Overview: 5G or Safe Tech?

Freedom means no 5G.
If we don’t want to be controlled and monitored 24/7, now is the time to Stop 5G.

5G will bring unprecedented levels of wireless exposure 24/7 to our homes, communities, and to all living beings. Hundreds of scientists and public health experts are demanding a moratorium on the rollout of 5G. See why –

As digitalization spirals out of control in an ever-expanding web of technology gone rogue, perhaps it’s time to consider whether the harms outweigh the hoped for, and hyped about benefits.

  1. HEALTH: 5G is a massive biological experiment inflicted on the public without informed consent, with no prior safety testing, and with credible scientific evidence indicating this technology will prove harmful to health and potentially fatal to some.
  2. WILDLIFE: Recently reported research shows current levels of artificial radiation are already interfering with navigation, breeding, food, migration, and survival.
  3. PRIVACY: “5G will catalogue exactly where someone has come from, where they are going, and what they are doing.” Sue Halpern, The Terrifying Potential of the 5G Network.
  4. OUR CHILDREN: Suicide, loneliness, and depression are reaching epidemic proportions.
  5. ENERGY CONSUMPTION: “5G technology will lead to a significant increase in the carbon footprint of digital technology.” France’s Haut Conseil pour le Climat (HCC) [High Council for Climate] https://www.connexionfrance.com/French-news/French-study-finds-5G-increases-risk-to-climate. Also see, How green is 5G?
  6. EWASTE: With the Internet of Things, household items such as washing machines, mattresses, tea kettles, plant-waterers etc. join the ranks of e-waste. Will the Earth be able to “digest” this fast-growing volume of e-waste produced from both manufacturing and disposal? Also see, https://www.ourweb.tech/letters/
  7. CONFLICT MINERALS: Nearly 6 million people have died in the Democratic Republic of Congo, due to our appetite for rare earth minerals used in all technology. “They’re digging in trenches and laboring in lakes, hunting for treasure in a playground from Hell. Hard enough for an adult man. Unthinkable for a child.” CBS News finds children mining cobalt for batteries in the Congo.
  8. DEATH KNELL FOR CYBERSECURITY: Satellites, alongside of 5G antennas, base stations and user terminals allow hackers to “seize operational control of individual satellites and constellations of satellites within hours, if not minutes.” https://ecfsapi.fcc.gov/file/10311787916086/HHTI%20-%20FCC%20Petition%20for%20Rulemaking.pdf
  9. LIABILITY: Telecoms warn shareholders that revenues could be negatively impacted by health claims. No one wants to assume financial responsibility for loss of health, injury, or property devaluation

Microwaving Our Planet

In an effort to connect every “thing”, event, and place on the planet to the internet, plans are for launching over 100,000 satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) to complement terrestrial 5G.

Dangers posed by satellites include space debriscollisions, depletion of the ozone layer; risk of devastating cyber attacks, pollution from rocket launches and from “dead” satellites burning up in the atmosphere; plutonium and uranium spills from nuclear-powered satellites and space vehicles; increase in already harmful levels of EMF radiation, permanent compromise of the night sky, interference with astronomical research and weather forecasting; effects on wildlife, yet more tracking, surveillance and erosion of privacy; vastly more energy consumption, and the “promise” of increasing the lethality of war.

  1. 5G, SATELLITES AND THE MILITARY: The US Department of Defense dubs this new 5G enabled system the Joint All Domain Command and Control(JADC2) and “boasts” it will increase the lethality of war. (Microwaving Our Planet page…)
  2. DRONES, SWARMS, AND LETHAL AUTONOMOUS WEAPON SYSTEMS: Lethal autonomous weapons systems (LAWS) are weapon systems that rely on artificial intelligence to identify, target, and kill humans without human control or intervention. Algorithms, not humans, make decisions.
  3. SPACEPORTS: Rocket launching sites are most often built in pristine uninhabited areas near a body of water, so in the event of an explosion, human lives won’t be endangered. Wildlife is not factored in.
  4. NUCLEAR POWER IN SPACE: “The nuclear industry views space as a new—and wide open—market for their toxic product that has run its dirty course on Mother Earth.” – Bruce Gagnon, coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space. http://13147359.sites.myregisteredsite.com/blog/report-urges-nuclear-rockets-lays-out-synergies-between-nasa-and-military/
  5. DUAL USE TECHNOLOGY: Commercial 5G infrastructure and satellites will be used by the military to cut costs while adding to the streams of data available for AI on the “battlefield.”
  6. INTERFERENCE WITH ASTRONOMICAL RESEARCH: “…large constellations of bright satellites in low Earth orbit will fundamentally change ground-based optical and infrared astronomy and could impact the appearance of the night sky for stargazers worldwide.”  https://noirlab.edu/public/products/techdocs/techdoc003/
  7. INTERFERENCE WITH WEATHER FORECASTING: Radiation emitted from 5G networks could interfere with and degrade weather forecasting according to meteorologists.

