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If We Ditched Our Cell Phones Would We Find Ourselves Again?

By Patricia Burke of Safe Tech International with Katherine Armitage, Image courtesy https://pxhere.com/en/photo/85415. For entertainment purposes only, not to be construed as medical advice.

Recently, I noticed something different about my friend Katherine, in a subtle but lovely way.

I have had this experience a few times in my life, where I notice an inspiring change in someone.  I become aware that they are calmer, more integrated, more comfortable in their own skin, regardless of what is happening around them, and I think “I want more of that.” Although not quite the same, it reminds me of the well-loved scene from the 1989 comedy “When Happy Met Sally.” “I’ll have what she’s having.”

I am not referencing inborn constitution, such as a calm personality. I am referring to witnessing the process of someone elevating the balance of their life, and the palpable change that this “increasing light” creates in the field around that person, including their community. At the same time, I have seen many others on the opposite trajectory of slippage, where a person’s presence and humanity is losing ground.

The change in Katherine, towards increased light, gradually unfolded when she made a series of decisions about the role that her phone would play in her life.

Katherine Armitage: My Phone Decided to Leave Me

Over time, Katherine gradually chose to un-hijack her brain. She decided to reduce over-stimulation she attributed to her cell phone use, at the expense of other balancing choices, including quietude, time in nature, wild water swimming, presence, and pure joy.

This is her description about how she became aware of a de-evolutionary force in her life, and embraced gentle, transitional change, until she established a new set point in her habit field. She explained,

“I wanted to give up my cell phone for a very long time.”  I felt, “I really would like to be without it.”

 I ran my naturopathic retreat and B&B business for 10 years with a smart phone.

Then a customer mentioned a digital detox, I realized that I’d never heard of this before, and I became more aware.

The cell phone was extremely useful, but I spent way too much time on it…for example talking while driving in my car, an unhealthy Faraday cage, for a 3-5 hour trip, without question. 

I thought, ‘this is not good for my health.’  I got an EMF meter, and could see the high readings, when I switched my phone on. I am 62 now and I was getting cognitive dysfunction. I would muddle words, car instead of cat, dog instead of day…something was going on it was not good.

I started reducing the effects by turning my smart phone off when I wasn’t using it. Whenever anyone tried to call, they could not reach me, which could be frustrating for them and me. People would leave me a message, but my phone became an answering machine. I knew I would feel better if I got rid of the phone all together but always went back to it –

Then I swapped my smart phone for a 2G phone, but still had concern about verification for my internet banking so I didn’t want to ditch it altogether.  still had the smart phone but only used it as a camera: it had no sim card.

It is very difficult to text with a 2G flip phone, it’s, so time consuming but it concentrated my mind so, my getting rid of the cell phone was more of a transition, not from a 4G, but from 2G.

Then I heard about a conference.  The Electrosensitivity UK event was held in an environment with no EMF/RF stress, which is very rare, – in a village hall in Somerset.

I drove 2 ½ hours and stayed the night. I met my friend, we went for a walk, the night before the conference – we cut across these water meadows- then we were cut off by river. We tried to find our way back but night fell and we found ourselves in a water-logged meadow. We were fighting through hedges of brambles and hawthorn, with barbed wire on either side. I put my phone in my back pocket… and then later realized I had dropped it. We’d been using it as a torch. My friend said, “don’t you want to go back?” But I knew I’d never find it in the long grass and I didn’t want to go back to find it.

I said to my friend ‘You know what? I don’t mind, it decided to leave me’. I was going to this EHS conference the next day; I was campaigning against 5G. It was divine timing. I knew I was not supposed to have this phone anymore. I said goodbye to it, it seemed I’d lost it accidentally on purpose, I’d been preparing and asking for it to go.

It has completely changed my life for the better. It is so interesting to see the differences now.

I was always on the phone before.  

To not have the phone meant that when I would drive, I would take in surroundings, and reflect.

My life is so different without a phone. I feel like I can do much more of what I choose to do in my day, not being interrupted.

Recently I had my partner’s car, and it didn’t have a satellite navigation app.  I found my way to places with a map. I taught my son to map read, he would find the roads, its good fun and you take in your surroundings much more.

I am aware that people are disoriented. I met someone whose phone had lost its power, -he could not get home. We explained the route, but he could not follow the directions. He had no idea where the roads went, or the names.

While I still had my phone, I was so busy I could hardly think.  I was exhausted.

I see it as my karmic duty to spend time wisely; to triage; to decide what I need to do. It’s easier to focus on what is important and to pick up subtle energies without a phone.

