May 1 and 5G, AI, VR, Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! HEELLLLPPPP!

Recent Headlines on Earth:

Space Junk Removal Is Not Going Smoothly!  Despite promising technology demonstrations, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for the growing problem of taking out the orbital trash. [i]-Scientific American

The Green Dilemma of 5G Densification, by Paul Ben Ishai – Times of Israel, 3rd April 2021 [ii]

Monkey plays virtual games using mind with Elon Musk computer chip in brain [iii]MSN

It’s a Mayday Mayday Mayday, and not a May Day, moment.

According to the Merium-Webster on-line dictionary, “’Mayday’ is an internationally recognized distress signal.  ‘May Day’ is a spring holiday and, in some places, a celebration of working people. The terms sound similar, but they have different origins. They are not spelled the same way. “May-day” is the phonetic equivalent of “M’aidez”, the French for “Help me.”[iv]

May Day and the Bees

May 1 is also “May Day.” The Farmer’s Almanac notes “What is May Day? Celebrate the halfway point to summer on May 1.”[v] May Day is one of the eight cross- quarters of the year observed by the Celts and other cultures which were literate in the timing and cycles of nature.

Nearly one hundred years ago, in a series of lectures given in Dormach in 1923, Rudolph Steiner discussed the significance of the weather in early May, and its effect on pollinator bees.  This wisdom has not only not been sustained, but remains de-valued, and in favor of technological innovation.


“M’aidez,” MayDay,  From “Mad” Chemistry to “Mad” Radiofrequencies to Monkey Mind

Unfortunately, observant cultural lineages detailing how to harmonize with nature ran up against the profit motive and manifest destiny. This resulted in a century of misbegotten ideas about how to farm, and conduct warfare, as examples.  Not to mention, burning all those herbalists and witches who knew how and why to “garden by the moon.” [vi],[vii]

Following decades of reckless, unexamined applications in chemistry, with forever chemicals and unsafe juxtapositions, the same paradigms are unfolding with unmonitored, unconscious use of microwaves and radiofrequencies.

And there you have it, the crux of the challenge here on earth.

On the one hand, there is a growing movement back to nature and natural law, for example with organic and biodynamic gardening methods.

On the other hand, a tech-worshipping portion of the mass culture is enthralled that a monkey was reportedly able to control a video game using his brain and not his hands, while motivated/coerced/manipulated/forced  to adopt an unnatural behavior, while being rewarded to unnaturally sip a banana smoothie through a straw. Alongside the monkey, there is a portion of humanity comparing adult diapers and energy drinks in on-line forums, so that they can ignore their physiology in order to continue to game-binge on-line.

And in between these two groups, – of those seeking to rebalance human activity with nature, and those devoid of recognition of nature, – is a large population that is unaware of the implications of societal norms influencing their consumer choices and activities.

Neuralink – No Link to Nature

MSN reported, “Elon Musk’s neuroscience startup Neuralink has released a video that appears to show a primate playing Pong using only the power of its mind.  The roughly three-and-a-half minute video shows Pager, a 9-year-old macaque monkey who had two wireless neural recording and data transmission devices implanted in his brain about six weeks before the clip was filmed. Pager sips a banana smoothie through a metal straw while using a joystick to maneuver the Pong paddles on screen — but it turns out, that joystick isn’t plugged in. The lab claims in a blog post that Pager is actually moving the paddles using his brain activity via Neuralink implants.” [viii]  (read more and see video at link)

Let’s be clear…the monkey is not playing pong using only the power of its mind. The game is being played by controlling humans, who are controlling the monkey’s activities in an inhospitable, artificially controlled environment, towards unnatural, controlled, instinct-injured behaviors.

Not Just for Paralysis – Don’t Buy the Pop Culture Reporting

News reports state that Neuralink engineers are working to provide technology that they hope will help paralyzed individuals:  “While the technology is still in its infancy, Neuralink hopes that its devices will soon allow paralyzed humans to use their minds to operate machines. On Thursday, Musk said the first Neuralink product will allow a paralyzed human to use a smartphone with their mind faster than someone using their thumbs.”[ix]

Yet Musk’s partner Grimes, who is not paralyzed, reportedly plans to have the implant. [x] And in job recruitment tweets by Elon Musk, he notes the long term agenda to blend humans and AI.[xi]

“The startup uses sewing machine-like technology this year to drill small holes into brains and insert super-slender electrodes called threads, steering clear of blood vessels as they go.[xii] Thousands of electrodes implanted by robot With Neuralink’s approach, a robot inserts tiny threads a quarter the width of a human hair. “The threads are about the same size as a neuron,” Musk said. “If you’re going to stick something in your brain, you want it to be tiny — approximately on par with the things that are already there.” On this rat, Neuralink’s sensor chip connects to the outside world with a USB-C port. On humans, the plan is to communicate wirelessly so there won’t be a cable plugged into your skull. Neuralink  A “wisp” of 1,024 threads attach to a small chip, up to 10 of which will be embedded under your skin. Each will connect wirelessly to a wearable, detachable, upgradable “pod” behind your ear that communicates wirelessly with a phone. “The interface to the chip is wireless so you have no wires poking out of your head. It basically Bluetooths to your phone,” Musk said. The installation takes place through holes 2mm wide, temporarily expanded to 8mm, then glued shut, Musk said. Among the company’s challenges are developing electrodes that will last “many decades,” but “getting the right coatings is a tough materials science problem.” The human brain is not a hospitable environment. With Neuralink’s approach, a robot inserts tiny threads a quarter the width of a human hair.[xiii]

