EC’s STOA Committee issues new report which calls for a halt to the expansion of 5G

Dear colleagues doctors and scientists,

The Science and Technology Options Assessment Committee (STOA) of the European Parliament published its review

“Health impact of 5G. Current state of knowledge of 5G-related carcinogenic and reproductive/developmental hazards as they emerge from epidemiological studies and in vivo experimental studies”

Of the evidence on the risks of 5G and non-ionising radiation in June 2021. The study calls for a halt to the expansion of 5G. This study (review) was written by a working group of the Ramazzini Institute (Bologna) led by Fiorella Belpoggi. It is a review of the state of research on 5G, both the low and higher (gigahertz) frequencies used in 5G, and is thereby also an assessment of mobile communications as a whole.

Radiation protection policy worldwide is confronted with clear results and political demands as a result of this study, the seriousness of which is beyond doubt. The results summarised:

  • In the synopsis of the results from epidemiology, in-vivo and in-vitro studies, there is sufficient evidence for a cancer-causing potential, especially of the frequency ranges of GSM, UMTS, LTE and 5G (450 to 6,000 Mhz) used so far, as well as for effects on fertility.
  • No adequate studies are available on 5G in the higher frequency range (24 to 100 GHz). Therefore, the study describes 5G as an experiment on the population.
  • In the assessment, the non-thermal effects must be taken into account, which has not been done so far. For this, the ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) is directly criticised. Their guidelines have no protective function.
  • The authors of the study call for a 5G expansion stop, research on the high 5G frequencies, education of the population and a focus on the expansion of fibre optic networks.


From this, the STOA report derives political demands for a precautionary policy. Decision-makers must now face up to STOA’s statement:

“Implementing MMW 5G technology without further preventive studies would mean conducting an ‘experiment’ on the human population in complete uncertainty as to the consequences.“(p. VII)

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