Is Tech Cooking the Planet?

Is Tech Cooking the Planet?

Policies are being enacted across the US and in other countries to expedite the roll-out of 5G telecom infrastructure with political discourse aggressively focused on the dual challenges of covid and climate change.

Without taking a position on either covid or the climate issue, the fact remains that 5G is incongruously being promoted as a solution for both, via assumptions about 5G-enabled telehealth and increased energy efficiency. Political and economic claims have not been adequately vetted.

Many environmental groups continue to support grid modernization, smart meters, smart cities, and wide-scale wireless applications to support data harvesting, under the guise of sustainability and energy efficiency, and climate concerns.

Fortunately, some groups have begun to challenge the 5G narrative, for example, the California Green Party, and Ecologistas en Acción, one of the most important environmental groups in Spain. After almost two years of investigating the issue, they have issued an official position opposing 5G technology.

5G infrastructure investment is being promoted as a solution to global warming and/or climate change. It is being forcefully imposed on communities, with increasing abuses of power, and violations of community rights.

As part of this ongoing series counting down to Earth Day we have looked at misleading myths surrounding “progress” in “smart” wireless 5G and sensor-driven transportation.

Steep investment in 5G infrastructure and operating systems is being promoted to address “urgent” health and environmental challenges. The urgency is being used to justify a demand for expediency that overrides local control and human rights, and prohibits the consideration of adverse health effects.

5G must logically be scrutinized for health and environmental impacts.

Despite claims to the contrary, 5G does not pass the sniff test for addressing “global warming and climate change.”

(Attached summary reprinted by permission, courtesy EMF Safety Network and Friends of Merrymeeting Bay. Friends of Merrymeeting Bay | Conservation, Education, Research, and Advocacy (

There is a whole lot not to believe about 5G. Discernment Required.

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