Global Protest Days Against 5G – A History

Global protest days against 5G began in early 2020 and were the brainchild of Dorotea Radoš Čulina of Croatia, Tanja Katarina Rebel of the U.K. and other  colleagues around the world.  The group is based on Facebook at

Global Protest Days Against 5G works in collaboration with Stop5GInternational and many other environmental activists, worldwide, opposing the harm to human health and nature associated with artificial man-made microwave exposures (5G/EMF/RF).

Then Came Covid

After the tremendous success of the first coordinated protest action, for example, in Italy, where 55 communities participated, covid lockdowns began.

During the lockdown, additional antennas and towers continued to be deployed, for example, in Pittsfield, MA.

The second protest day, in April of 2020, was conducted entirely on-line.

Ridiculing Followed; Primarily Unsubstantiated Accusations of Tower Arson

By the time that the second global protest day was scheduled, a mainstream news narrative had been created linking arson of telecommunications towers and antennas to 5G opposition.

The narrative

  • portrayed 5G opponents as destructive, irrational extremists engaged in property destruction
  • made the claim that 5G opponents were afraid that the “5G waves were spreading covid” while diverting attention away from legitimate health and environmental concerns about RF exposure, including 5G millimeter wave technology
  • implied that 5G activists were recklessly threatening health and public safety by interfering with emergency communications
  • Implied that foreign, hostile interests were responsible for stoking unfounded fears

The media and official government channels providing very little evidence that those responsible for reported arson fires had any previous connection to 5G opposition, for example, by participating in the previous protest actions, or being involved in any established 5G opposition communities.

Nor did they offer evidence that activists were claiming that 5G towers were “spreading 5G.”


(Tower fires and collapses occurred prior to covid, as noted here, but since early 2020, many news reports have suggested that fires are being investigated as suspected arson, caused by those blaming 5G for the spread of covid.)

It is unclear how a layperson would be able to ignite a fire high up on a tower installation.

In addition, legitimate concerns about the adverse health impacts associated with radio frequency exposures, including impaired immunity and damage to the blood-brain barrier, were overshadowed by widespread ridicule by the mainstream media and industry.

On April 19, 2020, Devra Davis of the Environmental Health Trust wrote an editorial in the International Business Times, Burning 5G Towers Across Europe is Harming Health, Wildlife And The Climate.

She wrote,” Where a tower or other equipment can be made to ignite, this requires the use of highly toxic combustible flammable chemicals and accelerants. If telecom equipment is set afire, this then can release a spew of toxic metals, plastics and invisibly deadly knife-like slivers of glass that rain environmental hazards onto anyone nearby and could permanently damage the local environment for years.

The towers are complex structures housing fiber optic cables that are produced using highly reactive gases such as silicon tetrachloride, germanium tetrachloride and germanium fluoride, and phosphorous oxychloride. Igniting this equipment creates a soup of corrosive cancer-causing chemicals and heavy metals some of which can persist for decades. The generators at the base of towers are likewise made up of numerous metals and plastics that become especially dangerous when combusted. Burned plastics can release the dreaded persistent chemical byproduct dioxin.

Without question, burning private property is a crime. This should be stopped. So should the degradation of our environment by untested technologies.”

The fact that 5G opponents seek to protect human health and the natural world makes them unlikely perpetrators of arson, yet the prejudicial stereotype fueled by propaganda endures.

Making assumptions and assigning characteristics to a marginalized group of people is a form of prejudice and discrimination that can be weaponized.

The Protests Continued Throughout 2020

In an expression of remarkable resiliency and creativity, protesters were invited later in the year by Tanya Rebel to participate in a candlelit action, coinciding with the December 2020 Solstice protest action.

(No cell towers or antennas were harmed in the production of this photograph of Solstice Global Day of Action Against 5G)

The solstice light symbolizes the promise of truth dispelling darkness, and transparency.

2021:  Protest Actions, Meditations, Webinars

Individuals also supporting the Global Protest Days Against 5G, in addition to Stop 5G International,  include Ragna Heffermehl of Norway  and Amber Yang of the U.S. for videos; Damir Jing who created the Global Day of Protest Poster; and Jean Hudon of Quebec for envisioning meditations.

In addition to protest actions, quarterly offerings have expanded to include envisioning meditations, and educational outreach events, including two on-line webinars.

