Invisible Global Emergency

“There’s an invisible GLOBAL EMERGENCY happening right before our eyes that we are assigning incorrect causes – namely, life cannot live in a toxic electromagnetic field (EMF) pollution now enveloping the planet. And we must stop. We MUST research MORE, and get to the bottom of why life is dying on the planet with each incremental spread of the technology spreading daily more and more electromagnetic millimeter waves into every living thing including our soil that results in acidification.
Please join me and the preeminent neuroscientist and researcher, Prof. Olle Johansson, PhDPlease join me and the preeminent neuroscientist and researcher, Prof. Olle Johansson, PhD, formerly of the Karolinska Institute, and now retired, for an hour’s update on the latest research, and an appeal for funding the most cutting edge research on the planet on EMF dangers to LIFE, that Olle is involved with. 

Talking with Olle is always a pleasure. With a sense of humor and hope contained within the dirty facts about this nefarious technology being foisted upon us to our peril – extinction is not too strong a word – we update current research in Samos, Greece, and have a frank discussion about science and the extinction event happening we cannot see – that IS heavily funded.

You will find channel links below, and further links in the video description for you to further research.

As always, it is an honor and privilege to have such preeminent researchers and eloquent speakers as Dr. Johansson on with me to talk about pressing issues of health and safety around an invisible threat – EMFs. Thank you, Sir.

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Much love wherever you are… we live in interesting times.
In service,

Allison Teague
Award winning Journalist
Investigative Reporter

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