EMF/RF/5G Spotlight on the UK: By the Numbers Part 2 of 3

Headlines in the UK reflect an informed populace

By Patricia Burke of Safe Tech International with Karen Churchill

Part 1 highlights the historic UK Frome decision and other recent international developments challenging the telecommunications industry. Despite the fact that Public Health England deferred to irrelevant ICNIRP guidelines which only protect against thermal heating effects caused by short term exposures, campaigners in the UK have had a tremendous impact in opposing the installation of telecommunications infrastructure (masts) In Frome, councilors considered other sources of evidence about the known hazards (other than ICNIRP).

UK By the Numbers

(A mast is a tower. The number of objections filed in a community is indicative of a high level of outreach, education, and engaged activism by campaigners.) 

1 Decision; “Councils Must Consider Other Sources of Evidence about the Known Hazards and Apply Precaution

The UK’s Karen Churchill explains, “Government policy constrains planners with a specifically worded policy that they must not consider evidence other than an ICNIRP compliance certificate.  But after committed consistent campaigning, the statutory obligation to reconcile the health and environmental risks at the local level was established in the South West of the UK.

 The local Planning Board in Mendip Council set aside national policy and voted that there is insufficient proof of 5G safety, and refused to grant planning permission for a 5G mast in Frome, Somerset.  73 masts have been refused in the City of Bristol on the basis of visual appearance (aesthetics) since late 2020. It could well be the planners there are playing safe and strictly applying policy, whilst secretly applying precaution, as thousands of objections about health impacts have been submitted in Bristol. Visual amenity is a minimal concern in the objections.

1 Student in the UK Who Received an EHS Accommodation

Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe’s and Phire’s concluded and long awaited case – Child awarded the right to a low EMF Environment:

Excerpts from Decision Letter (First Tier Tribunal – FtT): “on balance we concluded, in the face of considerable evidence produced by the parents, that the impairment existed and that child XXX met the definition of disability within section 6 of the Equality Act 2010: that is that it had substantial long-term effect on day-to-day functioning.“

3 MPs (UK national politicians) Object

in Spalding May 2022 https://www.spaldingtoday.co.uk/news/opposition-to-fresh-5g-mast-plan-9252949/

10 Downing Street 

(10 Downing Street in London, also known in the United Kingdom as Number 10, is the official residence and executive office of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.)

Source: https://stop5g.co.uk/blog/

10 Mast Refusals

in Hastings, Stroud, and Bath

17 Objections

in Linslade Sept. 2021 https://www.leightonbuzzardonline.co.uk/news/people/opposition-mounts-to-proposed-linslade-5g-mast-but-phone-company-insists-site-is-crucial-to-providing-reliable-network-337184

26 Objections in Hunningham Warwickshire

Sept. 2021 https://www.warwickshireworld.com/news/people/residents-speak-out-against-outlandish-5g-mast-planned-for-village-near-leamington-3375722

28 Objections in Thurrock Mast Refused

August 2022  https://thurrock.nub.news/news/local-news/residents-campaign-of-opposition-to-5g-mast-has-a-successful-outcome-as-council-vetoes-application-148021 August 2022

30 Objections in Southampton

June 22, 202  https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-61799598

30 Objections in Derby Mast Refused

July 2022 https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/news/derby-news/controversial-5g-mast-derby-street-7309442

35 Mast Refusals

in London

40 Objections in Reading – Mast Refused  

June 2022 https://www.readingchronicle.co.uk/news/20244741.plans-5g-mast-emmer-green-refused-council/

59 Age of UK Social Worker Awarded Early Retirement for EHS

59 year-old social worker wins ‘early ill health retirement’ for disabling ‘Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) – Phire Medical


59 Objections in Worcester – Mast Refused and the Appeal

by Telecoms failed. April 2022  https://www.worcesternews.co.uk/news/20092358.inspector-makes-ruling-controversial-5g-mast-holt-heath-near-worcester/

63 Parish Councils in Mendip District were informed about the Pittsfield Cease and Desist Order (USA) ahead of the historic Frome Decision (see number 1 above)

Safe Tech International’s Amanda Kenton emailed planning departments informing them of their legal obligations under the European Electronics Communications Code which include making public health an imperative and reconciling the health and environmental risks. (See Amanda’s article Take The Fight Against 5G To Your Local Council page 8)

“This obligation supercedes the National policy which instructs the local planning authorities to not set health safeguards other than ICNIRP. If a threshold of evidence of unsafety is reached or a threshold of lack of evidence of safety s reached which justifies setting aside this policy then it is within the Local authorities “authority” and their legal obligation to refuse the planning application.” 

(See Board of Health Orders Verizon to Cease and Desist in Pittsfield Massachusetts Cell Tower Battle. Feb 9, 2022. https://mdsafetech.org/2022/02/09/board-of-health-orders-verizon-to-cease-and-desist-in-pittsfield-massachusetts-cell-tower-battle%EF%BF%BC/

70 Comments Submitted in Cambridge

July 2022 https://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/news/local-news/how-5g-masts-springing-up-24498812

73 Mast Refusals

in Bristol

100 Objections in Caversham

July 2022 https://www.readingchronicle.co.uk/news/20517305.reading-5g-mast-looks-like-war-worlds/ July 2022

122 Objections in Havant, Hampshire

July 22https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-62057423

160 Objections in Ashford, Kent – Mast Refused

April 2022 https://www.kentonline.co.uk/kent/news/getting-5g-is-just-as-important-as-a-bus-route-265028/

300 Objections in Bath – Mast Refused

Nov 2020  https://www.bathecho.co.uk/news/community/people-object-plans-new-5g-mast-92578/

353 Councils Contacted

353 councils were personally contacted on two occasions, including

  • The Director of Planning.
  • Environmental Health Officers.
  • Chair of Planning Committee.

