EMF/RF/5G; Tin Foil Hats, Meridians, Glymphatics, and Heads That Are Not Layer Cakes

Images Courtesy Flo Freshman

By Patricia Burke of Safe Tech International

Tin Foil Hats

The topic of tin foil hats recently emerged as the result of a blog published by Psychology Today.  As reported by the respected Australian site EMF Facts Consultancy, an expert critique of the article was submitted to the magazine.

Kent Chamberlin PhD, Professor & Chair Emeritus was a member of the bipartisan commission formed in the state of New Hampshire to explore the health and environmental effects of wireless radiation. He notes that he himself was initially dismissive of concerns, before reviewing the science. The final report of the state commission is here.  His correspondence sent to the editor of Psychology Today is here.

Recognizing Exemplary Science, William Keeton: Evolving Science Through Collaboration

Kent Chamberlin offered to collaborate with Psychology Today in setting the record straight.

At one time, this was the hallmark of respected science by respected researchers. William Keeton ((1933 –1980) was a popular biology professor at Cornell University. “From 1967 until 1980, Keeton ran the largest and most prestigious research center in the world for exploring pigeon navigation.” At the time of his research tenure, he and his colleagues were trying to determine how the birds navigated, especially in adverse weather conditions without visual cues.   Experiments were conducted to test whether the birds were using the earth’s electromagnetic field, the sun, landmarks, smell, or some combination of factors.  

In his tribute to Dr. Keeton, Stephen Emlen explained that “He was completely open with his ideas and, if results happened to conflict with those reported from another laboratory, he would invite the principals to come to Ithaca to resolve the issues through collaboration. Each summer the Cornell Pigeon Loft became a focus of frenzied activity. Two thousand pigeons were kept here, and numerous students and technicians continuously were busy training and conducting experiments with them. The loft was an intellectual center, not only for these students, but also for visiting colleagues and collaborators from around the world.”

The desire to work with other researchers producing conflicting data is one indicator of an evolutionary drive to understand the truth.

Mercenary science has a different agenda.  We need to distinguish between the two.  Here’s one reason why.

An Incomplete “Layer Cake” Skin-Bone-Brain Model


The recent research study regarding next-generation wireless telecommunications reports, “The quantitative data on the effects of 5G penetration and dissipation within human tissues are presented.”

In truth, “the quantitative data on the effects of 5G penetration and dissipation in incomplete engineering models of human tissues are presented.”

The research concludes, “Skin-Bone-Brain layer simulation results demonstrate that both electric and magnetic fields vanish before passing the brain layer at all three focal frequencies of 2.4GHz, 28GHz, and 100GHz.”

The layer cake head model does not possess the organizing intelligence of a human head.  The model doesn’t possess meridian electromagnetic pathways, or a glymphatic system. The cake does not represent the bio-electric system of the brain. It is inanimate.

The Glymphatic System

The West’s discovery of the glymphatic system is so new that search engines and spell check will perceive a typographical error and substitute lymphatic instead.

Ayurvedic expert Dr. John Doulliard explains,

“The brain and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) are crucial to our health and happiness.  [] your brain has its own lymphatic system (called glymphatics) []I have written numerous articles on the newly discovered lymphatic vessels that drain toxins from the brain while you sleep (three pounds per year!).. [] For me, the most exciting part is how the ancient practices of yoga and Ayurveda, which directly address brain cleansing, are now supported by scientific studies linking cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) flow to glymphatic drainage.

Boosting CSF has been linked to improvement in cognitive function and reduction of cognitive concerns in the elderly. In one study, aging was associated with a 50% reduction in CSF production in otherwise healthy adults. When we move and breathe, CSF is pumped inside the spine and brain like a brain-washing fluid. It may not be a coincidence that the practice of yoga classically employed breathing, movement, and spinal flexibility—all of which directly impact CSF flow and healthy brain lymphatic drainage.

The Brain-CSF-Cleansing Process

Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) circulating inside the spinal canal and throughout the brain is a type of lymphatic fluid. This is not a closed system, as once believed. It dynamically interacts with the rest of the lymphatic system, draining into the lymph within the central nervous system (CNS) from the sinuses at the top of your brain to the tailbone.

Lymph in the brain and spinal cord washes the brain and CNS while you sleep, as well as during certain CSF-moving, brain-cleansing activities.

As this fluid is created in the center-base of the brain, it literally washes the brain of toxins, moving through brain circulation pathways called ventricles. Most cerebrospinal fluid is rinsed through the brain, directed to the brain’s outer areas and into lymph-carrying vessels in the superior and transverse sagittal sinuses. Along the way, CSF cleanses the brain of toxins and delivers nutrients, much like the function of the lymphatic system.

