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Daylight “Saving Time” vs. Weather vs Climate; How Unaware of the Cosmos Do We Want to Be?

By Patricia Burke of Safe Tech International, Image by Katuschka from Pixabay 

As the weekend arrives where we “spring ahead” with our clocks, what are we really “saving”?

As the equinox approaches, what did we learn about the timing of Spring, and/or our place in the cosmos, from the Groundhog?

Groundhog Day – the Event

While visiting recently with a neighbor, she told me about an item on her bucket list – some February, she wants to travel with her family to Pennsylvania for Groundhog Day.

CNN explains, “Every February 2, the members of the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club trek to Gobbler’s Knob, Punxsutawney Phil’s official home just outside of town. Donning top hats and tuxedos, the group waits for Phil to leave his burrow, and if he sees his shadow, the town gets six more weeks of winter. If he doesn’t see his shadow, Punxsutawney gets an early spring.”

It’s a thing. And it might be really fun.

But it should not be mistaken for connecting humanity and the cosmos.

And given our current state of disconnect, we desperately need to find our way back home again.

Groundhog Day – the Film

An internet search for “Groundhog Day” also offers links to the 1993 film “Groundhog Day.”

Film critics Roger and Ebert explain, “The movie, as everyone knows, is about a man who finds himself living the same day over and over and over again. He is the only person in his world who knows this is happening, and after going through periods of dismay and bitterness, revolt and despair, suicidal self-destruction and cynical recklessness, he begins to do something that is alien to his nature. He begins to learn.

This man is named Phil, and he is a weatherman. In a sense, he feels himself condemned to repeating the same day, anyway; the weather changes, but his on-camera shtick remains the same, and he is distant and ironic about his job. Every year on Feb. 2 he is dispatched to Punxsutawney, Pa., to cover the festivities of Groundhog Day, on which Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog, is awakened from his slumbers and studied to discover if he will see his shadow. If he does, we will have another six weeks of winter. We usually have another six weeks of winter, anyway, a fact along with many others that does not escape Phil as he signals his cynicism about this transcendentally silly event.’

His journey has become a parable for our materialistic age; it embodies a view of human growth that, at its heart, reflects the same spiritual view of existence Murray explored in his very personal project “The Razor’s Edge.” He is bound to the wheel of time, and destined to revolve until he earns his promotion to the next level. A long article in the British newspaper the Independent says “Groundhog Day” is “hailed by religious leaders as the most spiritual film of all time.”

An Unintended Turn of Events

My neighbor with the Groundhog Day bucket list shared a story that I had not heard before. One year the Groundhog bit the mayor of New York, was dropped on the head, and later perished.

As the Guardian reported in 2014, “Groundhog died week after New York mayor Bill de Blasio dropped it, Charlotte, held aloft on Groundhog Day, died of internal injuries week after zoo official calls ceremony ‘a complete bungle.’”

Groundhog died week after New York mayor Bill de Blasio dropped it | US news | The Guardian

We are bungling more than a groundhog hand-off.

This is a powerful metaphor for technocracy running amok.

Is it Time to turn the paradigm of industrialized Time on its head, instead of the hibernating marmot?

Yes, it is,

What Are We Actually “Observing”?

In Groundhog Day, the film, Bill Murray is the only one who knows what is happening, and as a result he is able to take advantage of everyone at every opportunity, recognizing that there are no consequences.  

This is a metaphor for how some major industries and power structures are operating in the present, including corporations supported by mercenary scientists who “get away with murder” (misconduct), year after year, by attacking legitimate science and scientists, and denying reported harm caused by the products and practices they defend.

We are deluding ourselves if we think that the fraud only involves fossil fuels.

One spiritual teacher taught that when you lie once, its an experiment. If you keep lying it becomes a habit; if you continue, it becomes part of your character.

The character of the economic growth engine, even that fueling supposed ‘clean energy,’ is lying.

What is Our Place and Purpose in the Cosmos?

The promotion of Groundhog Day as a harbinger of spring, and the message of the Groundhog Day movie, are in the same category as so-called “Daylight Saving.”

As a humanity, we don’t know our place in Time and space. We can’t remember.

If being exploited occurs because no one knows what is really unfolding, the antidote is to pay attention to what is really happening.

We could realign our lives to live more in harmony with the cosmos and let go of the fantasy that Daylight Saving saves anything; and that the convenience of unconsciousness is king. We can do it in our own lives, even if we are out of step with the dominant culture, which has become a culture of dominance by unhinged technology.

We could re-claim the recognition that Time is Energy, and that the energy encoded in time is a resource that would rebalance humans and nature.

It is love that changes the reality of Bill Marray’s character.

Can the planet survive a humanity that loves its technology and economic growth more than it loves truth, beauty, and goodness?

Who Writes Our His-story

In describing Groundhog Day 2023, the event, CNN explained,

The bizarre history of Groundhog Day and Punxsutawney Phil – CNN

Getting History and Her Story Right

CNN’s explanation of the four cross quarters of the year implies that the dates were observed “instead of the solstices.” Let’s not delude ourselves or insult the intelligence of our ancestors.

CNN also has the “history” of the brutality of the witch trials a bit scrambled.

Many ancient and indigenous cultures recognized and/or continue to honor the significance of the solstices, and equinoxes, as well as the four cross-quarters in between. Not one or the other.

Honoring “Time” as “Energy” in the Human Body Once Grounded Society to the Rhythms in Nature

Like the action of a series of gears, against the backdrop of the eight dates, (solstices, equinoxes and cross quarters) the overlay of the full and new moons dictates an early or a late spring…. It is not found in observing whether the shadow a woodchuck appears.