In 2021, efforts included reaching out to collaborate with other individuals and organizations, including Space4Peace, the ‘Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space (also known as the ‘Global Network‘ or the ‘GN’). Space4Peace is an international network of organisations and individuals who are concerned about the militarisation and exploitation of space, including 5G.

We Are Recording History As It Unfolds

The mainstream news is widely censoring stories about criticism of current telecommunications agendas.

In addition to emailing newsletter updates and maintaining an active web presence at Stop5Ginternational, Stop 5G International and colleagues contribute to alternative news resources  Natural Blaze, Natural Health & Wellness News, published in the U.S., and  the Light Paper in the UK, as well as other independent media outlets not beholden to the telecom industry.

(Artist and researcher Flo Freshman is a frequent collaborator, also Jennifer Wood of Greenbank W. Va)

Re-Claiming Relationship with Nature and Each Other

Scheduling the protest actions and activities to coincide with the solstices and equinoxes emphasizes the urgency to re-harmonize human activity with the rhythms of nature, recognizing that technocracy devoid of reverence for the earth and the cosmos is a symptom of a wider separation that threatens our survival. The quest for expansion, including the military objective for full spectrum dominance, extends to space and to the seas.

To learn more about 5G and space, read Microwaving Our Planet.

To learn more about 5G and the oceans, read “Stop Sonar Radiation In The Oceans, And 5G On Land And In The Sky”

We do not consent.

January 25, 2020: First Global Day of Protest Against 5G


The first Global Protest Day was held January 25, 2020.

271 cities from 39 countries protested against untested 5G technology. Events ranged from a few people to a few hundred people, including marches, protests, presentations of appeals to governments, flyer distributions, film screenings, seminars, music performances and social media events.

Safer EMR compiled this summary with hyperlinks to news reports worldwide:

“The deployment of 5G around the world is being carried out with the collusion of world governments and major telecommunication companies without guarantees for health and the environment. Scientific and environmental organizations from all over the planet have come together to demand from the UN, the WHO, the European Union, the Council of Europe and the governments of all nations the call that was issued throughout January 25 planet….”  (Google translation)

(Los ecologistas piden que se detenga el despliegue del 5G.” El Illustrador, Jan 27, 2020)

website for the Global 5G Protest Day listed more than 260 demonstrations on January 25, 2020, in 37 countries aimed to stop the deployment of 5G.

A Google news search found that Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, Croatia and Slovenia appear to have had the most news coverage of the demonstrations. Although protests were planned in more than 85 cities in English-speaking countries, relatively few news stories appeared in English.

Following are links to more than 100 news stories from twenty-two countries.

Austria Protestaktionen in der Schweiz gegen 5G
About 100 demonstrators and 200 scientists protest against 5G in Brussels
Une centaine de personnes manifestent contre la 5G à Bruxelles

Honderdtal manifestanten protesteren tegen invoer 5G in België: “Men is zich niet bewust van de gevaren van 5G”

Meer dan 200 Belgische dokters en experts tekenen petitie tegen uitrol 5G-netwerk: “Een experiment op de mensheid”
Canada Local group sounds alarm over 5G cell towers
Winnipeggers join global protests against rollout of 5G wireless technology
Craintes autour de l’arrivée du 5G
Des manifestants à Montréal demandent un moratoire sur le 5G  

Inquiétudes quant aux effets de la 5G
Croatia Na protestu v Ljubljani opozorila o vplivu 5G na varnost ljudi
Održan globalni dan prosvjeda protiv 5G tehnologije
I Ljubljana se pridružila globalnom prosvjedu protiv 5G tehnologije: Okupilo se samo 200 ljudi      ROVINJ: Mirni prosvjed protiv 5G tehnologije
U Zagrebu održan protest protiv 5G mreže
ODRŽAN MIRNI PROVJED PROTIV 5G TEHNOLOGIJE Odazvalo se tridesetak građana, ostali pogledavali sa strane

I Ljubljana se pridružila globalnom prosvjedu protiv 5G tehnologije

Denmark Katharina er imod verdens hurtigste netværk: Frygter for sine børns fremtid
Demonstrationer mod 5G-netværket flere steder i landetFynsk protest mod stråling: – Mennesker flygter fra byerne og må bo i campingvogne
Debat: Global 5G Protest sendt til byrådet
Demonstrationer mod 5G

