No more lies

What is the scandal?

The scandal is well explained in No More Lies, an animated video showing how the UK government has u-turned on human rights and health since 2000, a year which heralded 2G and 3G wireless communications, but also promised science-based policies designed to protect the public from wireless radiation.

Twenty-two years ago in the UK, precaution was the agreed upon policy, and public health the rallying call. But now, in 2022, wireless networks are sold to us as a necessary part of combatting “climate change,” and the precautionary principle, a crucial mechanism to protect health and human rights when science and safety are unclear, has been side-lined. Clever marketing and shrewd lobbying have swayed the UK government into a consensus that precaution is irrelevant and covered by exposure “guidelines”.

In each iteration, from 1998 to 2020, the exposure guidelines, produced by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP)  have been formulated and edited to serve this very purpose. For example, in the 2020 guidelines references to microwave hearing (the Frey Effect) were removed. This is a known auditory effect, a ringing or popping in the ears previously described as a major cause of concern, and an indicator of excessive exposure limits. This is just one example in which government guidelines serve to undermine the very definition of “safe exposure.” Still, we are supposed to believe the government have our safety at heart while imposing 5G. Was it a mere coincidence that reports of tinnitus soared in the UK from 2020-2021, when the 5G roll out was on overdrive? Tinnitus has also been called “the perception of sound in the absence of a corresponding sound.” That definition corresponds exactly to the Frey Effect.

What is the main point the government wants to drive home now? That wireless policy is all about healing: healing the economy, the digital divide, the environment; it’s quite an inversion.

Radiofrequency radiation (RFR) in its “healing” guise is now being portrayed as “clean energy” too. Of course, the implausibility of such a claim can be demonstrated with minimal research. Deep Sea Mining, an emergent pillage of the seas for rare metals to sustain the digital future, which could irreparably damage ocean ecosystems, will continue the mining and refining of ores creating toxic effluents and acid rain from emissions. Such hypocrisy goes silently unrecognised by the public listening to the bold premonitions being made for our “clean energy” digital future. Radiofrequency radiation is not only harmful, the whole infrastructure and economy must be mined.

The time has come. No More Lies, it’s Time for Truth

How Things Have Changed

The political position on wireless expansion has moved from carcinogenic probability to “clean” future technology. What a face-lift.

However absurd that metamorphosis may be, there is still zero evidence we are safe from pulsed microwave emissions, no matter how greenwashed they may be. In the popular politics of the predicted zero carbon future world and “squeaky clean” digital agendas, the hopes are high, but the greenwashing of harm is unfortunately endemic in industry. A green face, no matter how fake is half the battle to industry in ensuring the uptake of their products. The greenwashing lies are being conveyed with so much conviction, many believe them without question.

How can we be led into this crazy situation so easily? After ceaseless industrial pollution and companies making excuses and abusing our faith (remember asbestos and smoking, or DDT and RoundUp?), still many people believe the wonderfully rebranded capitalist transnational industries have our planet at heart, wouldn’t take our money and run, and wouldn’t lie to our faces on national television. Since when has a company creating any type of emissions, from tangible to invisible, admitted it was doing harm to people while profiting to the maximum?

Would they lie to our faces? Yes, indeed they would. And they do. What have they got to lose in their lobbying and manipulations to bend the truth and market their potentially health-destroying wireless products as cosmetic, vanity items that connect us to social and other media on-the-go? The deceptions have worked before, for other infamous industries, like a charm, but they have merely symbolically changed colour, not tune. The public relations damage control is on overdrive, as industries from wireless to mining change the hue of every word and vow to a shade of green and concept of “clean”, for a better future and environment.

It’s a real problem we are now constantly exposed to wireless radiation, in the higher frequency ranges of 5G’s skin irradiating millimetre wave spectrum and in the environment bludgeoning 4G spectrum, colliding around us, within us and through us. We once feared cancer from mobile telecommunications, now the metastasis has spread to the environment, which wireless operators now claim to champion.