Some Ethicists Have Concerns

Some scientists are skeptical, and some tech ethicists have concerns, about neuralink applications. [xiv] People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Senior Vice President Kathy Guillermo’s statement on the video released by Elon Musk’s Neuralink of a monkey with a chip implanted in his brain manipulating a video screen in exchange for liquid:  “The monkey wasn’t fooled by the jungle photo screen, and no one else should be, either. Monkeys in neuroscience experiments are kept constantly thirsty or hungry to coerce them to cooperate and stare at a screen for hours, and when the session is over, they go back into a cage. Experiments similar to Neuralink’s have been done many times before, always at the expense of animals whose lives have been stolen, and nothing has come of it. Neuralink would break real scientific ground if its research left animals out and actually helped humans.” [xv]

Whether via incentivizing the monkey through scarcity and starvation, or via creating addiction, there are many ways in which to destroy the inherent sovereignty of another sentient being, including a gamer, reported to be one of 5G’s best customers. [xvi] Speaking of games, how about the “war-gaming of the science? [xvii]  And, is Pager’s use of the disconnected joystick operating in a similar paradigm to constituents, – trying to talk to decision-makers about adverse health and environmental effects of microwave radiation and 5G?

It’s more than “responsible mining” and “ethical experimentation” or “addressing the divide” of the day

There is a Chinese proverb,  “An error the width of a hair can lead one a thousand miles astray.”

What makes the story of inserting wires and/or creating wireless connectivity to the brain both alarming and tragic is the lack of recognition of the inborn energy systems operating within the human energy field, including the neurolymphatics,[xviii] neurovascular points on the head, [xix]and their synthesis with the meridian system of Oriental Medicine. These are the electromagnetic pathways that synthesize the human energy field with the natural electromagnetic environment.

Neuralink’s band of merry engineers, along with the mainstream medicine, functions with a baseline of separation of the laws of energy from the laws of matter. This paradigm has no comprehension or recognition that points on the forehead send “data” down the backside of the body to the littlest toes, also controlling muscles in the calves, and along the spine, and that the energy pathway is dominant from 3-5 pm.  Yet this knowledge is readily available via the teachings of Touch for Health,[xx] Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine,[xxi] and other resources.

And those individuals reporting adverse effects from exposure to microwave radiofrequencies are describing, exactly, how the environmental pollutant is disrupting their individual physiology.

Challenges with the Current, Incomplete, Unscientific, Marginalizing Decision-Making Paradigm

The first issue: Western medicine and physics and other sciences do not recognize that these subtle energy systems exist.

The second issue: with a lack of understanding that these systems exist, there is an active denial there are warning signs, already, that technology, including wireless, is disrupting biology and health.

The third issue: The belief that an artificial system can be installed without causing subsequent harm, and proceeding on the basis of force,[xxii] and corruption of science and ethics, is justified.

Knowledge of these energetic points and their actions empower self-care that threatens the dominance of drugs-and-surgery based for-profit health care.

The Golden Age of Science Fiction to the Dark Age of Science That is Pure Fiction

The Golden Age of Science fiction in the 1960s produced a number of entertaining, fantastical tales of the future.  Unfortunately, the 1960s also produced public policy, not science-based, that continues to reign today. Science is now, literally, fiction. History may one day refer to it a “Neanderthal Science.” Like many other artificial initiatives, like sweeteners, artificial intelligence is, in fact, not intelligent.

Nature has provided two powerful reminders that the earth is not just a dead rock hurtling independently in space. The 2004 tsunami[xxiii] and the 2021 Ever Given debacle[xxiv]  are reminders that our lives are electro-magnetically intertwined with the rhythms inhabiting the cosmic whole.

Current assumptions about health are primitive in contrast to knowledge codified earlier by observant  and reverential cultures, including both Chinese and Indian seers. Like them, we can come to recognize the patterns informing our lives, not via centrally controlled data collection and analysis, interpreted and spit out via a wireless cellphone, but through presence, with a desire to truly know and understand.  It’s  all right there, behind the curtain.

When the healer can speak as freely as the weatherman about the influence on the neap tide, and a women can describe her symptoms without being portrayed as a psychiatric patient or conspiracy theorist, and when we listen to the children, [xxv]we will have entered a Golden Age.

It is not too late, but it is Mayday, Mayday, Mayday.  Apparently, we think we want holes in our heads.

You can read the rest of this May Day series HERE and find Patricia Burke’s entire archive HERE.

Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and internationally calling for new biologically-based microwave radio frequency exposure limits.She is based in Massachusetts and can be reached at



[ii] So, who is planning for this massive jump in power consumption?  No one.  Not in Austin, Texas and not in Jerusalem, Israel. The 5G revolution that the cellphone industry is so proud about is likely to prove to be an ecological disaster that could easily wipe out the Carbon emissions savings of the Paris accord. Maybe that is why the Chinese shut down their 5G network at night  Did I forget to mention that the Chinese shut down their network to save power?


[iv] “Mayday first came into English in 1923. There was a lot of air traffic between England and France in those days, and evidently there were enough international problems over the English Channel that both parties wanted to find a good distress signal that everyone would understand… There was—S.O.S.—but there were some problems with it: “Owing to the difficulty of distinguishing the letter “S” by telephone, the international distress signal “S.O.S.” will give place to the words “May-day”, the phonetic equivalent of “M’aidez”, the French for “Help me.””—”New Air Distress Signal,” The Times [London], 2 Feb. 1923


[vi] Moon Time











[xvii] and





[xxii] Force refers to the forceful installation of infrastructure, including towers, antennas, and small cells, as well as satellite transmissions affecting non-benefitting, non-consenting populations.




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