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EMF/RF/5G: Ötzi vs. SAM; Does Frozen 5300-Year-Old Man Offer More to Wireless Science Than Industry “Safety” Tests?

Image Courtesy Floris Freshman

By Medusa Banana Veranda, with Ötzi and SAM and We Are Not Sam and Patricia Burke of Safe Tech International, Images Courtesy Flo Freshman

Also subtitled: “It’s a New Century!  Let Us Now Map the Meridians! The only thing smart is your skin dancing with nature, sun, moon, light, energy! Not 5G! “ – Medusa

Meet Ötzi!

In 1991, a frozen body was discovered in Austria. The Iceman became known as Ötzi. Researchers studying the 5300-year-old iceman made some remarkable discoveries regarding his health and lifestyle.

Meet SAM!

As the Australian consumer education group, “We Are Not SAM”explains,


“Specific Anthropomorphic Mannequin SAM is a plastic dummy used by the telecommunications industry across the world to test the heating effects of 5G wireless radiation of mobile phones.

Did you think there was rigorous testing done on your mobile phone to ensure your safety? Well there isn’t. The testing is fraudulent and so very flawed, yet it’s still the only means by which your ‘smart’ phone is tested for human safety. On a ‘dummy’.

The SAM plastic head is filled with a liquid to see if it heats up one degree within a 6-minute call (sometimes 30 minutes). If it doesn’t heat up by 1 degree then it is deemed safe, and given the tick of approval.

A few details worth noting about SAM:

1. The dummy is meant to represent us aka the average human, except that there is nothing average about SAM.

2. SAM’s head (which is what is being tested) is based on a 100kg, six-foot tall adult male military recruit. Does that describe you? We didn’t think so.

3. Only 3% of the population fit the stereotype of SAM.

What sort of “safety” oversight only protects 3% of the population?


Medusa, foreshadowing her opinions, sniffling: “What sort of humanity only “protects” 3% and ignores Amelia and her sister!! the flowers! trees! bees! whales and dolphins! the dragonflies!”

Remember Medusa Banana Veranda!

Image Courtesy Floris Freshman

We met Medusa Banana Veranda in April of 2021, when she burst onto the scene with her April Fool’s “5G Earth Day, 2021, April Fool’s Day! No Rights Reserved with 5G, and “5G And EARTH DAY 2021: Oh Turd, What Is OTARD?.

She laments with her December rant to the tune of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.”

5G is Coming to Town

“You better watch out You better not cry You better not pout I’m telling you why

You had better update your ‘science’

He’s making a list, And checking it twice; Gonna find out who’s naughty and nice

You better watch out You better not cry You better not pout I’m telling you why

Playing with dolls is not safety testing and the dolls don’t like it . –Medusa

Let Us Compare Ötzi and Sam

Medusa is asking humans (in her opinion, only those who have not yet received an Elon Musk neuralink) to evaluate whether or not we can learn more from Iceman Ötzi’, or from Plastic Head SAM, about wireless health and safety.

Category 1 Dead? or Alive

In 2016, Ancient Origins published an updated article “Stomach Troubles for the Iceman: How Otzi Continues to Provide Information About the Past.”

“Commonly known as “The Iceman”, Ötzi was first discovered by some German tourists in a glacier in Oetz Valley, Austria, in 1991. Since then, practically every aspect of his life has been studied. Research has revealed his age, how he died , what he wore , and what he ate . His genome has also been decoded and furthermore, some of his relatives have been found .

Even his tattoos were subjected to scrutiny. As Ancient Origins reported in 2013, the tattoos may have been a form of ancient acupuncture. The scientists from the 2013 study explained: “Radiological images of the tattooed areas show degenerative areas under the tattoos that could have caused pain, as the tattooing spots lie approximately over the acupuncture medians, it seems common opinion that they could have been use for that.” Ötzi’s tattoos suggested that he may have been suffering from ailments like rheumatism and arthritis, now stomach problems can be added to the list as well. It has also been shown that he suffered from heart and gum disease,, gallbladder stones and parasites.”

Even though he has long been dead, he was once alive.

Category 1: Dead or Ever Alive Scores: Ötzi 1,  Industry SAM Head Used for Cell Phone “Safety” Testing 0

We could, of course, stop right here.

Category 2 Understanding the Human Body

“In February of 2015, Ancient Origins noted, “Scientists have discovered four more tattooed lines on ‘Ötzi the Iceman’, a 5,300-year-old mummy, bringing the total number of tattoos to 61.  Researchers are still divided over whether the tattoos were purely decorative, had religious significance, or held a therapeutic purpose.

One of the more surprising discoveries about Ötzi was the series of tattoos found all over his body. His body art consists of sets of parallel lines and crosses, which were made by making small incisions in the skin and then rubbing them with charcoal and herbs.

It was long believed that Ötzi had around 50 tattoos on his body; however, some researchers suspected there may be others, no longer visible to the naked eye due to the darkening of his skin over time.”

Live Science reports that scientists from the Institute for Mummies and the Iceman at the European Research Academy in Italy, used cameras with specialized lenses that capture different wavelengths of light, ranging from ultraviolet light to infrared light.

Using this equipment, the researchers discovered a set of previously unknown tattoos, a set of lines, located on the lower side of Ötzi’s right ribcage, bringing the total number to 61. [ ]  the tattooed areas were found to lie approximately over acupuncture medians.  If the tattoos were indeed therapeutic, they may constitute the earliest evidence of acupuncture.

A spokesman for the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology had said, in relation to the 2013 study, that if indeed the tattoos were created as a form of acupuncture, “people of the Iceman’s times would have known not only about nature around them, but also about the human body and its reactions – I think this is remarkable.”