Kathleen Burke – Ditching My Cell Phone

Kathleen Burke of the Cellular Phone Task Force also chronicled her cell phone break-up story and the resulting improvements her health.

Restored Health and Vitality from Ditching My Cell Phone – by Kathleen Burke, May 3, 2023

Kelly Brogan MD – Cell Phone Free

In 2020, Kelly Brogan MD announced on Instagram that she was giving up her smart phone.


Measuring Mastery: Dopamine, Acetylcholine, Serotonin and GABA

I suspect that if my friend Katherine were part of a modern medical study, shifts in her bio-chemistry caused by the choices she made to reduce her use of a wireless cell phone would be quantifiable.

We have a good idea of what they would be.

Mark Hyman MD explains in his book “The UltraMind Solution” The Simple Way to Defeat Depression, Overcome Anxiety, and Sharpen Your Mind” that there are two major categories of neurotransmitters: the kinds that excite and activate, and those that manifest calm and happiness.

The excitatory neurotransmitters dopamine and acetylcholine are like the gas pedal. They “make you feel energized, excited, stimulated, and help you focus learn, and remember.”

The so-called “inhibitory” neurotransmitters, serotonin and GABA, are likened to the brakes. They make one feel happy, relaxed, and peaceful.

A Time to Every Dopamine Season

Technology, screen time, and cell phones are disrupting the healthy balance of stimulation, exertion and rest.

In the article, How Dopamine Rollercoasters Dismantle Our Health and Lives, Vance Voetberg explains “While we chase the dopamine spike of satisfaction, our mental health pays the price.” “People can become addicted to social media in ways that trigger the dopamine dysfunction seen in substance abuse, according to research.” “Repeated exposure to highly rewarding stimuli causes the brain to adapt by down-regulating dopamine transmission over time.” “Dopamine highs are often followed by crashes below baseline levels. As a result, the mind builds tolerance, requiring greater substance amounts to reproduce the high. Modern dopamine stimuli such as social media, processed foods, and TV breed addictive habits that fuel discontentment, anxiety, and depression.”

”Overloading on dopamine triggers addiction, depression, and other conditions by disrupting the pleasure–pain balance. Americans spend more than eight hours a day on digital media and consume highly processed foods. Dr. Lembke argues this indulgent lifestyle clashes with our past. “Our ancient wiring is mismatched with our modern ecosystem,” she said. To regain balance, she advises abstaining from dopamine-spiking behaviors for four weeks so the brain can reset. Also crucial? Pursuing healthy pain such as exercise and learning, which sustains baseline dopamine rather than making it drastically peak and plunge.” Source

See also: Tech’s Attack on Our Dopamine System, Understanding how our neurological reward center works is key to keeping it in balance.

The Loss of Temporal Boundaries and Discernment About Freedom

I met Mario practicing yoga at the gym. Once in a while he would disappear. He explained that he could become overly attached to his yoga practice, so he adopted a strategy of taking time off from when he felt that he was relying too heavily on pushing his body too hard. He inspired me to think more deeply about mindlessness, mindfulness, structure, habits, desires, presence, balance, and addiction.  

He rarely had his phone nearby, and never for yoga. If we understood our energy bodies, cellphones and yoga would never be in the same space.

Formerly, societal structures created temporal boundaries – when stores were closed, we didn’t shop, and when TV went off the air at 9 pm, we were not tempted to stream video. Certain days were set aside for worship and community.

Prior to the industrial revolution, the sky served as the clock and calendar, and cultures were inherently aligned the rhythms of nature. All of life was biodynamic.

Natural temporal boundaries help to keep unnatural entrainment and addiction in check.

Mario constructed his own framework to live more consciously.  Rather than feeling restricted, he cherished the freedom and balance he created through self-discipline. He kept the monkey off his back by creating structure in his habit field.

He replaced temptation with space for experiences of timelessness, connection, integration, and presence.

Alchemizing With the Cosmos or the Corporations

We do not understand the electromagnetic basis of our life force, (for example, via our meridians and circadian rhythms) and we do not understand electrical pollution.

This in turn is generating a planetary-scale waste of untapped energetic resources, because so many humans are currently swimming upstream against their own life force.

Freedom is the West has translated to the immediate gratification of being able to have a pizza delivered to a state park by an autonomous vehicle, 24/7/365, thereby necessitating towers, antennas, and satellites in sensitive environments,

In truth, all environments are sensitive.

