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EMF/RF/5G: Missed Connections & Love Lost – Between Humans and the Cosmos

By Patricia Burke of Safe Tech International, Image courtesy Floris Freshman

This week, grocery stores and drug stores have “clearance shelves” filled with forlorn chocolates that were not among those chosen for Feb. 14.

Does Nature feel the same way, overlooked, not chosen, not cherished, not valued, when compared with another suitor?

Missed Connections

Post Valentine’s Day, individuals can still send a request into the ethers to try to find the object of their desire when they fall instantly in love (or lust) with someone across the produce aisle or in an airport bar. For example, they can reach out to the “cloud” courtesy of Craigslist’s “Missed Connections.”

Many human and military-industrial agendas are operating under the assumption that this quest for love, and every other kind of message, image, or video, must be enabled to be broadcast wirelessly everywhere at every moment, from the outer reaches of space to the bottom of the ocean to Mount Everest, 24/7/365, regardless of impacts on other humans and other species.  (This includes the perceived need to order pizza from a national park.)

The prevailing operating assumption is that the quality of our lives is being enhanced when it is connected, data-driven, machine-led, and tech managed.  

That assumption is being actively translated into forceful regulations and accelerated policymaking enabling more technology and more wireless.

What if the assumption that technology is balancing human endeavor, for example via “sustainability” initiatives like imposing RF transmitting sensors on whales, is dead wrong?

What happens when the data-collection technologies themselves are not operating in accordance with Natural Law?

Degenerative Trends

In 2016, Business Insider reported, “We touch our smartphones around 2,617 times a day, according to new research which found that phone screen time was 2.5 hours for the average user, and 3.75 hours for the heavy user.” (2016 was before covid, and before the trend towards streaming movies and videos wirelessly, on small screens.)

What the statistics don’t tell us is what has been lost, forgotten, or displaced by the “time” that humans spend on devices, – time that they used to spend doing other things.  (Those “other things” in many cases did not include addictive behaviors, especially in children.)

How many times a day does the average individual connect with Natural Law?

Being Present in Time and Space Does Not Include Dominance by Man-Made Frequencies

Cellphone users often appear to be bowing to their devices, (leading to new conditions including “text neck”). 

This is a powerful metaphor for this Age.

Humans on wireless devices are not in a state of body-mind integration. They are disconnected from their physicality; and separated from the local external environment, including those around them.

The Eastern Mystics

This lack of integration is exactly the opposite of what the ancient Eastern mystics were seeking, which included the liberation that can be attained through presence and embodied consciousness, in harmony with Nature.

Through physical practices including yoga and chi gong, they were attempting to make themselves more efficient conduits of the universal energy field’s abundance.

They were not “stretching.”

Meridian Flow Wheel framework courtesy Daniel Orlansky, Yoga of Energy Flow; Each organ system and its resonant tissues receives a 2-hour impulse from the Sun, which is recognized as its ‘high tide.” (Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine recognize right timing as a form of medicine, which directly opposes profit-driven health care that treats the body as a machine with disconnected removable parts, rather than a resonance energy field. Each meridian’s high tide/low tide cycle is synchronized by Time, as Energy.)

Humans on devices, immersed in the Western consumer culture, are not aware of the subtle energy relationships within themselves, or between themselves and the cosmos. Their attention and mind is focused in another time/space continuum, and away from the input available through the immediacy of the physical sensory system.

This distorted focus is altering the mind-body connection itself.

The inquiry is not about whether we never again want to access technology to communicate at a distance. The question is, how much of our time and consciousness do we want to hold in a state of disconnect, and how far can we go in introducing static into the frequencies of the nature environment before we have gone too far?

The Trauma-Driven Drive for Connectivity at a Distance, Using Unsafe Applications, is Unbalanced

Driven by fear following the events of Sept. 11, humans became indoctrinated into spending more time in a tech-attached state, tethered to a constricted, disconnected reality mistakenly adopted as a sense of safety and control.

During covid, the demand that consumers use wireless and texting, for example to gain access to a medical office, took on a frenzied momentum.

