JCI Europe’s D&I Committee: Ubiquity


On Monday, 1/24/22 at 8:00 PM I am holding an event for the JCI Europe D&I Committees as Vice Chair together with my colleague Diane (Committee Chair) from the Netherlands. https://europe.jci.cc/committees/diversity-inclusion/
JCI stands for Junior Chamber of Commerce International, a network of leaders and company owners who want to make positive impact in the world.

The topic is high sensitivity to electromagnetic fields. We will interview filmmaker Bregtje van den Haag, who makes very good documentaries for the Dutch public television VPRO, about her film “Ubiquity”. We will also watch scenes from her film and talk to the protagonist Anouk. Anouk is electrosensitive, has 3 children and lives in the Netherlands.

The audience can ask questions directly. The event will be streamed on social media and you can also join live via Zoom.
Registration is here via Eventbrite.


We are looking forward to as many participants as possible. The more the better to give weight to the topic of EHS.

On Facebook you can find the event here

and on LinkedIn here:

We are sharing the invitation all over Europe. And I am very grateful that so many young people support the topic by making it known. A team of 18 people is currently working with me on the preparation. My goal is to have as many participants as possible to show appreciation to their work. Therefore, I am asking you whether you could please forward the invitation to you business and private network.

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