Drawing 6 million viewers to 5G & Wireless Harms

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I have given numerous interviews about 5G & wireless harms, and I don’t usually send an email to promote them. This is an exception. 

On Thursday, 1/20/22, I gave an interview to ‘The Highwire (starts at 1:13:24 or see, Is 5G the Enemy) an independent news show hosted by Del Bigtree, an Emmy award-winning producer. I was happy about the opportunity, since according to Bigtree, his show has an average of 6,000,000 (!!) viewers per episode. It was a unique opportunity to reach a wide audience which is largely unaware of 5G/wireless harms.

The main reason ‘The Highwire’ contacted me was to discuss safety concerns regarding the new 5G systems that use the C-Band (also called mid-band) frequencies (3.5-4.2 GHz), which interfere with critical systems in airplanes. These AT&T and Verizon 5G networks were scheduled to be launched on 1/4/22.  As a result of this crisis, the launch was delayed until 1/19/22. In the short period since the 5G system was launched, flights have been canceled and delayed. According to the FAA, 22% of commercial airplanes will be affected by this interference. 

The interview was quite comprehensive and covered other issues associated with 5G & wireless harms and gave me an opportunity to present a lot of basic information about 5G that people may not have. I attempted to clarify the confusion surrounding the various 5G technologies and their deployment; the rollout of the 5G “Internet of Things” (IoT) networks such as Amazon’s Sidewalk; explain the difference between 5G and previous technologies; and discuss important elements such as modulation, which is likely the most bioactive element of this technology. We covered the health effects and problems with specific technologies such as Bluetooth and iWatches. We also discussed the historic win in the case I led for the Children’s Health Defense – which challenged the FCC’s” health” guidelines.

I am aware that some of my readers and “5G Harms” activists do not support the medical freedom / informed consent movement of which Del Bigtree is a leader. However, please remember that the same agencies which deny wireless harms despite clear evidence also deny vaccine harms. Media outlets and lobbying firms who are behind the campaign to dismiss claims of vaccine injury are the same ones who dismiss the 5G/wireless harms claims. To them, we are all “conspiracy theorists.” 

Just like us, the medical freedom movement wins in courts. Most recently, Del Bigtree’s organization ICAN (Informed Consent Action Network) funded a lawsuit that has struck down the Covid-19 vaccine mandate in San Diego schools. This is the first COVID-19 vaccine requirement in the country to be struck down in a final ruling.

Following the interview I received numerous emails from people who watched the program. I had no idea that so many of the people I appreciate the most watch the show and consider it their best news resource. A friend and a colleague I highly respect for his critical and analytical thinking wrote to me: “There are scarce sources of true news these days – The Highwire tops the list.”

I often quote Ruben Blade’s statement ”I think we risk becoming the best informed society that has ever died of ignorance.” It best conveys my sentiments about the current state of affairs. For that reason, I appreciate the efforts of programs like The Highwire.


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