Excellent two days at The Royal Courts of Justice. Barrister Michael Mansfield, The King Of Human Rights presented a really convincing case against the UK government, at this Judicial Review granted by The Secretary of State last May.

The Government has failed in its duty to inform the public about the risks of wireless radiation and Mo

nday Tuesday 6/7 February will see the Action Against 5G Court Case.
Proceedings took place at The Royal Courts of Justice on Strand, London WC2A 2LL. Kindly see enclosed leaflet.

Wilful ignorance and reckless disregard
The Government refuses to examine a large body of high quality, peer-reviewed scientific evidence of harms to life from RF radiation. Current ‘ICNIRP’ exposure guidelines take account only 

of heating effects in adult humans and as a result are set at least a
million times too high. The Government has a duty to inform the public of the risks and to
protect us from them, yet there has been no assessment of harms to developing children, to animals and plants, no environmental impact assessment and no consideration given to the dreadful impacts on Electro Hyper-sensitivity sufferers.Supporters brought yellow cut out ‘EMF Exiles’ to symbolise those who can’t make it due to high levels of Electro-Magnetic Radiation. Most Electro Hyper-sensitive people can no longer come to London due to the adverse EMF’s. In fact, they are being made refugees on their own Planet… For more details on the Case, kindly visit: https://actionagainst5g.org/blog/details-for-court-hearing/

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