This Saturday 25th of April will see the second Global Protest against the implementation of 5G wireless technology, a technology which is being implemented without Public Consultations and without any independent Health or Environmental impact assessments whatsoever.

Thousands of peer-reviewed studies already show evidence of harm from existing Electro-Magnetic radiation Thus, to roll-out this new and untested Technology without Due Diligence would be a travesty of epic proportions. 5G will entail 24/7 ubiquitous, inescapable, pulsed high-frequency radiation and there will be nowhere to hide. This is why people across the Globe are raising their voices and saying “We Do Not Consent.”

As much of the World is in lock-down due to the Pandemic, the Protest will take novel forms. There are several actions leading up to the day, such as writing to green NGO’s on Earth Day 22nd of April to point out the Environmental Impact (Carbon footprint, Ecological footprint, Ozone depletion, Resource depletion) of the planned 53:000 satellite launches into the lower atmosphere and the billions of new transmitters as well as 5G gadgets all beaming at each other, humans and wildlife. Another action will be writing to the Media, which until now has been very quiet on the serious Health, Environment and Privacy concerns surrounding this all-pervasive issue, despite the fact that it will affect our lives in so many ways – not in the least our Civil Liberties.

Global Protest Day will see several actions in one day: 24 hour Live stream Global Protest featuring events across the World, the sharing of our Global “We Do Not Consent” video, A Global Webinar with eminent scientists speaking about the danger of EMR (from 6pm UK time) and a Global Balcony/Window/Garden Protest at 8pm with “We Do Not Consent” Posters being hung up in houses and flats across the World. There may even be a musical performance or two, featuring one or two Stop 5G songs, one of which is Jalalo’s excellent We Do Not Consent song and video, which sums the issue up quite nicely…

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For more information, please see the Global 5G Protest Facebook group:

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