Green Planet Augmented Reality App and 5G – What are the Environmental Costs? An Open Letter to Sir David Attenborough

At age 94, after a lifetime dedicated to awakening humanity to the awe that surrounds us and alerting us to the devastating changes our planet is undergoing, Sir David Attenborough has been chosen to be the “poster child” for the BBC’s 5G enabled augmented reality app to accompany their new series, Green Planet.

Recipients of a £2.2 million award from the “5G Create” competition, a consortium of organizations, led by the immersive content studio, Factory 42, have launched an augmented reality “immersive experience” of nature.

The importance of protecting the planet has never been greater and the opportunity to use emerging technologies to engage audiences of all ages in environmental issues in new ways is hugely exciting. We’re delighted to have pulled together a unique consortium of world-leading organisations and look forward to showing how 5G networks will enhance our everyday lives and our understanding of the world around us.  John Cassy, Founder and CEO, Factory 42

Augmented reality superimposes virtual objects onto the real world. Armed with this app and a 5G enabled device (presumably a “smart” phone), users will be able to “see” Sir David Attenborough and precise graphics of exotic animals and plants as if in front of them.

But the sad truth is this augmented reality app-driven “unique immersive experience”, as Green Planet marketing materials pitch it, is in fact everything but. The smart phone and app are a gross interference in what might otherwise be a truly immersive experience in nature — imbibing the scents, frequencies, and subtle murmurings of the forest; feeling the caress of the wind on our skin and the cool earth beneath our feet reminding us we too are part of nature. A lost opportunity for immersion indeed, stolen by the teamwork of a “smart” phone, a lame attempt at a use purpose for 5G, and a marketing gimmick.

In the hope of helping Sir David Attenborough understand the environmental devastation that will result from 5G, we were inspired to share with him some of the many ways that 5G will adversely impact the world he so passionately cares for.  We have also chosen to share the letter in the hope that other people and organizations who care deeply about the earth can begin to unravel and see through 5G’s rather complex technology and  powerful marketing campaign.

We wish Sir David Attenborough many more years in service to the planet. We also hope that he is able to extricate himself from this marketing scam and return, unscathed to his beloved work.

With all due respect….

The Stop 5G International Team.

To read the Open Letter to David Attenborough, click here.

PDF of Open Letter:

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