Our politicians act as if radiofrequency radiation (RFR) had never been diagnosed as a possible carcinogen, that precaution had never been regarded as the most sensible course of action.

There’s no talk now of avoidance of exposure being the best policy for children, as tablets for “learning” and Wi-Fi for “connecting” have taken an unprecedented foothold in our schools and homes. We’ve been guided away from a healthier existence, of precautionary choices and practices, into the ideal situation for an industry, where wireless masts, transmitters and proximal wireless routers have become ubiquitous to the point a wireless lifestyle (a lifetime of exposure, often excessive and unchecked without reference to precautions) is regarded essential, and even seems harmless.

Wireless infrastructure is densifying beyond control or regulation, and is arduously promoted instead of the safer wired connections (ethernet, fibre) that could benefit us all.

We’d benefit not just in terms of our health, but also cybersecurity, energy consumption, and especially in terms of speed – fibre is fast! No waiting for a signal, either, which seems to be the main drive for justifying the roll out of 5G in the “disconnected” countryside in the UK and abroad. We can be safely connected, there need be no “digital divide”, as such. We can enjoy digital living without microwave hearing and the other radiation fallout from the likely excessive exposures being regularly experienced by homeworkers today without awareness, or consent.

The Good News

The good news is we can change this scandalous situation, but only if we act together, acknowledge the scandal, and hold the UK government accountable for protectionism, mismanaging public health, and for reimagining legislation to favour the unimpeded and accelerated rollout of 5G — which has never been proven safe for humans, wildlife, or the environment. Our rights are protected in retained European law. The EECC (European Electronics Communications Code) states that public health is an imperative. On this basis the government can be clearly be held to account and in the UK all efforts are being made by campaigners advocating the precautionary principle to make local councils, and central government aware of the EECC and fundamentally their duty of care to the public, an obligation enshrined in law, and oath.

Change Is in Motion, And You Can Be a Part of It

It had to happen. And what timing. As we moved towards lockdowns and 2 years of restrictions, hardy campaigners and human rights lawyers combined resources and knowledge to apply the law and make a sustained challenge the government over the reckless roll out of 5G.

Right now, the UK government continues to face legal action over the 5G roll out. Since this action was launched, the government has aimed to protect the rollout at all costs and has promoted the Internet of Things (IoT) to further progress smart motorways, smart cities, and homes, making nowhere left wireless free, and no respite from involuntary irradiation. Laws have been changed to accelerate our  non-consensual) exposure and protect the infrastructure in the name of national security, in tandem with other countries, such as the US, which did the same.

5G has been forced upon people, for industry profits, power, and state surveillance, through lobbying, legislation, and public policy.

Without any comprehensive risk assessment of biological, environmental, or energy consumption impacts, 5G continues to be rolled out, and branded as “safe” and a “benefit” to all. Yet there is zero evidence this radiation being absorbed into our bodies now, or through cumulative exposures years down the line, is safe.

Considering that, the precautionary principle should have been invoked, globally.

We can reclaim our right to health. The fight is certainly on. Those who earned the right to be Health Secretaries, or Health Agencies, like Public Health England or United Kingdom Health Security Agency, and the departments that administered the rollouts, like Ofcom and the Department of Digital Culture Media and Sport, have protected wireless technology above all, and have failed to protect public health. They would sooner take no responsibility for their actions, but they are being held to account, and that is an achievement that could bring a momentous new era in the UK. Not just for renewing a faith in justice but helping people who are suffering from the assault of anthropogenic radiofrequency radiation exposure, many of whom realise they are suffering with Electromagnetic Sensitivity (or Microwave Sickness) also being referred to “clinically” as Electro-hypersensitivity (EHS) in Sweden.  The condition is also termed ES (Electro-sensitivity), perhaps more recognised in the UK by this name, and its essentially the same physical condition which puts daily lives in turmoil. The sufferer, someone who has incurred sensitivity from acute exposure to RFR, must seek respite from continued exposure.