Category 2: “Understanding Nature, the Human Body, and Its Reactions- RemarkableScores Ötzi 1,  Industry SAM Head Used for Cell Phone “Safety” Testing 0

Category 3 Recognition of the Scientific Basis of Acupuncture, Different Points of the Skin Possess Healing Properties

In a blog for the National University of Health Services in November 2021, Danielle Pureifory observed,

“Due to the cold temperatures in the Alps, Ötzi’s bones, skin and even organs were well-maintained. As the team of European researchers began to analyze Ötzi’s body, they noted that he had many tattoos, and his body was encircled with plants and herbal medicines.

Scientists believe that Ötzi lived around 5,300 years ago, and these skin markings certainly give greater implications to the complexity of the medical care available during that time.

Some of the tattoos on his back correspond to Acupuncture points: UB21, UB22, UB23, UB24 and UB253. These points certainly can be used to treat back pain, but they also have the ability to address other ailments. UB21 can be used for abdominal pain and stomach disharmony, UB22 can address digestion and fluid metabolism. UB23 is a frequently used point in the clinic, and can be used to tonify the kidneys, strengthen yang, and also regulate fluid metabolism. UB24 & 25 can both be used for back pain in the lumbar region, plus UB25 can also be used to treat dysfunction of the large intestine4. “

Category 3: Recognition that Different Points on the Body Possess Specific Healing Properties, on the Dead Body (Otzi) or the Plastic Model of a Military Head, Scores Ötzi 1,  Industry SAM Head Used for Cell Phone “Safety” Testing 0

(Note from Patricia:  “The lack of recognition of the varying electromagnetic properties of the body is mirrored in additional engineering models, including stand-alone tissue modeling by the FDA,   5G safety research supporting industry that conceives of the human head as a layer cake concludes, “Skin-Bone-Brain layer simulation results demonstrate that both electric and magnetic fields vanish before passing the brain layer at all three focal frequencies of 2.4GHz, 28GHz, and 100GHz.”

The layer cake head model does not possess the organizing intelligence of a human head.  The model doesn’t possess meridian electromagnetic pathways, or a glymphatic system. The cake does not represent the bio-electric system of the brain. It is inanimate,)

Loud message again from Banana girl “Playing with Dolls is not Safety Testing (now yelling) and the Dolls Don’t Like it.”

Category 4 Recognition That Different Individuals Have Different Constitutional Strengths and Weaknesses, and That Mass Medicine Approaches and Regulations are Unscientific and Unsafe

“From an acupuncturist’s viewpoint, the combination of points selected represents a meaningful therapeutic regimen.”

The therapeutic regimen is based on understanding of the electromagnetic pathways and points on the skin.

In June of 2000, Acupuncture Today published an article,” Ice Age Acupuncture? Study of Mummified Body Raises Questions about Practice’s Origin.”

Acupuncture Today explained, “Forensic analysis of the mummy also revealed that his intestines were filled with whipworm eggs, which can cause severe abdominal pain. Five other tattoos located on the body corresponded with points located on the gall bladder, spleen and liver meridians points that are traditionally used to treat stomach disorders.

“What, if any, significance did the ice man’s tattoos have beyond ornamentation? A group of scientists from the University of Graz in Austria attempted to answer that question by theorizing a possible relationship between the tattoos and traditional acupuncture points. Their findings, first published in The Lancet in 1999 and updated in Discover magazine earlier this year, purport to show that acupuncture or a system of healing quite similar to it may have been in use in central Europe more than 2,000 years earlier than previously believed.”

“The research team, led by Drs. Leopold Dorfer and Max Moser, first calculated the mummy’s cun by measuring its femur, tibia and radius. They then converted the measurements of the tattoos to cun and overlaid the locations of the tattoos to topographical representations of Chinese acupuncture points.”

(FYI: Acupressure measurements, Everyone has different body dimensions; According to the person who is to be treated.  One cun = width of the thumb, in the middle, at the crease Three cun = combined breadth of the four fingers, at the level of the pinky finger’s first joint above the palm of the hand Twelve cun = the distance from the elbow crease to the wrist crease. Treatment is specific to the individual.)

“Experts from three acupuncture societies then examined the locations of the tattoos. In their opinion, nine tattoos could be identified as being located directly on, or within six millimeters of, traditional acupuncture points. Two more were located on an acupuncture meridian. One tattoo was used as a local point. The remaining three tattoos were situated between 6-13mm from the closest acupuncture point.”

The mummy’s markings corresponded with specific acupuncture treatment approaches for specific concerns based on the individual’s constitution.

If he had different health problems, the markings would have been different, 5300 years ago.

Medusa Banana Veranda is hopping mad agitated.

Humans are different even in the same family. One child has headaches, one has tummy aches, The points on Otzi’s body would need to be different from those on SAM.

Oh wait. SAM is a stupid plastic head who has never danced with the energy dance of the sun and the moon because he was never alive!!!!”

Medusa implores: “In addition, what about the ugly towers? and small cells that look like streetlights and trash cans? What about walking our dogs in our own towns? Do you know how they test these stupid things! What about my friend Amelia and her sister who wanted to be home for Christmas?”


Category 4: Recognition That Different Individuals Have Different Constitutional Strengths and Weaknesses, and That Mass Medicine Approaches and Regulations are Unscientific and Unsafe Scores Ötzi 1, Industry SAM Head Used for Cell Phone “Safety” Testing you’re kidding, right?

As Medusa’s friend Floris says, “We have (only) been protecting plastic heads since 1996.”

Image Courtesy Floris Freshman

So, there you have it, the ‘science” informing current technology decisions is more Neanderthal than a 5300-year-old mummy.

Don’t pay attention to the dummy, ask the mummy.

3-minute tribute video at the 2022 Safe Tech International forum. Our hearts and determination are with all of you suffering in Pittsfield.
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