Deep sea mining and the Blue Economy

There is evidence that deep sea mining spells big trouble for the environment, which has been long anticipated, especially by the United Nations (U.N.). However, deep sea mining is being introduced, courtesy of the U.N. themselves.

This should represent a big problem for the U.N.’s credibility as they preach the end of the world through “climate change”. UNESCO has been on overdrive alerting humanity that “postericide” is a “climate change” crime. Agenda 21, which has drummed up widespread “green support” with “climate science”, is causing many to think twice about what this agenda really means for our environment, especially with the dawn of deep-sea mining.

In 2019 Greenpeace had professed faith in “a strong Global Ocean Treaty that can protect marine life from exploitation.” It has come to nothing. deep-sea-mining-no-future

In 2022, reports The Guardian, “UN member states have failed to agree on a treaty to protect the high seas from exploitation.” ocean-treaty

Now deep-sea mining is touted to arrive in earnest by 2023 as the UN draws up regulations for it.

This burgeoning “blue economy” represents a huge opportunity for TNCs to further exploit the ocean while claiming it is being done “sustainably”. However, the hunt for polymetallic nodules by rock grinding robots will release stored carbon (which has deposited over millions of years) from the seabed.

Further, the light emitting, sonar pulsing, rock crashing robots will noisily and violently trash deep sea ecosystems and further degrade the environment through the toxic processes from refining the harvested polymetallic nodules on land.

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