France Au Havre, des manifestants contre l’implantation de la 5G demandent à être mieux informés Pont-l’Abbé. Déploiement de la 5G : les maires interpellés

Démonstration de force des anti-5G à Turin
Nantes. Le déploiement de la 5G soulève des inquiétudes=

Nantes. « La 5G = danger », dénoncent-ils
Un collectif manifeste contre la 5G
Le billet vert. La 5G pas reçue 5 sur 5
Germany Wieder Demonstrationen gegen 5G in der Schweiz
Schweizer protestieren gegen 5G-Mobilfunknetz – Netzpolitik 

Greece Καλαμάτα: Κινητοποίηση-διαμαρτυρία κατά 5G

Hungary Bizonyítsátok be, hogy ártalmatlan!” – Az 5G ellen tüntettek Budapesten
Italy Pericolo 5G in piazza con i medici Isde, pediatri e associazioni

Antenne e 5G, rischi per la salute: la manifestazione in centro

Bari, in piazza per fermare la sperimentazione del 5G: “Decaro ci dia i dati delle emissioni”
Erster globalen Protest-Tag gegen 5G: VZS und Bürgerwelle sind dabei

5G, tra favorevoli e contrari bisognerebbe pensare alle conseguenze
5g Bologna, in strada per dire “no”
Verona,presidio contro il 5g, il nuovo standard per la comunicazione mobile
Protest gegen 5G

Lichtenstein 5G-Gegner warnen vor Gefahren
Netherlands Betoging in Amsterdam tegen komst 5G-netwerken
Wereldwijd protest tegen komst van 5G
Demonstratie in Amsterdam tegen invoeren 5G
Grote groep demonstranten op de Dam in Amsterdam tegen 5G

Anti-5G-demonstrant: ’Geen idee waar G voor staat, maar je voelt dat het niet best is!’

Nee tegen 5G: wereldwijde demonstratie tegen nieuw mobiel internet

Honderden deelnemers in Amsterdam bij mars tegen 5G

Honderden demonstranten op de Dam: ‘5G maakt alle leven kapot’
New Zealand Small Te Awamutu group takes to streets to protest the roll-out of 5G 
5G ‘questioners’ air their concerns
Anti-5G protestors rally in Christchurch as roll-out continues

Anti-5G protesters hope their message gets through

NZ to Kick Off the “Global Day of Protest Against 5G”

Poland Opole: protest przeciwko technologii 5G

Protest w centrum Opola. Straszono technologią 5G, lobby szczepionkowym i politykami na usługach koncernów
Protest przeciwko sieci 5G w Opolu. Manifestanci: powoduje raka mózgu i zaburza pracę urządzeń

Romania Se întâmplă în România! Protest împotriva reţelelor 5G: “Tehnologia aceasta, în loc să-i apropie pe oameni, îi îndepărtează”
Sute de persoane au protestat la Craiova împotriva implementării tehnologiei 5G
PROTEST. După anti-vacciniști și anti-buletine cu cip, au apărut și oamenii anti-5G

Protest împotriva tehnologiei 5G! Flashmob pentru interzicerea acesteia
Miting Stop 5G la Piața Universității, simultan cu acțiuni în lume. De ce vor protestatarii interzicerea tehnologiei internetului wireless de mare viteză
Serbia 5G MREŽA: Ko je u pravu – nauka ili oni protiv uvođenja 5G tehnologije?

Uvođenje 5G, između protesta i mišljenja nauke
Slovenia “5G – to je samomor” so sporočali protestniki v Ljubljani
U Hrvatskoj i Sloveniji protesti protiv 5G mreže
Protestniki prepričani v škodljivost elektromagnetnega sevanja: “5G je samomor”
‘Mi smo dokaz za škodljivost elektromagnetnega sevanja’
200 ljudi protestiralo proti tehnologiji 5G
STA: Protest warns about 5G’s impact on public health

Protestniki na Prešernovem trgu: “5G je izumrtje!”

