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Next Global Protest Day March 20, 2021 – Equinox

Throughout millennia, the sky has been our clock and calendar, and the rhythms reflected in nature have served as the foundation for all human endeavor.  From the 24-hour darkness-light cycle, to lunar months and the flow of seasons, ancient cultures spanning the globe were synchronized by Natural Law.

Technological innovations offer many benefits, but when used without balance and wisdom our human-generated techno- “eco system” interferes with and seeks to sub-plant Nature’s true eco-system. 

Accumulated knowledge and time-honored wisdom of great civilizations − once codified into patterns for planting and harvesting as well as for sustaining health − have been obliterated by our drive for yet “faster” and “more” connectivity.

In its current form, the 5G/data-harvesting/AI wireless paradigm is intensifying an attitude of destructive entitlement that now extends beyond the confines of the planet itself into the skies. Similar to industries such as tobacco and asbestos that ignored early warnings and denied evidence of harm, tech companies are controlling “the commons,” the science, the economics, the narrative, and our future.

In the name of “progress”, Precision Agriculture may destroy our food supply due to blindness to the synchronizing role of the sun’s rays and the intelligence of the plant world. “Telehealth” risks compromising true health as the benefits of connectivity are conflated with a massive increase in artificial radio frequency exposure. E-waste decimates ecosystems in impoverished nations as affluent nations design ever more technological “fixes” in the name of sustainability. Inequities are perpetrated as harsh working conditions from e-waste processing, conflict minerals, and manufacturing continue unabated.

And nature must shoulder it all. 

The solstices and equinoxes are times of balance and transition between darkness and light. The winter solstice − this year December 21 − marks the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, and the longest in the Southern Hemisphere. The Equinox − March 20, 2021 −  is where days and nights are of equal duration everywhere on earth.  Both Protest Events have been planned around the natural rhythms of the heavens and earth. Perhaps the inherent wisdom of nature’s “desire” to heal, grow and transform will inform our way forward. 

Please consider holding a Candlelight Vigil on December 20, 2020, and a jubilant and festive Protest Day Event on March 20, 2021 as we collectively call for a stop to 5G, and a move toward safer, more respectful and life-affirming technology. 

(NB: The Candlelight Vigil has been set for Sunday, December 20 although winter solstice is on December 21. Either day works for an event.)

Stop 5G International does not endorse any forms of vandalism or destruction in its advocacy for safer technology and environmental stewardship.

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  1. I would love to come along and show my support for the GLOBAL PROTEST DAY CANDLELIT VIGIL and participate in both events LOVE AND LIGHT WITH BRIGHTEST BLESSINGS ALWAYS AMANDA.

  2. I have been an active opponent of 5G, and identify as a leftie. I voted for Gloria La Riva for president, as I live in a safely blue state. I am also a cancer survivor and don’t want 5G in my neighborhood. Most of the opponents that have presented on this issue in my town are progressives, and I hope this movement doesn’t become identified as a bunch of right-wing nut jobs. I was an activist against the VietNam war in the 60’s, and plan to push Biden against his regime change mentality. I would like to host a December 20th event, and can invite my Occupy friends who are on board. I’m not very IT skilled, but will try.

    1. I’m also a 5G opponent, but neither Left nor Right. I’m a Freethinker who is beyond fed up with BOTH extremes (and even the so-called “Libertarians”). There are good and bad on both sides, so please STOP considering your own opinions to be the only “correct” opinions and giving yourself permission to name call, vilify and detract from everyone who doesn’t blindly obey what is in many aspects the nihilistic, destructive and self-cannabilizing credo of the far left. You’re driving new wedges into the movement before it even has a chance to grow and obviously not aware of your own biases and prejudices. The Occupy movement raised some good points, but completely missed – perhaps purposefully? – the crux of America’s problems, which is the monetary policies of the Federal Reserve. It also – again perhaps purposefully – avoided “discovering” that the role of Progessivism is just as guilty as the political ideology of regime change that it hates, in pushing the Fed’s destructive monetary policies. The Progressive movement has a LOT to answer for regarding its role in bringing America, and thereby the world, to the state it’s in. BOTH sides share blame, yet NEITHER is interested in biting the bullet and doing what it will take to salvage a future worth living in. So what can you do if you’re sincere about putting the earth first? The first step is to examine oneself, and see where one’s own ideological prejudices and blind spots are. If it meant saving the planet, how far would you be willing to go? Would you be willing to give up the rewarding feelings of self-righteousness and risk the scorn and derision of your friends and compatriots to critically examine your own opinions and assumptions about how horrible everybody that isn’t in your own echo chamber, really is? Would you be willing to reach across the divide and genuinely listen to someone else’s perspective, and risk changing your mind on anything? Would you give up eating meat, or go apologize to some innocent bystander whose business was trashed by Occupy/Antifa/BLM and volunteer your time and money to help them rebuild? Would you spend your free time and energy studying economics so that you could see the realities beyond what your ideological opinion leaders TELL you to think? If not, then I’m sorry but you’re contributing to the very situation that you think you’re trying to fix. Hitting others over the head because they won’t join your peace march to end violence and hate is a complete oxymoron, and if you can’t see that, then you’d better look in the mirror to figure out where the real problem lies. And do it quickly, because the earth can’t wait for people to get over themselves enough to see that life is just a series of ups and downs, and the Utopia of ‘social justice’ is simply Hell spelled backwards.

