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In Defense of Crickets, Part 2 of 3; EMR Australia: Wireless Radiation, Hearing Problems, and Havana

SOURCE: J. C. Lin, “The Microwave Auditory Effect,” in IEEE Journal of Electromagnetics, RF and Microwaves in Medicine and Biology, vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 16-28, March 2022, doi: 10.1109/JERM.2021.3062826; 

By Patricia Burke of Safe Tech International featuring Lyn Mclean of EMR Australia

This is part 2 of 3 of a series “In Defense of Crickets.” See part 1 here.  The question of what diplomats were hearing when they were experiencing brain injuries associated with Havana Syndrome was answered by U.S. authorities advising the military, who determined that the diplomats were hearing crickets.

Wireless Radiation and Hearing Problems

“Did you know that some people can hear wireless radiation?

SOURCE: https://emraustralia.com.au/blogs/news-1/wireless-radiation-and-hearing-problems

EMR Australia’s most recent blog is “Wireless radiation and hearing problems.”

“Did you know that some people can hear microwave radiation?

We know that some of our readers do, and you might be one of them.

Recently Dr James Lin published a paper describing the fascinating phenomenon of ‘microwave hearing’, whereby people perceive wireless radiation as a clicking, buzzing, zipping, chirping or knocking sound, or even as a tune. It can occur when subjects are exposed to a wide range of frequencies – from hundreds of megahertz to several gigahertz. Further, it occurs, not just in humans, but in some species of animals (such as rats) as well.

Microwave hearing is not the hearing of sound (which is a different range of frequencies from wireless radiation). It does not occur in the way that conventional hearing does.

Lin describes it this way. ‘The microwave auditory effect occurs from miniscule but rapid rise … of temperature … in the brain from absorption of pulsed microwave radiation. The sudden rise in temperature creates thermoelastic expansion of the brain matter, which can launch a pressure wave that propagates through the head and is detected by the sensory hair cells in the cochlea. The nerve signal is then relayed to the central auditory system for perception and recognition.’

According to Lin, the sound depends on the characteristics of the wireless radiation, for example, the width of the pulses.

Microwave hearing was first recognised in World War II and was usually linked to radar signals. It was found that servicemen could hear sounds from radar whether they were inches or thousands of feet away from the transmitter. It was also discovered that shielding a hearer from the radiation stopped them from perceiving the sound.

Lin says, ‘Since late 2016, there have been multiple reports that some diplomatic service personnel have been experiencing health issues associated with hearing loud buzzing or bursts of sound. It was hypothesized that the loud buzzing, burst of sound, or acoustic pressure waves may have been delivered using a targeted beam of high-power pulsed microwave radiation, rather than blasting the subjects with conventional sonic sources. Recently, the National Academies released a report, examining the causes of the illnesses, makes the point that “among the mechanisms the study committee considered, the most plausible mechanism to explain these cases, especially in individuals with distinct early symptoms, appears to be directed, pulsed RF (microwave) energy.”.

He points out that the US government plans to undertake research into developing a wearable device for detecting exposure to RF weapons.

Can microwave hearing be a problem for those who experience it?

According to Lin it can. Because the radiation is converted to sound inside the brain, it is possible that injury to the brain could occur, he says.

J. C. Lin, “The Microwave Auditory Effect,” in IEEE Journal of Electromagnetics, RF and Microwaves in Medicine and Biology, vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 16-28, March 2022, doi: 10.1109/JERM.2021.3062826; 

What can be done about it?

Some of our readers have told us that their tinnitus improved when they stopped using their mobile phone. One of our readers reported that she stopped hearing her neighbour’s  WiFi when she installed a curtain made from our shielding fabric on her window. So reducing exposure and shielding wireless sources is a useful strategy.

What can you do?

What else can you do?

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‘Havana Syndrome’ – A Link Between Wireless Radiation And Symptoms

EMR Australia published an earlier post, ‘Havana Syndrome’ – a link between wireless radiation and symptoms.

“In 2016 US embassy staff in Havana, Cuba, began reporting unusual symptoms — pain, ringing in the ears, dizziness headaches and cognitive problems. Medical investigations failed to find a cause and many of the staff were withdrawn from the embassy.

The baffling condition became known as the ‘Havana Syndrome’ and cases were subsequently reported by US embassy staff in Paris, Geneva, Berlin and Bogotá (Colombia). Ultimately around 200 people connected with US administrators reported similar symptoms in 12 countries.

To address the problem, the US Intelligence Community—the Director of National Intelligence and Deputy Director of the CIA—established an expert panel to investigate potential causes of what they called ‘Anomalous Health Incidents’ (AHIs). The panel reviewed classified documents on scientific, medical and intelligence topics and heard from affected individuals.

On 1 February this year, the panel’s report was released, see here, and here.