South Africa Durban joins global 5G protests

Spain Los ecologistas piden que se detenga el despliegue del 5G
Protesta en Pamplona contra las redes 5G
Switzerland 5G protests continue in Switzerland, following inconclusive report
Fürs Klima, gegen 5G: Zwei Demos in Bern
5G-Protestaktion im Dorf«Mehr Belastung durch Elektrosmog für Menschen, Tiere und die Umwelt»: Demonstranten fordern in St.Gallen einen Marschhalt von 5G                                                                                                             5G-Gegner machen mobil
Demos von 5G-Gegnern
5G-Proteste: 130 Unterschriften in Sirnach, Demos rund um den Erdball
Anti-5G protests held across Switzerland
Vers une initiative pour interdire la 5G millimétrique à Genève

La place des Nations se mue en place “anti 5G”

5G-Gegner warnen in Bern vor Gefahren für Gesundheit und Klima

Demonstranten forden in St.Gallen Marschhalt von 5G
Une manifestation anti 5G à Genève
Gegner des 5G-Mobilfunknetzes warnen vor Gefahren für Gesundheit
Anti-5G-Demo in Schweizer Städten

Diverse manifestazioni contro 5G in Svizzera m Hunderte demonstrieren in Schweizer Städten gegen 5G-Ausbau

Weltweite Aktionen gegen 5G-Mobilfunk

United Kingdom  Anti 5G protest to take place in Monaghan today
Live updates: Anti-5G protest takes place in Bristol city centre

5G protest to go ahead in Bristol this weekend

Anti-5G protesters say it’s ‘the new tobacco’ and damages DNA, causes miscarriages
United States Local residents take part in 5G Global Protest Day 
Protesters in Asheville join global movement protesting 5G, cite health risks
San Diegans to join global 5G protests
Anti-5G group plans global protest

Voice of One Turns to Many in Global Protest over 5G Technology and Other Weekend Happening

SOURCE: (Electromagnetic Radiation Safety: Scientific and policy developments regarding the health effects of electromagnetic radiation exposure from cell phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi, Smart Meters, and other wireless technology including 5G, the fifth generation of cellular technology.)

Song Stop 5G Now by Reza Ganjavi

See the photo gallery here.

April 4, 2020: Second Global Day of Protest Against 5G exclusively on line due to Covid Lockdowns;  “We Do Not Consent to 5G” Video and On-Line Webinar…. as international press falsely ridicules, and accuses 5G activists of burning down cell towers due to fear that 5G spreads covid

Video: We Do Not Consent to 5G. A 15-minute video was produced featuring activists around the world. 5G wireless technology is being deployed globally both on Earth and in Space without most people’s understanding of the harms and without informed public consent. 5G We Do Not Consent includes footage of people from around the world stating why they do not consent to 5G. The video is concise (15 min.), but both informative and inspiring. We hope you enjoy it and will share widely so our message reverberates throughout the world: We do NOT consent to 5G on Earth and in Space. (Countries already included in the video:  Afghanistan, Australia, Austria. Bulgaria, Canada. Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Greece, India, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, Slovakia, South Africa, Sweden, UK, USA)

Protest Video: We Do Not Consent to 5G

Webinar: Panelists offer insights into strategies for meeting 5G’s threat to health, well-being, and the Earth. Topics covered include legal actions and negotiation, the internet’s footprint, impacts on wildlife, privacy, and the relationship between public policy and science.  CeceDoucette, Julian Gresser, Dr. Timothy Schoechle, Olle Johansson, Christian F. Jensen, Elizabeth Kelley, Katie Singer and David Gee, introduced by Stop 5G International’s Amanda Kenton 2 ½ hours

Stop 5G International newsletter post event wrap up:

June 6, 2020: Third Global Day of Protest Against 5G, with Beach Messages

Despite on-going lockdowns, Stop 5G Beach Messages were created in Peru, Denmark, France, Great-Britain, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, The US, Canada, Corsica, Sicily, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and more.

Peacefully Protesting 5G Wireless,and Alerting the Public about False Flag

Resources, Info & Gallery

Post Event Press Release


September 26, 2020: Fourth Global Day of Protest Against 5G, with Statues

A brilliant and creative idea, inspired by a counter-5G advocate in Nantes, France, was to don statues with a Stop 5G Placard/Message, or (if allowed) place a Stop5G Banner across a Bridge or at a prominent Landmark.

See pictures of the many creative statue protests worldwide, here.