      1. Thank you for your comment although I don’t know to whom it is directed.

        Some of what you wrote was quite inspiring. But you also wrote this: “Hitting others over the head because they won’t join your peace march to end violence and hate is a complete oxymoron, and if you can’t see that, then you’d better look in the mirror to figure out where the real problem lies.”

        I don’t know to whom this comment was directed, but if to Stop 5G International, I will answer. Our team recognizes that each person must decide for themselves what their unique contribution to this glorious “Web of Life” will be. It’s not our place to tell others what to do…or to assume we know what’s best. We don’t. We do invite people to reflect deeply on what role they feel called to play and, if it feels right, help us all to envision and create a better world. Best, Kate from the team of Stop 5G International.

  3. Puisse la 5G réveiller les endormis et les indifférents, les inconscients, à la fragilité du vivant et à l’amour qu’il requiert…

  4. please continue the hard work, despite the big tech censorship along with big media propaganda. Science will win over profit xx

  5. The pursuit of profit and the control over the population of Earth seems to be fulfilling the monstrous agendas of a diabolical elite. They also control the mainstream media and effectively cover up their plan as it rolls out. The “Science” could be used protectively for the Planet and all living things. The scientists and “moneymen” behind the bad agenda need to look in their hearts and souls.

  6. How can I find out if there is a protest planned near where I live? I live in Camas Washington, which is close to Portland, Oregon. Thanks!

    1. We have asked people to send us their events if they would like them posted on the website, but most people are not choosing to do that, so we cannot answer at this point. You may wish to join the FB group Global Action to Stop 5G, which is the FB group connected to the Global Protest Day Actions/Stop 5G International, and ask there if anyone is organizing something in Washington or Oregon.

      1. Facebook….
        Why does everyone always make a facebook group with no alternative method of communication? I and others like me are locked out of this and many other events that I would like to be part of because I happen to choose not to be on facebook (or any other social media actually).
        What’s wrong with a website that keeps people up to date on what’s going on? You can set up a website on yola or whatever in twenty minutes!
        As far as I’m concerned facebook and the rest of them are just part of the same system which is killing the very animals/plants/humans which we are trying to protect! By making a facebook page these people are excluding people who are the most likely to want to be involved and to give their time to the movement, and in the mean time actively supporting the nature destroyers themselves!
        And unfortunately most of the people who join the groups then proceed to use their mobile/wifi “device” to access the facebook group! It defies belief!
        They would be better to close their facebook presence, throw their damned devices in the bin and stay at home on the 20th.
        As the saying goes “it’s better to do good deeds at home than to light a candle in a far place”.
        Please excuse my rant but this has happened to me with so many campaigns. I’m starting to feel that I’m a weirdo/outsider because I’m actually doing the things these excusive facebook pages are set up to facilitate….

        1. We agree it’s better to not own a cell phone and to “walk your talk.” Personally, I don’t own one and trust I never will. But each person must decide for themselves what they feel called to, or able to, do. What’s more important than how much we do at any given moment in time, but rather the trajectory we’re on. If someone is not yet ready to give up their cell phones, it’s not ours to judge. But hopefully, today they are doing something a bit better than yesterday, and tomorrow, they will do something better than today. In time, we’ll find our way back into balance…hopefully.

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