It says, ‘Pulsed electromagnetic energy, particularly in the radiofrequency range, plausibly explains the core characteristics of reported AHIs, although information gaps exist. There are several plausible pathways involving various forms of pulsed electromagnetic energy, each with its own requirements, limitations, and unknowns. For all the pathways, sources exist that could generate the required stimulus, are concealable, and have moderate power requirements. Using nonstandard antennas and techniques, the signals could be propagated with low loss through air for tens to hundreds of meters, and with some loss, through most building materials. Stimulation and disruption of these biological systems has been credibly demonstrated in cells and tissues, and persons accidentally exposed to radiofrequency signals described sensations similar to the core characteristics. However, there is a dearth of systematic research on the effects of the relevant electromagnetic signals on humans.’

The report also found that ultrasound could plausibly explain some symptoms but could only be used in close-access situations. Some other environmental exposures were ruled out.

The symptoms are similar to those experienced by US embassy staff in Moscow in the 1990s, as a result of which it was found that Soviets had beamed microwave radiation at the US embassy for several decades. See: Goldsmith, John. (1995). Epidemiologic Evidence of Radiofrequency Radiation (Microwave) Effects on Health in Military, Broadcasting, and Occupational Studies https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1179/oeh.1995.1.1.47 . International journal of occupational and environmental health. 1. 47-57. 10.1179/oeh.1995.1.1.47. and https://afsa.org/havana-syndrome-there-was-moscow-signal

The 2022 panel investigating symptoms made recommendations and advised that it would continue to support affected workers.

See Lyn McLean’s interviews with physicist and radiation expert Dr Leendert Vriens and Maria Zeee.” – EMR Australia – reprinted by permisson

Wireless radiation–exploding the safety myths with Dr. Leendert Vriens

In February of 2022, Lyn McLean, Director of EMR Australia interviewed Dr. Leendert Vriens, physicist, retired Philips Research Fellow, webmaster https://www.stopumts.nl (database since 2004) (48 minutes)

Lyn McLean – EMR Australia – The Risks of 5G that the WHO & UN Ignore

In this interview with Maria Zee (zeemedia.com), Lyn explains some of the features of 5G technology, what scientists are saying about the health effects of 5G radiation and what you can do to protect yourself and your family from exposure. (57 minutes)

The Moscow Signal Preceded Havana

In his personal blog article about the historic microwaving of the U.S. embassy in Russia in the 1960s, (updated in August of 2022), James Schumaker, a retired Foreign Service officer, discussed health concerns related to the historic ‘Moscow Signal.’

SOURCE: https://shoeone.blogspot.com/2013/09/moscow-microwaves.html

Now, along with a dramatic increase in wireless technologies, the public is being involuntarily exposed to ubiquitous, juxtaposed frequencies, often without knowledge and consent, with reports of headaches, inability to concentrate, fatigue, sleep disturbance, and other symptoms.

SOURCE: EMF Safety Network

JAMA recently published a research review indicating that tinnitus rates are exploding worldwide.  (Tinnitus is defined as “A condition with a constant ringing sound in the ear in the absence of an external source.” See four commentaries by Safe Tech International about the review here 1,2,3,4.)

In contrast to diplomats, civilian complaints of injury (including invasive sounds associated with electrosmog and microwave exposures) are not being recognized or investigated.

McMillan Dictionary defines the verb ‘frame’ as the action of making someone seem guilty. As far as the diplomat injuries, were crickets framed?

In Defense of Crickets

In part 3 of this series “In Defense of Crickets” Paul Harding will look at another explanation for harm to diplomats over the last sixty years, as well as escalating reports of injuries to civilians.

Whether unintentional or weaponized, historical research indicates that kilohertz frequencies of certain wavelengths are capable of introducing internal electric fields into the human body. The kilohertz frequencies are riding on subcarrier waves, for both wireless and wired technologies.

Debates about whether or not to use wired or wireless applications are incomplete, because electrical pollution is rampant for both applications. 

The solution is to hold technology accountable for not producing the artificial internal electric fields that are assaulting both human health and the environment.

About EMR Australia

(“EMR Australia PL is Australia’s leading resource for creating EMR-safe homes, businesses and learning environments. Established in 2003, EMR Australia helps Australians [] to understand and reduce their exposure to this Class 2B carcinogenic environmental pollutant.

Lyn McLean is the founder and Managing Director, and Australia’s foremost expert on understanding and reducing exposure to electromagnetic exposures in homes, businesses and learning environments. She has been working in this field since 1996. Lyn has been involved in or commented on the major political and regulatory developments of the last two decades.

Lyn McLean has been producing a regular newsletter on EMR and health for over 25 years. In 2014 she made the decision to make the publication available online at no cost as a service to the community. Sign up here.

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