Video: Safe Technology, Not 5G,  (6 minutes)

Article: Global 5G Protest Warns of Health and Ecological Costs with Global Protest Day co-founder Tanja Katarina Rebel

Video: 5G Global Protest Day – September 26th 2020 by Ragna Heffermehl (Space and SpaceX)

Mini-Documentary: Global 5G Protest Day, September 26, 2020 — Berkeley, CA  created by Amber Yang  6 ½ minutes

“In the Fourth Global 5G Protest Day of 2020, towns, cities and Islands from 25 countries rose up across the world to call for Safe Wired Technology (aka SafeG™), Not 5G. Increasingly discouraged by the lack of balanced media coverage on the harms of 5G, people are taking to the streets to voice their objection and to raise public awareness.

While scientists issue strong warnings about the harmful effects of wireless radiation, 5G is being rolled out around the world with no safety studies and largely without public knowledge or consent. 5G hopes to connect every “thing” and “event” on Earth as part of the internet of things, smart cities and smart regions. To do so will require roughly 100,000 satellites, millions of new cell tower antennas, User Terminals and a plethora of Earth-based Stations blanketing us with ever more wireless radiation.

Further at issue is the increasing loss of privacy and civil liberties predicated on the rollout of 5G; impacts on human health as well as on wildlife from yet more radiation saturating Earth and skies; 5G’s enormous e-footprint from resource extraction, energy consumption, space debris and fallout from collisions, not to mention the potential effects on the electrical circuit around Earth that sustains all life on this planet.

Protesters believe there is just too much at stake for our future to be governed by short-term interests of private corporations. Rather we should chart a course into the future that is respectful and protective of all life on Earth. It is our hope that this day of peaceful actions has, and will continue to contribute to greater public awareness of 5G. The time is long overdue to start a dialogue about wiser technology options for a safer and more life-affirming future for all.

December 21, 2020: Fifth Global Day of Protest Against 5G, Winter Solstice Meditation Candle/Lantern Vigils for Safer Technology

Introductory Video: Shining the Light on 5G – WinterSolstice by Ragna Heffermehl  3 ½ minutes

Many more photos are posted here.

Pictured is Stop 5G International’s Emma Kelly of S. Africa

“We invite people around the world to join together on December 20th with Candle/Lantern Vigils to honor increasing reverence for nature, and to call for a Stop to 5G.

5G is the “next generation” of wireless telecommunications infrastructure build-out. It presents unacknowledged risks to human health and the environment, and perpetuates rather than addresses economic, digital, and racial inequities. 5G will vastly increase energy consumption, the exploitation of poorer nations via resource extraction and e-waste and violates human and community rights by placing profits before people.

The winter solstice has been observed for millennia in cultures that were aligned with the rhythms of nature, as a time for reflection on the balance between darkness and light. The Solstice marks the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, and the longest day in the Southern Hemisphere.

March 19 and 20, 2021: Sixth Global Day of Protest Against 5G: Protesting 5G on Earth and in Space, SpaceX Protest, and Countdown to Earth Day Article Series

In the spring of 2021, efforts focused on drawing attention to SpaceX ambitions to deploy thousands of satellites in low earth orbit, with a protest at SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, CA, organized by David Goldberg, with additional supporting protests in other locations worldwide.

SpaceX Satellite Protest — March 19, 2021

“We’ve arranged a global civilization, which… profoundly depend(s) on science and technology. We’ve also arranged things so that almost no one understands science and technology. This is a recipe for disaster. We might get away with it for a while, but sooner or later this combustible mixture of ignorance and power is going to blow up in our faces.” – Carl Sagan

Up to 80,000 low earth orbit satellites, complementary earth base stations & millions more cell antennas have been approved by the FCC. SpaceX and other companies are now deploying satellites to provide 5G wireless internet to every corner of the globe, blanketing the entire planet in wireless radiation with potentially devastating consequences to all life.  JOIN US and people all around the world as we gather on March 19, 2021 at SpaceX Headquarters… to call for an immediate halt to 5G satellites and technology on earth and in space unless proven safe,

Environmental dangers abound. They include:

  • depletion of the ozone layer
  • cyberattacks costing $ trillions
  • pollution from rocket launches (exhaust gases, black carbon, alumina, toxic chemicals)
  • space debris & collisions – Kessler Effect
  • vast increase in energy consumption
  • climate impacts from manufacturing & disposal of all connected “things” & infrastructure
  • interference with the global electrical circuit
  • potential disruption to satellites & connected IoT networks from solar flares
  • effects on navigation & survival of wildlife

See the Open Letter to Elon Musk & SpaceX here.

