OUR WORLD, OUR SKY: Art Celebration for Children

To celebrate the 5G Global Protest Day of Action on March 20th, 2021, we’re holding an Art Celebration for Children. We are inviting children to submit a drawing, a painting, sand art on the beach, a chalk drawing on pavement, write a poem, sing a song, choreograph a mime or a dance about the Earth and Sky.

If your children are not familiar with satellites, perhaps you can take this opportunity to explain to them what satellites are, and why many people around the world are asking SpaceX and other satellite companies to hold off till we are certain satellites are safe for us, all living beings, and the planet….And if we all want them at all!

For sure, great care must be taken not to alarm or worry our children – Heaven knows they certainly have enough to deal with now. But children are our future, and their innocence and openness hold eons of clarity and truth.

In this letter to children, we ask,

What do you love the most about the sky? How do you feel when you look up at the sky? What does the sky mean to you?

What would you say to the stars and to the planets? What are they telling us? Imagine the most beautiful world that you can. What would it look like?

Should the sky be preserved for all living beings – birds, insects, animals, trees, plants and the Earth too? How will satellites harm the natural world?

All that’s needed is to send us a photo, video, or recording of the child’s art, and we will post it on our website for all to see!! Names and countries of contributing artists will only be shared with permission of the child and parent.

As time is short before the March 20th Protest Day, we will continue receiving and posting entries till the end of March.

We look forward to seeing and sharing what our precious children have to tell us.

The Team at Stop 5G International

Link to Letter to Children – Our Earth, Our Sky

For more information about satellites, please visit,

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