JAMA declined this letter, so we published it

The Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) recently published a review article on the global prevalence of Tinnitus. JAMA states: “Tinnitus affects more than 40 million adults globally and is perceived as a major problem by more than 120 million people, according to the results of this systematic review and meta-analysis.” 

The review article considered only one study of the possible effects of radiofrequency radiation on the increase in Tinnitus. And that study was authored by Martin Röösli who has been accused of having conflicts of interest. 

Arthur Firstenberg, author of the Invisible Rainbow, and well-known Swedish oncologist, Lennart Hardell submitted a joint Letter to the Editor of JAMA. In their letter, they suggested that radiofrequency may play a more significant role in the increase in Tinnitus than indicated by the JAMA review study.

Unfortunately, JAMA declined to publish the letter. Safe Tech International is therefore sharing the letter as we feel it is vital information the public should be made aware of. 

Letter from Arthur Firstenberg and Lennart Hardell to the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA):

Arthur Firstenberg is the author of “The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life” and President of the Cellular Phone Task Force, a nonprofit membership organization founded in1996 in response to the health and environmental threats posed by the launch of the wireless revolution in the United State

Lennart Hardell is a Swedish oncologist and professor at Örebro University Hospital in Örebro, Sweden and well-known for his research on the carcinogenic effects of cell phones. 

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