For the most part, modern industrialized society isn’t paying attention to either the moon or the sun’s position in the sky, and the unique electromagnetic properties of the equinoxes and solstices,

If we were paying attention, we would be living a dramatically different reality – not laden with addictive, frequency-based, electromagnetic-powered devices.

The Risks of Not Recognizing Patterns

We should be very clear that the Europeans did not “Christianize the cross quarters” – ”because they were essential” as also described by CNN, as if it were a natural evolutionary process. The cross quarters were “Christianized” to obliterate their significance.

Dominators took control of the calendar and utilized it to violently sever the relationship between the populace and Nature, so that the rulers could seize and sustain control. 

When we fail to recognize patterns, we can be manipulated into misperceiving climate, climate change, and weather to support any and every economic agenda under any guise, including “sustainability.”

Without pattern recognition, we may miss the fact that the rhythms of nature may be unnaturally altered. by unnatural forces, for whatever reason.

We also miss the early warnings that we are mindlessly intensifying an anthropomorphic electro-smog footprint that may be beyond the planet’s ability to course correct or counterbalance, and beyond what our neurology can bear.

CNN”s photo caption asks, “Do people trust Punxsutawney Phil’s Groundhog Day forecast?”

Does the majority of the populace trust and cherish Nature, or Technocracy?

Every time that an individual consults a smart watch or cell phone to check the “time” which was commoditized due to the demands of industry, the railroad, and long-distance travel, they are severed from the intelligence of localized Nature and the local manifestation of the Cosmic Current.

Every plant and animal that has coevolved with the earth ‘recognizes’ the significance of the new moon occurring so near to the energetic phenomenon of the March 2023 equinox, and will unfold within its energetic growth template accordingly, unless manmade frequencies interfere with that relationship.

Unless individuals re-orient themselves in some way to the immediate time-space continuum, (for example, with sunrise and sunset and high noon), they are un-integrated with their energetic field.

The further a society strays from harmony with the Cosmos, the more dangerous it becomes. as other paradigms fill the void to provide structure and to exert control.

Perelandra and Nature

The Perelandra Center for Nature Research is one organization that promotes the ability of humans to interact more respectfully, directly, and joyfully with Nature. Founder Machaelle Small Wright is the author of “Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered.”

Machaelle explains: “The release of life vitality that triggers each stage of the equinox/solstice cycle happens with or without human awareness or attention. It’s part of earth’s natural rhythms. But we co-creative gardeners can choose to actively participate with nature at these special times. [ ]  when nature and humans act together, that combined power is intensified a hundredfold… This is another one of those times where a small gesture on our part can do a lot for the moment.”

Like clockwork, in March in many so-called developed nations will step out of balance with their home planet and true nature by embracing “Daylight Saving Time.” And commerce will take place on the Equinox, with the majority of the culture paying little attention to the significance of the day.

No other species has so mindlessly lost its footing with planetary patterns.

This “stepping out of right time” for “Daylight Saving” was imposed due to the urgency of War.

It’s never a good idea to simply import wartime practices for civilians without scrutiny, or to fail to return to a healthy baseline of behaviors and beliefs once an urgent situation has passed.

Instead, disaster capitalism and “Re-Authorization for Emergency Powers” for the government has prevailed since September 11, which allows leadership to continue to override appropriate systems of checks and balances. 

History tells us that if we are not self-aware of our place in the cosmos, we become pawns on someone else’s game board.

Ancient wisdom tells as us that as precious, entertaining, and cute as the groundhog observances are, if we want to know whether it will be an early or a late spring, we could consult the accumulated wisdom of the past, of the sky, of our physicality, and of pattern recognition. 

Not recognizing high noon, and not recognizing the high tide of the twelve organ meridians codified thousands of years ago, is leaving humans vulnerable to not recognizing or understanding the underlying symmetry and sustenance of the planet’s electromagnetic energies.

Many thoughtful individuals are challenging the supposed benefits of self-driving cars, smart cities, and robot assistants that replace the need for attention and presence. They recognize that the exploitative consequences of many of our modern conveniences are being outsourced, causing profound harm and misery in other areas of the world.

Yet, the voices of the mercenary scientists continue to prevail.

In his book, “Time and the Technosphere, The Law of Time in Human Affairs,” Jose Arguelles invited humanity to “Change your calendar, get back into living in harmony with the natural cycles of the rest of the biosphere and the universe.”  (This is) “not a time for the vacillation of flabby souls, but at a great turning point in the history of scientific thought, as a crisis such as occurs but once in a thousand years, such as has not been witnessed for many generations.“  

We are all biodynamic, and not inhumanely technocratic, and we are the generation that needs to reclaim what we give our Time to, as a manifestation of reverence, devotion, integrity, and love.

The love is more powerful than the lies.


The 2023 Stella Natura Biodynamic Planting Calendar, working with Cosmic Rhythms, Inspiration and Practical Advice for Gardeners and Professional Growers


The (English) Website of Germany’s Johanna Paungger-Poppe & Thomas Poppe

Home (paungger-poppe.com)

“It is so pleasant to explore Nature and oneself at the same time, doing violence neither to her nor to one’s own spirit, but bringing both into balance in gentle, mutual interaction. (Goethe)

“We have written our books, so that slowly but surely a little more reason reigns – so that respect for nature, common sense and your own intuition become more important than statistics and cold science. Together we will build a better future for us all.”

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