The tech-saturated culture has mistaken the ability to access wireless whenever one wants, everywhere, always, without question, as the right to internet accessibility, which is an entirely different issue.

In many cases, wired connections are safer and more secure, and wireless is unnecessary.

Rather than considering the “who, what, when, where, and why” of balanced internet connectivity, wireless has prevailed, by design. This is because of dual-use militarized surveillance and control objectives. Without this corruption of intention, wireless technologies would have been adequately regulated to protect human health and the environment, decades ago. The science was already there.

Although small changes in behavior (such as reducing one’s cellphone use or turning Wi-Fi off at night) may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, they represent a tip in the scales each time that an individual makes a decision to become more conscious of their actions and consumption patterns.

Over time, this can lead to a very necessary course correction about the burgeoning tsunami of very damaging wireless technologies.

The only debate is how much longer any of us can afford to ignore the flood.

Physiological Harm

One undeniable problem is that the technocratic and wireless age is interfering with the body’s ability to stay in harmony with the cosmos, due to both wireless pollution harm, and addiction.

This also includes inescapable damage to the physiology of others.

Graphic Courtesy Nina Beety

Three of the antidotes to loss of self-sovereignty and to inflicting harm on others via wireless pollution are patience (to replace the demand for immediate gratification), planning ahead, and common sense and reason (to replace texting while driving). How often would these strategies replace the need for 24/7/365 wireless connectivity?

In simple terms, my friend Katherine peacefully and gradually backed herself out of the paradigm of unexamined cell phone use. Each small course correction removed her from the constant overstimulation of a dopamine drip, and created more space for other experiences of gratitude, peace, reflection, and contemplation, as well as deepening connection and presence.

The Role of Trauma

De-evolutionary choices are taking up more space in human psyches, enabled by technology. 

Much of this increased demand for wireless tech is associated with media portrayals of school shootings, the events of Sept 11, and recent lockdowns.

Following trauma, humanity’s nervous system did not reset to a healthy, normal baseline where reason and wisdom can prevail. Instead, fear and anxiety created a demand to feel in control of circumstances at a distance. Humans want to be able to remain in constant motion, for example in a car or airplane, and at the same time to be able to be in direct communication across the planet.

Now access and temptation is relentless, and technology has become a 24/7/365 force multiplier for indulging unconsciousness.  It is enabling the most destructive human foibles.

As it becomes clear that power brokers and decision-making bodies are not acting in the interest of the next seven generations, many individuals and small organizations are attempting to draw others out of the fog, to highlight the necessary course change, and need for informed consumer choices. 

It has become the task of individuals to set healthy boundaries for themselves and to decide which operating system is inhabiting their biology – the cosmic current, or the machine. It is also the task of individuals to recognize that personal wireless habits are causing harm to others and to the environment, despite industry denial.

‘Killing time’ and ‘timelessness’ are two very different states, manifesting in either dopamine or GABA. We need to recognize the difference.

When Katherine was late for a conference call because she lost track of time playing Frisbee, we all smiled.  We all need more of that.

She re-claimed the inherent sweetness of life.

People Without Cell Phones: “Everyone loves a cell phone but hates a cell tower

The New Mexico Chapter of the organization “People Without Cellphones” explains, “We are people. With the one common goal of living as if life on earth will continue.

For one reason or another, each of us became aware that life wasn’t only possible without this technology, it was actually better. Sleep improved. Energy levels increased. Mental clarity prevailed. Mood stabilized. Relationships became more genuine.

Deep down, we knew that despite all the conveniences of a cell phone, something wasn’t right: starting with everyone loves a cell phone but hates a cell tower. This became a contradiction we couldn’t live with.

For the sake of our physical, emotional and spiritual health. For the sake of the birds and the bees. For the sake of the trees. We just want to talk about it – how this invisible, odorless, tasteless, and silent toxin called radiofrequency radiation affects our bodies and all of Nature. We have exciting stories of healing to tell and information to share and you will, too, once you become aware of the issues at hand. We want you to see what we see: that life without a cell phone is a life worth living.

Discomfort when not having access to a cellphone is a gentle indicator of involuntary entrainment.

We need to be vigilant about who we allow in the driver’s seat of our own biochemistry, and especially of that of our children.

Nature manifesting as the Cosmic Current should be choreographing our chronobiology and circadian rhythms, and that of those around us. Not big tech.

See more songs here: Stop 5G Music Playlist – Safe Tech International

“This world needs healing

Not to be found in machines

But in nature’s peace.” -Lori McCray

We can make life sweet again.

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