To this day, the condition is not being adequately recognised, and as a consequence, there are no “safe areas” where people can effectively reduce exposure, other than retreating for cover somewhere watery, remote, and wooded, if at all. Naturally this impractical, and unfair, and needs to be addressed. Everyone has the right to avoid exposure, and to lead a healthy life. It’s a basic human right. But not as far as government or the wireless industry are concerned, evidently. We must change this situation, most urgently. The coordinated beaming of electromagnetic radiation from 5G satellites and earthly wireless installations are sustaining our exposure, and although not widely publicised, there are growing casualties from this chronic irradiation.

How Did 5G Get from Villain to Carbon Super Hero?

Since 2016, 5G has been slowly emerging. Accompanying protest and resistance to it, has been steadily growing.

2016 was the year large scale 5G wireless testing started. In 2017 widespread media reports of illness-causing sonic attacks on American diplomats who were in Cuba in 2016 would, after scientific investigations and intelligence gathering, be revised to describe “radiofrequency sickness” as the impact of “whatever it was” that struck them down ill, by 2021.

They hadn’t necessarily been exposed to 5G, however, this report confirms that radiation sickness is possible from RFR, and it doesn’t have to be from 5G specifically.

Overexposure to RFR has a detrimental impact on health, and this can be a swift impact, from an acute overexposure, or from a weaponised energy attack as seems to be the case with the diplomats, or, it can be cumulative, taking many years to reach a tipping point, to “ripen”, and result in one or more physical and psychological chronic diseases and/or profound disabilities, such as Alzheimer’s. Electro-sensitivity might almost certainly occur at some point on this health degrading journey, because of sustained exposure interacting with our electromagnetic nervous system creating physical side-effects.

It is true to say the study of 5G’s health effects may never be adequately scientifically assessed. There is now no control group, everyone has sustained exposure. It is well known by scientists that the ultimate health impacts of 5G can’t be predicted because the propagation methods and frequency interactions haven’t been sufficiently studied. We exist in a crossfire of frequencies and a chaos of signal propagation methods, strapped to the rails as signal encoded data packets, in completely alien configurations of electromagnetic pulsed energy, run roughshod over every one of us. We are treated like caged guinea pigs. It’s an appalling situation rightfully causing many of us, in our awareness, to reject 5G, the “smart life”, and to ardently protest, campaign and educate others.

Censorship, Cognitive Dissonance, and Compliance

From 2019-2020 worldwide protests over 5G’s safety continued to highlight electro sensitivity (ES) and other issues being censored from mainstream discussion. In 2018 ES and the health effects of mobile phones collided in a public information advertisement. After only a few complaints, it was instantly banned.

The political climate with regards to wireless, which would appear to have changed to “acceptance” with the continued uptake of smartphones, despite the continuing emergence of science showing biological harm from RFR, influenced the UK Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) in banning an advertisement which suggested mobile phones were unhealthy and increased cancer risk.

This was 18 years after the government was warning the public about RFR exposure and favouring precaution. The ad, if it was left to fly, could possibly have affected the uptake of smartphones, no doubt, but more importantly it would have reminded people of precaution and why it is so important.

Such actions can only cause alarm bells to ring, and provide even more reason to protest, and campaign. Protest though, would soon be difficult, as 2020 unfurled.

The catalyst for 5G’s infrastructure rollout proved to be the “pandemic/post-pandemic” years of 2020-22, because while society was locked down at home, and movement was restricted except for “essential” journeys, and the activities of “key” workers, such as telecommunications engineers, installations could proceed without any public supervision, or recollection.

The issue of 5G rollout and its health implications, interestingly collided with Pandemic hysteria, and as we all remember, there was a seething controversy no government could live with – that 5G was probably causing illnesses, connected to their negligence and relentless push for the densified, saturated 5G IoT “ecosystem.” The 5G race was one not all would live to see “won”, whatever “won” means in that context.