Glymphatic vessels wrap like a sleeve around the veins in the sagittal sinus, just beneath the skull, in a pattern like a mohawk haircut. (This is exactly where Ayurveda described these lymph channels thousands of years ago!)”John Doulliard

If the engineering layer cake model did not include the pumping action of the glymphatic system, it cannot be adopted as validation of 5G’s safety regarding brain tissue. 

The Mechanical Action of the Boney Plates of the Skull

As noted by Dr John. Doulliard and others, under normal conditions, the boney plates of the skull expand on inhalation and contract on exhalation.

This balance can be disrupted. When this occurs, the cleansing action of the brain’s newly discovered detoxification system is apparently halted. Many other symptoms can also occur, including thirst, headaches, anxiety, poor sleep quality, congestion, brain fog, difficulty concentrating, and ringing in the ears.

Sufferers may be experiencing a brain that is mechanically compressed, dehydrated, overheated, and not properly cushioned.

Cranial-sacral therapists and chiropractors routinely restore the healthy inhale-exhale movement of the boney plates of the skull, to address the “block head” imbalance.

A Layer Cake Model Does Not Include Chronobiology

Ancient cultures recognized that the human body possesses interconnected “circuitry” that allows human physiology to alchemize with the energy transmitted to Earth within the changing angle of the sun’s rays.  This is the foundation of another newly-emerging Western medical field – “chronobiology.”  

The meridian system of oriental medicine is the highway that carries electromagnetic energy throughout the body’s resonant fields. The neurovascular points on the head act as antennas as well as release valves.

The layer cake model  (skin/bone/brain) cannot account for the mechanism by which the information regarding the cosmic current, which choreographs all of life on Earth, is communicated to the resonant fields in the human body. 

In fact, part of the testing method that determined the 5G frequencies vanish after passing through the skin and skull before reaching the brain is apparently here, with measurements taken on 6mm diameter spherical shaped engineering models representing different tissues.

SOURCE: https://scholarworks.utrgv.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1017&context=ece_fac

An Engineering Layer-Cake Model vs. Epidemiology and Reports of Harm

The West has done a good job of identifying what can be seen, and focused on the structure of matter. For example, an anatomically correct image of the brain layers can be seen here and could be likened to a layer cake.

The ancient Eastern cultures, in contrast, pursued an understanding of patterns of energy that enlivened the cosmos and themselves, not in pursuit of profit, but as an expression of reverence. No mercenary science was involved.

In the West, we now have a layer cake tissue model that can be weaponized to imply that 5G frequencies will not reach the brain, and are therefore not harmful.

But we also have emerging epidemiology.

Neurological disease death rates are skyrocketing, and young adult cancer rates are exploding.  On September 8, the news media announced “A new study from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston is showing a dramatic spike in cancer rates in younger Americans.” The cancer study notes extensive involvement of the gut in many of the rising rates of cancers, and points to agriculture concerns.  A systems approach would inquire about the relationship between artificial frequencies and digestive challenges, including leaky gut.

In addition to epidemiology, we have innocent individuals, including children, reporting harm.

Read about the cell tower debacle in Pittsfield, MA here.

It is very likely that our descendants will look back, incredulously, at the engineering-based practices of taking the temperature of a plastic head filled with jello, or measuring smart meter transmissions in an empty field with no people and no houses, or the cake layer model that claims that frequencies vanish before they reach the brain.

Top Image: 5G test. Lower left and lower right: field testing smart meter transmissions in a field with no humans or houses. Center: taking the temperature of a dummy head filled with jell-o that represents “average tissue.’

These are late lessons from early warnings. We have been protecting (large) plastic heads since 1996, by “averaging tissue.” If a chef were to apply this is in a microwave cooking challenge, it would be a dumpster fire.

Courtesy Flo Freshman

Regarding biology, there is no such thing as “average tissue.” Individual humans and their interconnected parts vary by size, shape, mineral content, hydration levels, and conductivity Not unlike carrots,

Our descendants will be faced with the cost of dismantling infrastructure that never should have moved beyond the laboratory, and they will face the toll of human suffering that is accompanying earlier and earlier diagnoses of chronic illness and disease.

When a car wreck occurs, we look at the cars involved, the drivers, and the road conditions.

There are car wrecks occurring, and we are financing on-going inanimate modeling to convince ourselves that there is no carnage.

Until researchers can prove that artificial frequencies are NOT disrupting chronobiology; and that kilohertz frequencies traveling on subcarrier waves are not introducing internal electric fields into the brain and body; and that the plaque associated with Alzheimer’s is not a result of disruption of the brain’s glymphatic system; and until we can prove that the function of the meridians is not being altered by the artificial frequencies, we are barking up the wrong tree. It’s not even a tree. 

If there are any exemplary, open, collaborative researchers out there who want to pursue the truth of the ‘science,’ there are countless collaborators waiting in the wings, including the Gilardi family, and Kent Chamberlin.

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