400 Objections in Glastonbury Mast Withdrawn

March 2022 https://glastonbury.nub.news/news/local-news/plans-for-a-20m-5g-mast-in-glastonbury-have-been-withdrawn-and-other-planning-news-from-in-and-around-the-town-129489

500 Legal 500 and ‘Action Against 5G’ Legal Case 

The Legal 500 recently described Michael Mansfiend as “the king of human rights work” and as a Leading Silk in civil liberties and human rights. Michael Mansfield QC is leading the legal team and is one of the most venerated barristers of our time. He has led legal teams in high profile cases of civil liberty and miscarriages of justice and has represented the families of Grenfell Tower, Lockerbie, the Ballymurphy Massacre and Stephen Lawrence.

UK campaigners are bringing a historic legal case against the UK Government, challenging the irresponsibility of continuing to allow unacceptable levels of exposure to electro-magnetic radiation that will not protect us from known harm, and takes no account of the cumulative effects of the unseen hazardous electro-smog from multiple sources.


“The case concerns an important issue of public safety. It raises the risk to which members of the public, including particular vulnerable individuals, and children, are being exposed without having consented to or agreed to expose themselves to that risk; and without an adequate and proper consideration undertaken by the relevant safeguarding authorities of the creation of those man-made public health risks.

We provided documents containing evidence from a multitude of respected and eminent experts concerning the health effects of the technology used by 5G, and the attendant risks to the public and individuals, upon which the Defendants declined to act.

The Defendants cannot lawfully continue to ignore or overlook the evidence that indicates the existence of a risk that has not been quantified. To date there has been a failure to engage with this body of evidence, and an inappropriate attempt to delegate any assessment of risk to an external body – a body against which membership legitimate criticism of industry finance and conflict of interest is levelled.´- https://actionagainst5g.org/legal-case/

See https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/legalactionagainst5g/        

£177,911 has been raised from 3691 donations, See https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/legalactionagainst5g/        

600 Mendip had 600 objections

to the Glastonbury and Frome masts.

1815 – Resolution 1815

In 2011 the European Parliamentary Assembly stated: Given the context of growing exposure of the population, in particular that of vulnerable groups such as young people and children, there could be extremely high human and economic costs if early warnings are neglected.

‘The Assembly regrets that, despite calls for the respect of the precautionary principle and despite all the recommendations, declarations and a number of statutory and legislative advances, there is still a lack of reaction to known or emerging environmental and health risks and virtually systematic delays in adopting and implementing effective preventive measures. Waiting for high levels of scientific and clinical proof before taking action to prevent well-known risks can lead to very high health and economic costs….’See: PACE – Resolution 1815 (2011) – The potential dangers of electromagnetic fields and their effect on the environment https://assembly.coe.int/nw/xml/XRef/Xref-XML2HTML-en.asp

2020 Year of First International Global protest against 5G

Global protest days against 5G were the brainchild of Dorotea Radoš Čulina of Croatia, Tanja Katarina Rebel of the U.K. and other colleagues around the world. “We do not consent to a few powerful technology and satellites companies dictating the future of all life on Earth.”  https://www.facebook.com/groups/548912049259423

Image courtesy Christine Horner, Yorkshire.
See Global Action to Stop 5G Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/548912049259423/

2020 Year of Launch of Alternative News Source “The Light Paper, The Uncensored Truth”

See Take The Fight Against 5G To Your Local Council” by Amanda Kenton, page 8 and Brighter Times article about the 5G legal case https://brightertimes.world/brighter-times-issue-4/ page 6

3500 Medical Experts

NIR (Non-Ionizing Radiation) Consensus Statement has been signed by medical groups representing over 3,500 medical doctors so far, including experienced clinicians and widely published and respected scientists who are experts in this field. It declares current safety levels to be inadequate and highlights some of the disease processes linked with NIR exposure in peer-reviewed publications; it points out the vulnerabilities of children10 and other hypersensitive groups, whose symptoms may include sleep problems, impaired concentration, headaches, and mood disturbance;11 it also highlights the contravention of Human Rights and Equalities acts and requests urgent responses from governments and health authorities to halt further deployment of emitting technology and address current public health failures.

6500 extra 5G masts in addition to 4G 3G and 2G

have been installed in the last two years

Masts have also been installed without obtaining planning permissions

 For example; “Angry mum dumps car on pavement in protest to 5G mast on Raymond Road” reports “Plans for a 5G mast in Raymond Road, off Hill Lane, were refused last October after residents raised concerns it would block pavements for dog walkers and wheelchair users. Now, almost a year later, spray-painted markings have appeared where the mast would be put up.”

Part 3 spotlights additional efforts in the UK to address unsafe standards for wireless technologies.

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