Was it irrational to state in 2020, as many scientists did, that anthropogenic electromagnetic fields could be having a health impact? It is possible clustered, widespread health impacts, to emerge after years, or even days after chronic exposures.

This is especially conceivable after a 20 years incubation period for chronic illnesses as projected by government scientists in 2000, when they were screaming “precaution” and “currently inconclusive” as they projected glioma and chronic disease into the future, as a possible inevitability, based on their early findings.

We know that Two government funded papers from the British Medical Journal (BMJ) were reviewed by Michael Maier, a senior clinical lecturer in 2006. What is important, is that Maier observed a crucial flaw in the pursuit of “conclusiveness” owing to the infancy of wireless communications and population exposure.

At the time, Maier said, “…the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) is now barely 10 years old, [and] the question remains whether this technology has been in use for a sufficient period to allow recognition of an effect of exposure on the development of brain pathology.” By 2020, there had been ample time for a range of chronic diseases to emerge, and for 5G to have a sudden, wide impact, upon activation. By 2022 our health service is decimated from a highly politicised pandemic and inoculation program, and in the UK, the NHS has long barely been in a position to process or acknowledge cancer as new virus infections now influence their policy and activities. According to the NHS, clearly observing a rise in cancer, after a severe neglect of treating people, said recently “we…have seen record numbers of people coming forward for tests and checks in the last year (2021-2022).”

Remember, we live in a “wireless” culture that realises the harm of smoking, and politically has abandoned precaution, where consequently many living the “wireless connectivity lifestyle” predominantly keeps cell phones in chest pockets, or even under pillows, with the router left running all night. This is a culture of over exposure, and exponentially rising cancer cases, as epidemiological studies on cell phone radiation would confirm.

Perhaps we’ll never hear about the emergence of the cancer evidence and statistical correlations Maier alludes to that would assist in our understanding or prolonged exposure. Which hospital or doctor will point to radiofrequency radiation when highly misleading government guidelines are defended as “protective”?

Time will tell, but we don’t have that kind of time, health is clearly being “abandoned” on too many fronts, and the implications for human rights and global health are scandalously profound.

We should keep in mind 5G is currently an urgent health issue recognised globally by scientists who see the inadequacy of existing exposure guidelines. In recognising this, our exposure to 5G can’t be taken lightly.

No, It Can’t Be 5G

Previously, in 2020, to keep the science of harm and correlation of harm, from sticking to 5G, a cynical battle to own the health narrative was waged by the government, accompanied by WHO and the media where the public relations fact-checking was called upon.

All efforts were determined to bury the very perception of 5G as being a health tipping-point, branding the perception of a 5G-inflluence from newspaper to newspaper as a wild conspiracy, the catchphrase often used (by the wireless industry) was “crackpot” conspiracy.

It is of note that scientists had already correlated particulate pollution, such as PM2.5 as a way “viruses” could piggyback into our respiratory systems. At around the same time, scientists had also claimed electromagnetic radiation sickness from 5G couldn’t be ruled out.

Bearing this in mind, a convenient cross pollination seems to have occurred somewhere down the line, coming from the media.

The idea of virally infected radiofrequencies was soon concocted (as evidenced from WHO’s own web site), to suggest to readers that infected radiofrequencies were what the “insane” 5G opposition thought was making people sick. Talk about having words put into your mouth. Viruses could piggy-back on 5G signals? Of course, this would serve to establish the “crackpot conspiracy theory” the media projected, and the wireless industry latched onto as they rolled out infrastructure.

It was indeed an absurd invention, “virally infected radiofrequencies”, completely absurd, and not at all what the scientists and sane observers were getting at. Scientists had causally related 5G’s new signal propagation architecture and notoriously unpredictable radiation consequences as capable of causing radiation sickness, which fitted the general description of reported symptoms that suddenly gripped technologically advanced countries that had just ramped up to higher frequency exposures.