Phones have gradually become a delivery system for dopamine, and humans have been herded into an artificial state of self-medicating. Like the monkeys that Elon Musk’s neuralink team trained to play a computer game in exchange for a banana smoothie, humans have been socialized to push buttons to receive psychological rewards, resulting in entrainment and addiction.

The majority of humanity has not yet recognized the resulting disharmony, including unhealthy posture, shallow breathing, unnatural contraction and over-focus of the eyes on a small device. The most significant downside is the loss of awareness and attention to the outer environment.  

One of the most unreasonable results of unrelenting fear is the assumption that increased connectivity automatically translates into increased safety, without asking fundamental questions about the safety of the mechanism of connectivity itself, which is unnatural, damaging radio frequency radiation.

The sensory capacities in the human energy field that are constantly seeking to balance the inner environment with the external environment are being ignored and over-ridden, for example, the natural production of the powerful antioxidant melatonin vs. blue light, and restful uninterrupted sleep.

Crash Test Dummies and “Safety

Business Insider reports that ‘Women are 73% more likely to die or get seriously injured in car crashes. Female test dummies were not widely used until 2003.” “American car companies believe one type of female test dummy suffices to ensure women don’t die in car crashes. And she’s five feet tall and weighs 110 pounds.  That’s incredibly far from the build of an average American woman. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, she weighs 170.5 pounds and stands nearly four inches taller than the test dummy.”

The military-sourced dummies used to test wireless devices discriminate against women, children, and all of Nature.

Is February 4th the Cross Quarter Between the Solstice and the Equinox (Celtic), the Day the Seeds Turn Underground to Face the Sun (Chinese), St, Bridget’s Day (Christian), Groundhog Day (German Immigrants), or the SuperBowl?

It’s lovely to have many enjoyable choices of activities and there is nothing wrong with football.

It’s not lovely to live within a culture that overlooks the planet and the Rights of Nature.   

Dominators, the Church, Industry, and War

Humanity took a very large step away from literacy with the rhythms of the cosmic current when dominators shifted “Time” away from frequency, energy, and Nature.  

The Church intentionally severed the relationship between “heathen” cultures and nature, in part, by banning the observance of celestial phenomenon including the full moons, solstices, and equinoxes, and imposing a new calendar.

The vast majority of the West has yet to recover its intimacy with Nature, which is a human birthright. 

During the Industrial Revolution, “Time” became a tool utilized in an exploitative economic system, to coordinate and control the masses.

The imposition of Daylight-Saving Time resulting from war moved humanity further into a mismatch between the 2-hour meridian electromagnetic cycles and the cross-quarters of the day, including the physiological and spiritual significance of high noon.

Humans consulting the time on a watch or smart phone are, by definition, synching with “time” as a tool to control and coordinate the masses, instead of “Time” as the manifestation of energy that sustains the life force of the individual and the planet.

Without access to the foundational roadmap of energetic law, it becomes impossible to recognize the symptoms of being off-rhythm.

The Most Rapidly Replaced Cells in Our Physiology Are Not Reproducing at the Proper Rate. This is a Symptom of Microwave Poisoning.

The day that the cell tower was activated in my friend’s neighborhood, her child immediately reported feeling buzzy, dizzy, and anxious. Eventually the family was forced from their home. Other neighbors are living in their cars.

A local child is being subjected to a battery of tests because after fourteen hours, food routinely remains undigested and rotting in her belly.

Another child is heavily medicated for behavioral issues, but his physician could not explain his bright red ears.

Microwave hearing, misdiagnosed as tinnitus, is keeping scores of individuals awake at night as waves of vibro-acoustic pressure rattle the bones in their heads.

Individuals are reporting unprecedented hair loss. 

This is not normal, and it’s not moral.

According to the mainstream media, nearly every health ailment can now be attributed to covid. Despite the U.S. military’s recognition of the symptoms of microwave illness nearly 30 years ago, ridicule, dismissal, marginalization and discrimination against those who associate their symptoms accurately with microwave exposure continues to dominate societal discourse, for example, even by Psychology Today.

Electromagnetic field interactions with the human body: Observed effects and theories – NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

What if the claims that wireless technologies and infrastructure are safe, and the accusations that all of the EMF/RF health complaints are either imaginary or caused by covid, are wrong?


