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The following text and powerful, well-referenced Open Letter to the UK Parliament are from a message Safe Tech International recently received from Sean Carney regarding the UK government’s plans to fast track 5G. Sean urges the UK government to prioritize the health of the citizens of the UK and to place a moratorium on 5G in light of the robust science indicating the roll-out of 5G is ill-conceived and a clear disregard of public safety, human rights, and the environment.

Dear Safe Tech International,

My name is Sean Carney, I live in the UK and I am urgently campaigning for transparency about the potential health risks of 5G.

The UK government is now rushing ahead with new plans to amend laws to push through the untested, unsafe 5G mass rollout unimpeded. The proposed reforms to planning regulations, if unchallenged now, will shortly give network providers instant access to private and public property, residential buildings and environments of natural beauty. It is important to note that by accepting these government proposals the UK public will potentially no longer be able to adequately challenge future iterations of the still unproven-safe 5G technology thus setting an historic precedent that could only encourage more intrusive measures and disregard of public safety by network providers in the future. [ ]

Principia Scientific International has printed my urgent open letter challenging the UK government in full. In the letter I ask Parliament important safety related questions to raise my concerns and remind them of their obligation to protect public health.

Ongoing legal action over the governments position regarding 5G safety is in progress in the UK and parallels what is has been happening in America. Hopefully it will be as successful. It is my hope that my letter will gain further attention by organisations concerned by the 5G safety issues to additionally highlight the urgent problems facing us in the UK, and Europe, around ICNIRP’s flawed guidelines and the ongoing deceptions arising from them.

Many organisations claim to be all for the environment but disregard 5G’s potential and ongoing impact. Nevertheless, I have contacted Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth and they are not interested in the environment issues or safety issues I have highlighted. Greenpeace said they await a “scientific consensus”, as if one really existed on climate change, which is their focus. Their attitude is concerning and has confirmed that their so-called green ethics and goals are flawed and skewed.

My full letter to the government can be viewed here:

Principia Scientific International kindly brought the open letter to wider public attention on their website. I am hoping that other campaigners for transparency can share the letter too. The proposed laws are a harmful move and put public health at risk. They need to be urgently resisted.

Yours sincerely,

Sean Carney.

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  1. Hello Sean,
    Is there a PDF available of the full letter that I can send to scientist friends?
    – Maya Cain

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