Society Locked Away

What is plain to anyone observing the rollout from 2020–21 is that lockdowns became an intrinsic part of justifying the advancement of the global rollout of 5G, as people were isolated and sought increased connection and sustained employment by connecting online in unprecedented numbers and frequency.

5G’s new spectrum and speed were played as the “future proof” solution and also pitched as part of “Building Back Better”, the Net Zero policy, and as central to a digitally driven “economic recovery”. For a technology that has never been proven safe, and that was being ardently resisted in its earliest deployments, even throughout the lockdowns, the public relations effort to convince people otherwise, has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Who Wants 5G?

Does the public want 5G? The answer is increasingly no, as more and more people become informed that humans, animals, plants, bees, and bacteria are exquisitely sensitive to radio frequency microwave radiation. Twenty years ago, the UK government warned citizens to take precautions because radio frequency (wireless) devices, they said, could cause cancer. The Stewart Report by the Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones (IEGMP) made it clear that precaution was needed in relation to exposure, and the W.H.O. would publish similar conclusions.

In May 2000 the Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, provided a politically astute assessment of the Stewart Report. Livingstone was a technician at the Chester Beatty research laboratory in Fulham during the 1970’s caring for laboratory animals used in experiments investigating mechanisms for chest cancers. He said, “To get the conclusive evidence that shows a link [between mobile phone use and cancer] may take decades….” He said the IEGMP’s opinion “that mobile phones are a risk to health, but some biological effects may occur with mobile phone use, although these do not necessarily mean that health is affected…reminds me very much of the way people talked about smoking when I first started working for the Chest Cancer Research Institute in 1962. The line was always, there is no evidence. It was also the response of the asbestos industry, there is no evidence, it was the response of Mrs. Thatcher’s Government about BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy), there was no evidence.”

Today, far from talking about mobile phones and cancer, the government backs industry claims that far denser wireless 5G networks are necessary to combat “climate change”. This is being done even though 5G wireless so-called “clean-energy” requires rare earth metals. With burgeoning Deep Sea Mining poised to strip mine the seas of polymetallic nodules for the purpose, this all adds up to mega energy consumption and will exponentially increase e-waste. Evidently, these are desperate times for the wireless industry, which can be strongly implicated in widespread pollution from mining to exacerbating anthropogenic RFR emissions.

Are We Being Protected?

The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), a self-proclaimed “independent” body, and the darling of the tech industry, promotes thermal guidelines for public exposure to radiation. ICNIRP’s exposure guidelines are used around the world yet protect people only from thermal harm from the microwave frequencies.

Such guidelines are useful to industry because they ignore the science pertaining to biological harm from radio frequency radiation at non thermal levels. Furthermore, the ICNIRP guidelines do not consider RFR exposure on the environment and ecosystems, nor do they consider duration of exposure. They fall short of any reliable risk assessment or credible science.

Watch No More Lies

We owe it to ourselves to seek clarity on the health, environmental and energy consumption issues surrounding 5G, as it appears the government has no interest in doing so.

Our motivation to become educated and face the issues of this technology must prevail.

The short video, No More Lies, is a good starting point to inspire yourself and others to do further research. It might even compel you initiate your own individual or community response as councils bring 5G to your doorstep, or a whopping mast to your public green. See for more help on removing a mast and taking up the issue with a local authority.

We have it within us to make balanced and informed choices to protect our health and environment. To that end, please share the animated video of No More Lies, and send the message loud and clear, that you want your human rights and health protected now.

There are three links to the No More Lies video, here. Many people are watching and sharing it and if one link temporarily isn’t working, please choose another:

A detailed, referenced open letter to the UK government MPs to address the issues of consent and safety, advocating the precautionary principle can be found here:

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