If we want true Freedom we must stop 5G..

18th of September is Global 5G Protest for Freedom

If you choose to go to a Freedom March this September, please make sure that it is about real Freedom. If there are no Stop 5G messages or Stop 5G speakers, then they are only playing into the industry’s hands. We can rant on as much as we like about Covid Passports, Masks, Vaccines, Lockdowns, etc. but if we do not mention 5G our actions will only serve as an excellent distraction whilst the Digital Cage is being forged above our very heads. It is this that needs to be stopped first and foremost. 5G is the main tool to make all the other horrors happen and it will make them impossible to escape…. So let’s keep our eye on the ball and demand that they Stop 5G – for our Health, for the Environment and for our Freedom! For once 5G is in, there will be no Freedom….

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