Technocracy, including wireless applications, is taking humans further down a dead-end trajectory of loss of balance with the very planet that we co-evolved with.

An Indian yoga master was fond of saying that Westerners “lost the owner’s manual” to their bodies.

Because the mass consumer culture of the West does not have a working knowledge of normal, health sustaining, subtle energy patterns and interrelationships with nature, for example, as were codified by the Meridian Clock and Ayurveda, modern society does not recognize growing imbalances.  Addiction to technology’s convenience and resulting unconsciousness has also robbed humanity of our compassion for those reporting harm.

By Circling Back, We Could Take a Quantum Leap Ahead

Many great cultures of the past were devoted to learning to skillfully alchemize with the energetic forces that choreograph all of life on earth.

Thousands of years ago, the ancient Indian and Chinese cultures recognized the direct relationship between the interaction between the moon’s electromagnetic field and the angle of the sun’s rays, and the natural, balanced chemistry and electromagnetic properties in the human body.

Through-out the centuries of witch trials, the knowledge was suppressed. Recognition of chronobiology has only recently re-emerged in the West.

The Cosmos, Nature, and the Earth are continuously attempting to send warnings that our internal electromagnetic energies are shifting out of balance.

Static and distraction and addiction and programming are interfering.  

The battlefield has to change. This is about consciousness.

Towards a Wiser Use of Technology


In the spring 2018 issue of the Blue Mountain Journal, “Towards a Wiser Use of Technology,” spiritual teacher Eknath Easwaran was quoted,

“[]science can be put in its place. We want to arrive at that delicate balance where science will not deprive us of our humanity but will serve us with humaneness: where it will help us solve our problems rather than create new ones”.

“[ ] technological progress is heady stuff. We can get swept away with it and lose our personal relationships, our sense of the unity of life, without being aware that we are losing anything at all.”

“The entire industrial world, this technological wonder world, has been built up because we have been watching helplessly, hypnotized by its brilliance, unable to turn our eyes away from the life of luxury it promises, or to make the small changes in our daily habits which might mitigate its destructiveness.”

“I’m not against technology at all, but I want a technology that doesn’t put forward arrogant claims that it can fix anything–a technology that is humble, efficient, and nonpolluting, that supports a simple, healthy lifestyle. By simplifying our lives, we can get more time and energy and interest for working with, loving, and serving other people. Instead of multiplying human wants, we can begin to reduce them voluntarily. Such a civilization is not poor, not even in a material sense. It has a place for every material thing that enhances human life. But it has no place for things that are at the expense of life, or that sap vital resources–including time, most vital of all. It renounces, so as to leave life freer for the things that matter most.”

The March Equinox is Approaching, and the Nettles and Dandelions are Coming! Learn Your Land!

Spring plants support the Liver

We’ve Got to Get Ourselves Back to the Garden

“How can we become still? . . . . By moving with the stream. And how can we become strong? . . . . By entering the flow.” ~ Lao Tze

Peter Tocci, author of “Giving Life the Electric Chair — The Plain Physics & Biophysics of Phone & WiFi Radiation” said it simply, “As I see it, mankind ever needed only one thing to go by – never do serious harm to the source of life.”

In “The Sun My Heart” the late Thich Nhat Hahn asks, “Inanimate objects, do you have a soul?” “Seeing and loving always go together.” “Happiness arises from awareness of being.”

As taught by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes: “My friends, do not lose heart. We were made for these times…” “Ours is not the task of fixing the entire world all at once, but of stretching out to mend the part of the world that is within our reach.” The part of the world that is within our reach operates on local Time.

The 13th century Sufi poet Jalaluddin Rumi wrote, ““Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”

“Hey farmer, farmer, put away that DDT now Give me spots on my apples but leave me the birds and the bees (please!)” (and stop taking down trees to install cell towers)

See Also: EMF/RF/5G: Ötzi vs. SAM; Does Frozen 5300-Year-Old Man Offer More to Wireless Science Than Industry “Safety” Tests? – Safe Tech International

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5G/EMF/RF Acupuncture, “EMF Sensitivity,” and “The Law of Midday/Midnight”   – Safe Tech International

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  1. I thank Patricia for this excellent piece and for the link to “Giving Life the Electric Chair…” Among other things, as implied in the quote, it emphasizes that most discussions of harm from technology focus on its use, but not on the equally critical, destructive process required to get to the point of use (beginning with heavy extractivism).