Song: Question Mark ft. Emma Cairo – This is Earth protect it (Explicit)

In the spring of 2021, Natural Blaze also carried the article series Countdown to Earthday, which has been followed by other special topic series (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day) archived here.

June 2021: Seventh Global Day of Protest Against 5G: Solstice Protests to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space, and Solstice Envisioning Meditation

On the weekend before Solstice, 19-20th of June, people from across the world stood up to demand an immediate halt to 5G on Earth and in Space. Their message: “We do not consent to a few powerful technology and satellites companies dictating the future of all life on Earth.” South Africa, India, Japan, the US, Canada, The UK, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Peru were amongst those staging Events, ranging from Candlelight Vigils, Sit-ins and Demonstrations to Stands/Picnics in the Park and Beach Events.


The 5G/satellite/internet of things/data/AI juggernaut entails the manufacturing, use, and disposal of thousands of satellites in space, millions of new transmitters on Earth, and trillions of IoT gadgets, devices, appliances and “things,” that together pose one of the greatest threats of all human-generated health, environmental and privacy assaults. Though being sold to the public to address climate change, the gargantuan global technology footprint is itself a major contributor to environmental devastation.

5G and satellites also play an integral role in the weaponization and commercial use of space and are being used to increase the lethality of war. Protestors oppose the use of trillions of dollars being poured into waging war and are calling for the money to be spent on programs that address essential needs such as world hunger, pollution, the environment, and peace.

While opposing wireless proliferation, 5G/satellite opponents support safe wired connections for most internet and telecommunications use, reserving wireless for emergencies and essential services not possible through wires.

A solstice envisioning meditation was also offered for the first time, again emphasizing the need to re-harmonize human endeavor with Nature.

Solstice Envisioning Meditation – June 21, 2021, 3:32 Universal Time

Video by Amber Yang

September 18, 2021, Eighth Global Day of Protest Action Against 5G, with Global Meditation and Webinar

Throughout 2021, increasing protests directed towards a multitude of other social concerns continued.

In some countries, such as S. Africa, 5G was featured in larger Freedom rallies. In other countries, 5G was de-emphasized.

Stop 5G International began focusing efforts not exclusively on opposing 5G, but also on envisioning what kind of future we want. Stop 5G International continued its efforts to create community with other social justice and environmental groups and organizations. In addition to offering a second synchronized meditation, Stop 5G International together with the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space co-sponsored a webinar: Symphony of Minds: Feeling Our Way Into a Vibrant Future.

The Meditation

Solstice Envisioning Meditation – June 21, 2021, 3:32 Universal Time 5 minute video invitation

Text for video and organizing efforts: Jean Hudon and Kate Kheel

Narration and video editing: Amber Yang

What inspires people to volunteer their time and creativity to bring about change in the world often starts with a feeling that something is wrong and needs to be corrected. Sometimes our motivation to work for change also starts with a vision of how things can be made better. Not only is it important to know what we are up against and why change is needed, but it’s even more essential to know what we are for and how the needed changes may come to pass.

Participating in a globally synchronized guided meditation may not be everyone’s “cup of tea”… and may feel like a departure from the kind of protest activities we are accustomed to. But we feel the time is right to try something new, something that is at the crossroads of the inner world of soulful inspiration and outer world of social activism.

We invite you to open your heart and mind to guidance from your soul that may help steer you/us to new levels of personal empowerment and co-creative envisioning of a healthier, more balanced future. The outcome of this experience will not be measured in specific policy changes, but by a deeper motivation arising from tapping into the wellspring of our collective and individual inner vision of what our planet may become… if we choose to let our souls guide our physical avatars as we traverse ever-changing NOW moments.

“It’s in every one of us to be wise. Find your heart, open up both your eyes. We can all know everything without ever knowing why. It’s in every one of us, by and by.” – John Denver

Despite the many challenges we face now as a civilization, a vibrant future awaits us when our global family of souls rises to the wonderful occasion these challenges represent, and we embody all the good still dormant within us all.

