Ilfracombe, Devon, makes a Stand for Freedom

Demonstrators called out for the return of Freedom of Thought, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Choice and Bodily Autonomy. They also highlighted the right not to be exposed to 24/7, ubiquitous, pulsed, high-frequency radiation which goes under the name of 5G and which, once fully implemented, will constitute Technological Tresspass and amount to Assault on Humans and Wildlife. On top of this, 5G will enable an inescapable Planetary Electronic Surveillance Grid with antennae on every corner and tens of thousands of low-orbit satellites registering our every move. 

The question is – do we want a world where people are free to live, breathe, think and act according to their own conscience and where they retain control over what theiir bodies and minds are exposed to or do we want a digitally controlled Orwellian Brave New Normal? This question is a stark one and the aim of the Demonstration was to highlight that we are on a crossroads: If people want true Freedom we must stop the Power grab being inflicted upon us in the name of Corona as well as the Electronic Surveillance Grid which is being rolled out behind the scenes and which – if not stopped – will not only make humans and wildlife sick, but imprison us forever.

Tanja Katarina Rebel
Stop 5G Devon
Global 5G Protest for Freedom
Stop 5G International

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