Johansson O, “The Stockholm Declaration about ‘Life EMC'”, Bee Culture Magazine 2022; May issue: 56-61

All around the world dramatic reductions in pollinating insect populations are noted, for instance in Germany, in 2017, where more than 75% of them were reported just gone, and recently the media have reported a more than 90% reduction of the bumblebee populations in the USA (2021). Many beekeepers can also witness similar decreases in honey bee populations as well as in other insect groups, and so can the ordinary citizens.

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  1. NASA is quite open about cosmic radiation waking up Epstein Barr Virus in astronauts. EBV is present in 95% of people but in most cases is dormant. NASA believes that cosmic radiation is just one among many physiological stressors that together cause the virus to wake up. Why should it be so hard to extrapolate from this that radiation in general may wake up viruses in general? Cosmic radiation is a different wavelength of EMF from those used by humans for communications, but if this kind of effect can come from the first type of radiation, why not the second? I ask this question because although bee decline may actually be caused by a virus as opposed to radiation, if so, what is it that is waking up the virus? Why have all these virus outbreaks in humans and animals begun – as if startled by the noise of a starting gun – exactly at the moment when 5G (actually 4G+) began to be rolled out?

    I know that’s a lot of ifs and buts, but you can see the rational basis of my thinking.

  2. Our Heavenly Father knows what HE has created. HE has reasons for HIS laws. These strong, manmade radio waves break Ten Commandment Number Two. We already have natural radio waves.

    I became interested in this issue, after I got nuked by my new wireless devices and nearly died in March/April 2021. The hard drive in my old laptop crashed and burned and I had to get a new laptop. The new laptop wireless card wasn’t compatible with the old router and I had to get a new wireless router. The new router came with dualing wireless networks enabled by default (2.4 GHZ and 5 GHz). Seems mine wasn’t the only one. Once in a great while, when I feel like I’m getting too many rays, I turn on my wireless card and look to see how many networks are in the area. That doesn’t include the smart phones or individual devices, except some wireless printers show up in the cue. I would need a special app to see the phones and other devices and I don’t want to keep my card on long enough to do that. I figure everyone from toddler aged and up has a smart phone and other devices, now. My little ten year old nephew has one. I’ve seen babies, animals, and fish online.

    I used to think that electronics and wireless were all that. I worked with computers before I became physically disable and I studied information science and technology in college but I don’t have a degree. Now, computers are simply a tool to learn with and get out of the house.

    It’s likely that the cable company has some satellites, somewhere, so I suppose I’m still guilty, to some extent? I have cable internet and I got rid of my wireless network and went with Ethernet and I put the laptop in airport mode, after I learned what happened, and I got rid of the smart phone but not realizing the problem, at the time, I secured the wireless networks and labeled the SSID but I didn’t get in any rush to go through the advanced settings to disable one of the networks, because I didn’t know the dangers. I had been running a little candy bar style cell phone running 3G but around the time that I got the new router and laptop, my free cell phone service provider wanted to upgrade me to a new smart phone, which would do 4 LTE and 5G. When you add my friend’s cell phone, that was quadruple jeopardy on top of everything else.

    It didn’t take me long to get things wired up and I treated my health effects at home with nutrients, herbs, food, baking soda, and nebulizer albuterol but it not only affected me, it affected my friend, whom I share housing with, who ended up at the hospital and came back home on oxygen and with several medications and the dogs in the yard, were fighting over the homemade doghouse, which is made from sheets of metal and an old truck camper topper, which was possibly acting as a Faraday cage.

    When I was running the 2.4 GHz router, I had large white clovers and quite a few dandelions, in the yard. After I cut off the wireless, the white clover that grew back were smaller and there weren’t as many dandelions. It’s affecting the plants. I had two parsley plants and some rosemary that didn’t make it. After the nuking, my grass disappeared, for a while. I’m not certain if the bugs and/or birds were eating it to get the nutrients to repair their damages or if it died. Several backyards, in the neighborhood, where there are dogs, no longer have grass.

    There is something to the angry bird thing. The house where I live is sort of close to the road but we have a bird bath and a bird feeder in the front yard, in front of the front window. After my furry family member, a beautiful, almost 11 year old house raccoon, died a week after my mother, back in January 2019, (possibly from the radio waves? I wish I had known sooner.), I decided to watch birds. HIS animals have a mind and feelings just like we do. They know what is happening to them. Over the years, a few birds hit my front window, when I had the wireless network, if a car would pass and startle them. Now that I’ve disabled the wireless, they stop and turn, before they hit the window.

    Woodpeckers usually eat bugs in the trees. In the past couple of years, I seldom hear them pecking on the trees, like I used to. I’ve seen a few Woodpeckers at the bird feeders and dog food bowls, which suggests they are lacking bugs, in the trees, to eat.

    If what was revealed to me is true, bugs are attracted to the strong, manmade radio waves. Have you seen all of those large spider webs, up in the trees, around the tv satellites? I suspect, the momma spiders know their babies will have plenty of bugs to eat, if they spin their webs around all of those strong, manmade radio waves.

    HIS trees have liquids and minerals running through their limbs and trunks, too. I’ve seen large limbs fall off of trees. There is a tree across the street, in front of a tv satellite, which looks like the bark is coming off of it.

    It’s normally cold up in the North Pole, around all of those naturally strong radio waves.

    I suspect that it’s confusing the Earth, too. The core of the Earth has liquid and metals in it, too.

    I’ve done quite a bit of research and email complaining, in the past few years, since I got nuked and discovered the truth. I complained to the mayor of my town. I’ve complained to other government people, in my state and at the federal level. I complained to WHO. I’ve complained to several hospitals and several schools, in my state. I have two nephews who are school age and I’m concerned about the children being around all of that wireless. I was hoping people at the hospitals would wake up and see what was happening because doctors go there and they have big degrees and have some clout. I’ve complained to friends and family but they all think I’m crazy and make fun of me, including the one who ended up in the hospital, who is still carrying a cell phone around in his pocket, complaining about how he can’t catch his breath.

    Arthur Firstenberg is someone else trying to get the word out. He is also concerned about the bees: .

    I’m a poor, physically disabled widow woman and I’m practically homebound (car accident). I’ve done quite a bit of complaining and warning people but I can’t afford to donate money. My Social Security benefits are not covering all of the damn inflation these materially wealthy people have caused but I wish enough people with some clout and money would care to do something about the damn strong, manmade radio waves. It seems like everyone either has their face in a smart phone or is too busy trying to make more money to care about the Earth and all of its inhabitants.

    I listened to you on the EMF Hazards Summit 2023, which is where I found your website.

    1. Your deep sensitivity and love for all creatures is beautiful. Perhaps humans will someday live up to our true potential. Meanwhile, I hope you find healing and inner peace.

  3. Just a small comment for such a long email but I say well done and thank you for this detailed report of your experiences. You will help to confirm, for so many of us, that actually we are not crazy people imagining things. We are the astute, gifted with being awake enough to recognise what is going on around us. Bless you and keep safe and I pray that you will have enough always to fulfill you needs by the grace of God. JS

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