for over 20 years. Director Paul Elliot, has a BA in Physics-Math; M.Ed; MSEE in Microwave Engineering; and 40 years experience working with RF, Microwaves, Antennas, and Electromagnetic Fields, and has 7 patents and 35 peer-reviewed publications.   Meter rentals for measuring radiofrequencies and magnetic fields are available by the day (with deposit.)

To purchase meters, it is advisable to consult a knowledgeable resource, and to avoid ordering a cheap meter from a large on-line retailer with no customer support. In many cases, meter purchases also help support activism.

Have Your Library Acquire and Loan Out an Accoustimeter:  Cece Doucette of MA for Safe Technology helped her public library become the first in the nation to loan a radiation detection meter, and to host a documentary film series on EMF/RF/EMF.

Be a Part, Citizen Science: the Global RF Project Needs Volunteers “This project entails measuring RF along the main street in the city centre at intersections (so the measurements can be repeated in the same locations).  We will provide volunteers with the protocol for how the monitoring should be done and how the data need to be recorded.  Total participation time for this project is about 2 hours and that includes measurements and data submission.”

Please contact Drmagdahavas@Gmail.Com if you would like to participate in this or subsequent community-based projects, and to receive a discounted rate for the Safe and Sound meter used in the survey.

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