Comment from Belgrade Health Experts re: Global Prevalence and Incidence of Tinnitus Review in JAMA

These comments reference the article ” Global Prevalence and Incidence of Tinnitus: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis,” published by JAMA.

The comments were written by

Dr Ninoslava Dragutinović (PhD), ENT- audiology

Dr Slavica Simić, pediatrician-neonatologist

Milan Rogulja, president of the Citizens’ Association BIOGEN, Belgrade

“It is a paper that raises the question of the epidemiology of tinnitus after a number of years. The great work and effort of the author confirms the necessity to approach this problem and all further research with defined methodological principles so that in the future a critical assessment of the researcher’s results will be valid and possibe .tinnitus, where I carry out a personally designed treatment, I believe that future research should be enriched with meaningful data. It is necessary to investigate the spectrum of pathological and functional health conditions (CVD, diabetes, chronic diseases, obesity, mental and cognitive health, physical activities, exposure to defined risk factors from the living and working environment, stress…).

The essence of epidemiological research should be a combination of biological aspects and more specific aspects of the environment. As a member of the BIOGEN Citizens’ Association from Belgrade, a doctor of medical sciences in the field of neuroscience, an otolaryngologist and an audiologist who has been actively dealing with tinnitus for 15 years, I believe that we have accidentally or intentionally closed our eyes to environmental factors and their negative effects on human health as well as tinnitus…”

The complete letter is here:


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