The goal of this Global Equinox Meditation will be to help shift our perception to that of a soul experiencing a physical journey on Earth.

This subtle inner shift in perspective will bring about greater expression of compassion, peace and understanding in ourselves, and through entrainment, in more and more people globally. Our global meditation can accelerate the growing trend of healing, already exemplified by countless acts of goodwill underway around the world.

By empowering positive feelings and the arising Unity awareness, we can light the way towards a future when our most precious and soul-resonant dreams will come true.

Webinar: Symphony of Minds: Feeling Our Way into a Vibrant Future

Symphony of Minds: Feeling Our Way into a Vibrant Future is a webinar co-sponsored by Stop 5G International and the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, organized by Kate Kheel. The webinar brought together people from various fields and advocacy groups to share and cross fertilize minds and hearts, as we try to make sense of these seemingly disruptive and confusing times, and to feel into what may be manifesting on the horizon.

It is evident and palpable that the world is in crisis now on many different fronts. Some of the issues we are now facing touch nearly every one of us profoundly and very personally: 5G, climate change, war, covid, vaccines, satellites, physical and mental health epidemics, political polarization, racism, nuclear weapons, globalization etc. But there is a silver lining. The crises are so impactful they seem to be fast tracking us toward a much-needed global awakening, reckoning, and rethinking of where we’re headed.

As people who care deeply about the state of the world, we advocates/campaigners spend much of our time opposing what is wrong. In so doing, we may inadvertently give power to what we don’t want, rather than to envision, manifest and empower what we do want.

This webinar was an opportunity to link arms with other advocacy groups and thinkers, and together envision what kind of world we want.  Shared core values of what we’re working toward can help soften the barriers between silos of advocacy and help grow a grassroots movement of global healing and awakening.

Replay here.

The next Global Protest Day Against 5G is scheduled for December 18, 19 2021.

Be a Light to the World: Light a Lantern, Candle, Bonfire in observance of the Solstice 2021

On Saturday, and Sunday 18/19 December, just before Midwinter Solstice (or Midsummer, depending on where you live) which falls on Tuesday 21 December, we invite people to organize Candle/Lantern Vigils in the Northern Hemisphere to shine a Light in the dark. In the Global South, outdoor Stop 5G Bonfires/Barbeques might be an idea! Wherever you live and whatever you fancy, consider making Light the theme of this next global event. In times like these, what better way to bring more light into the world than by creating Circles of Light all over the World?

In addition to our call for safe, sane, and balanced use of technology, we expect that freedom will remain a central theme. But let us also focus on the hundreds of thousands of satellites approved for low earth orbit. (Over 80 countries currently have satellite programs!) These satellites, complemented by 5G, and our loss of freedom, must be stopped before we are all trapped in a blanket of Electrosmog and locked into an inescapable Surveillance Grid. Not to mention the astronomical harms that can accrue from cyberattacks on critical infrastructure connected to satellites and other wireless infrastructure.

Facebook:  Global 5G Protest for Freedom 18 December
What is 5G;

Downsides of 5G and IoT

Youtube Channel:

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  1. I was born on a day which coincidentely is the Earth’s day. I always felt I was related to my earth. My planet is my home, my roots, my soil, my water, my soul from inside out. And this beautiful planet is violated now from inside out like I feel violated from my natural rights to protect the nature that is around us. It seems that when natural resources are free, it is not valuable. The value of nature is unvaluable because it is not there to be sold on the free market for speculative profits. Billion of dollars from powerful people could not replace what is not meant to be exchanged as a merchandise. When nothing will be saved from this nonsense expropriation of nature, it will be too late for grieving. Even our tears will be rapidly dried out on the surface of an exponential frying planet. I love my planet. And don’t accept the 4G, 5G and exponential G that is accelerating by the day. Like a nuclear chain reaction. The risk factors are far greater than the protection factors when the censorship of the whistle blowers are increasing like never before.

    1. Thank you, Marie-Claude. Your pain is palpable and shared by many of us. We need a consciousness shift on this planet now to “accelerate exponentially”, as you put it…”like a nuclear chain reaction.” While we should and must continue with direct action, lawsuits, public awareness campaigns, and protests, the time has come for us to refine our “inner technology” so we integrate advances in science and technology into our world in a helpful, not harmful way. Please join us for the solstice event inspired by the whales.

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