EMF/RF/5G: Anne Mills, All EMF*d Up, A Safe Place to Stay, Part 1 of 2

Individuals adversely affected by exposures to microwave radiofrequencies powering wireless technologies face significant challenges, including marginalization by the dominant medical model and mass culture.

This translates into lack of accommodation, including lack of safe housing.

Anne Mills is the author of All EMF*d Up (*Electromagnetic Fields): My Journey Through Wireless Radiation Poisoning plus How You Can Protect Yourself Paperback – May 28, 2019

Unlike many individuals who have faced disbelief and lack of support from their partners, family, and community, Anne and her husband Eric experienced success in educating their small community in Northern California about EHS.

Anne was able to participate in society, for a time, until she wasn’t, and has been forced to move, again.

Anne wrote: “I was medically diagnosed with ES in 2007. In order for me to be able to visit my son, he, so wonderfully, offered to clean up his home of wireless sources.

Here are some videos my son has put together showing what devices put out EMF (wireless) using a Safe n Sound Pro radiation meter, and a short video about the meter itself.  He also has ingeniously configured his house to allow laptops, notebooks and most importantly cell phones to be connected through wired connections, thus emitting no EMF. He has shared a video showing how to do this.

As sensitive as I am, I can use a hardwired Android cell phone in his house without any exposure to EMF.  He did 18 videos. Hope they help. “Does This Make Wireless: ” (Most are one minute or less.) routers, smart meters vs. non smart meters (electricity and gas), Roku, Trackball, Airthings, Echodot, Laptops, Tablets, Samsung phone,  and “How NOT To Make Wireless” Long cords / Short cords. He will be adding more videos.” – Anne Mills             ‘

Anne’s son worked diligently to make his home a safe refuge for his mother. (This doesn’t always happen either).

This is the update to Anne’s story.

How to not make wireless: my phone, samsung s8


Anne’s Story

I was medically diagnosed in 2007, while living in Germany, with Electromagnetic Sensitivity. I had been poisoned from local cell towers.

Some of my symptoms were extreme vertigo, whole body pain, nausea, rash, thyroid issues, heart palpitations and hair loss. The knowledgeable physicians there in Germany brought me back to health and told me I needed to keep away from all Electromagnetic frequency (wireless) exposures, like cell towers, cell phones, and all wireless devices.

They suggested we find a home with no EMF, or that I sleep in a Faraday Cage. A Faraday Cage is a metal cage that holds its own resonance and keeps out EMF.

As houses without outside EMF interference are difficult to find, I ended up sleeping in a Faraday Cage for over five years.

This led to my husband and I moving five times in six years in search of a ‘safe’ place to live, one where I no longer need sleep in a Faraday Cage.

We thought we had found it in the small rural community on the far Northern Coast of California. My husband Eric and I were in our bliss. I was actually able to take part in activities outside our home and be social. I could go to concerts, grocery shop, post office, and friends’ homes.

Bit by bit, however, wireless antennas were put in the two grocery stores, the video store (yes that town still had one) pubs and concert venues. Small cell antennas were installed outside on the corner of every building and even the pier, where we loved to hang out. Now I couldn’t even walk around town.

Then, the tourists became homeowners and started demanding faster internet service to their home. There was a one-man-show cable company in town, but it had an outdated infrastructure. This resulted in an explosion of line-of-sight wifi antenna being mounted on area redwood trees by local electricians. Google grant funds supported the expansion of wifi into neighborhood after neighborhood.

I started feeling ill again. We were being inundated by EMF brought on by the cry for more-better-faster wireless service. There were now fewer places we could go and be safe. Even the trails we had hiked were all EMF*d up.

It happened where some evenings we found the radiation meters gave us high RF readings in our home, so we would quickly put our dinner into thermal bags, grabbing our pillows and driving around for hours trying to find a safe place to be. There were many instances where even in our shielded vehicle the radiation readings were high. We found ourselves eating a cold dinner and sleeping on a friend’s bare lot or down logging roads and secluded stretches of highway trying to get away from EMF. We had a nice house overlooking the ocean, but we found it necessary health-wise to sleep in our vehicle.

Eric thought to make a solid Faraday Cage, one that would shield out the new, unknown frequencies. First prototype was a shielded closet. He used specialty RF shielding roof underlayment sold by Safe Living Technologies. As it was solid; not mesh, non transparent, non breathable; for fresh air we had an open window. The shielding worked well, but our CO2 meter let us know the closet was too small, as it ran out of air quickly. Eric decided to make a larger cage in an outside shed. The shed had no windows, no electricity, no lights. Eric set up a blower outside to blow fresh air into the structure and a vent to allow the carbon dioxide to escape. We had the CO2 meter inside with us. I was able to sleep.

Now that we had a safe place to sleep, Eric needed to find a way to have safety inside our home. He had recently heard about metal window screen making a great RF shield. Eric re-erected a Faraday cage he had made at a previous home and encased it in metal window screen. This worked well, but it was only around our bed. So Eric applied screen over all the windows on two sides of the house subjected to EMF. This reduced the EMF levels significantly, but our meters now showed that the highest readings were coming through the walls. So we ordered large rolls of silver aluminum window screen. Eric wrapped the exterior, stapling it to the siding of the outside of the house, from ground to roof level, overlapping seams. This worked. We were back in our house. – Anne Mills

How to not make wireless: Samsung tablet Ethernet only!

You can view more videos on how our son made his house safe for me by visiting https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL00ZlsgwgWSjovfzz4y_WDSFtu-Y0MTdy

Part 2 of 2 continues tomorrow.

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