    Eknath Easwaran is quoted, “I’m not against technology at all…” I can be, however, in the sense that even though it may indeed be used more wisely and have positive effect, shouldn’t the “price” – serious harm to source of life – be in the equation? IF so, “options” become significantly fewer.

    An article entitled “Advanced Technology: Does Society’s Obsession Reflect a Form of Collective Mental Illness?” https://www.activistpost.com/2020/07/advanced-technology-does-societys-obsession-reflect-a-form-of-collective-mental-illness.html discusses this aspect in some detail, and in many ways dovetails with Patricia’s article here.

    It’s suggested that if the well being of the planet is taken fully into account, there’s no such thing as safe (advanced) technology. “Advanced” being the keyword.

    For me, ‘advanced’ means anything powered directly by other than human, animal or natural forces – water, sun and so on (NO solar panels, wind blades or batteries – not “green, clean” by any means 🙂

    A case is made also that advanced technology can be seen as an addiction, maybe worse than any drug, based on its extreme ‘tease’ of a techno-human character flaw: Material lust, from Negative Green of the Heart energy – Acquisitiveness. I like to call it Thing-Possession Happiness.

    Author José Argüelles aptly defined (advanced) technology as a “feedback loop of artificial dependencies, leading to neurotic and addictive behavior” (sometimes recognized as such, but mostly considered ‘normal’ – even if ultimately suicidal).

    Similarly, Marshall McLuhan: “We shape our tools and then our tools shape us.” Loop-de-loop. De-loopy.

    This “collective” illness, or psychospiritual imbalance, is referred to in the article as Nature Alienation. (Patricia: “The vast majority of the West has yet to recover its intimacy with Nature, which is a human birthright.”)

    It has allowed techno-humans (as opposed to indigenous) to stand by while Source of Life has been raped/poisoned — “to meet human needs,” is the rhetoric. But it seems the “East” is pretty far gone on that note as well?

    So, for example, while there may be conceptually, “…nothing wrong with football,” for people to see it on TV, doesn’t it imply the entire complex of earth rape and technomasturbation now taking down the ecosystem?

    What about the landfill-bound synthetic gear and miles of tape required to make armored bulldozers of the players? Not to mention, Little Caesar’s is now the “official” pizza of the NFL? 🙂

    Shouldn’t it be two-hand touch? 🙂 Where athletic skills are shown, minus extreme violence?

    Even then, however, what about athletic shoes, which today are so material-complex (foam, rubber, plastic, textiles, and other synthetics) their ultimate destination is also a landfill.

    Should it be played barefoot? Maybe canvas “sneakers” wouldn’t be too bad.

    Anyway, you get the idea, which, in principle, is that for survival we may need to de-tech in a serious way – gradually, of course. it will take generations to break the addiction/dependency.

    And it seems we’ll need Wireless Anonymous? 🙂

    Much has been taken for granted in society that seems normal, natural, spontaneous. But the rabbit hole of manipulation and control is ancient and deep, indeed.

    There’s fatally sparse awareness overall in our culture of just how far down the wrong road the Power driving technociety has led a drove of panting, tail-wagging economic slaves called consumers, debtors and taxpayers. The system is sanctified, and must only be “fixed.”

    But it’s (unnecessary) neo-feudalism on steroids, where governments play the lord role. In the aggregate, it’s enslavement sold as freedom. “How Power Created, Shaped, Manipulates and Controls Techno-Human Society: A Synthesis – Part 1 of 4: The Power Hierarchy”

    Finally, a note on “the Church,” etc. Before, and especially with, institutionalization, ostensibly post-pagan, monotheistic religions ‘obscured’/displaced ancient Wisdom – the sense of self as a Light Being at one with Universal Consciousness, other humans, and Nature, as opposed to the sense of being a separate-from-God-Nature-and-each-other pile of animated dust, and born in sin to boot: Disempowerment/belittlement for domination and control?

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