For more about satellites, please click HERE.

And Now In the Ocean – “Smart” Ocean

The technology revolution has now expanded to the ocean in the form of the Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT), aka a Smart Ocean. Plans are underway for the ocean to become an integral part of a worldwide network of “smart” interconnected infrastructure and objects that will complement satellites in the skies, and 4G/5G cell towers and satellite dishes on land. Money is being poured into research and development of new applications and infrastructure to enable seamless connectivity throughout the ocean, Earth, and heavens.

Commercial interests and the armed forces view an internet-connected ocean as essential for their operations. But the impacts on marine life are not being considered. In addition to the noise, pollution, and debris from an ocean bustling with anthropogenic activities, the Internet of Underwater Things will rely primarily on sonar which for decades has been known to adversely impact whales and other marine animals. Recently, scientists have discovered the vital role whales play in ocean ecology and how they help mitigate climate change.

For more about the Internet of Underwater Things please click HERE.

There’s a safer alternative.
Wired technologies such as fiber or coaxial cable are faster, more reliable, resilient, energy-efficient, and more easily defended from cyber-attacks. Above all, wired technologies are significantly less hazardous to our health and would better ensure the survival of other life forms with whom we share this precious planet.

Or Maybe We Would Prefer a World Where…

The right to live safely in one’s home and neighborhood takes precedence over industry profits, and communities choose what infrastructure best suits their demographic. 

Satellite deployment is halted, and we can once again partake of our common heritage – the unobstructed skies.

5G, 6G or any other “G” is replaced by safe technology that has undergone scrutiny to ensure the health and well-being of all life on the planet.

People are connected face-to-face and heart-to-heart, and not consumed by ubiquitous virtual connectivity?

We connect to the internet only when and where we choose, and primarily through hard-wired technology, not wirelessly through the air.

Digital orphans are reunited with their parents, and tech addiction becomes a relic of the past.

The increasingly frenetic pace of hyper-connectivity is slowed down so we can once again connect to our own humanity.

The pursuit of “faster”, “bigger” and “more” is replaced with contentment with “just enough”?

Respect for life takes precedence over corporate self-gain.

In short … a future that respects and protects all life on this planet.

It’s time WE decide what kind of world we wish to inhabit…and not telecom or nation states driven by an insatiable appetite for profit, power, and control.

We call on all those who truly desire Freedom to heed the growing voice of scientists, medical doctors, engineers, and others who warn we must halt the “race to 5G” and consciously chart a wiser and safer course into the future.

What You Can Do to Help

Above all, set aside time and space for reflection and just “being-ness” so you become a finer and finer vessel for emanating goodness, truth, and compassion.

Raise awareness:

  1. Pass out flyers and fact sheets – 5G is it worth it? | 5G and the loss of our freedom, Environmental Trust Printable Resources, 5G, Climate Change, & the Internet of Things  Courtesy Environmental Health Trust, Physicians’ Health Initiative for Radiation and Environment – 5G Facts, 5G Technology vs.Science and Freedom of Choice, How 5G Could Dramatically Alter Our Natural World  Courtesy Americans for Responsible Technology
  2. Send this letter to medical practitioners
  3. Send this Open Letter to Environmental Organizations
  4. Write letters to government officials To legislators (PDF version), Legislators (Word), Councils and Council Members (Word), Letter to the Editor, Letter to the UN and WHO.
  5. Learn what your city’s zoning laws are, and what towers have been planned.
  6. Attend and testify at all hearings for wireless zoning regulations and cell towers.
  7. Consider getting an attorney to assist in stopping a cell tower installation.
  8. The issues are complex and multifaceted. Become informed and share what you have learned with others. Environmental Health Trust, Physicians for Safe Technology, Electromagnetic Radiation Safety.
  9. Create art to awaken hearts. Compose a song to convey a message. Humor can be a great teacher, Elon Musk Has Gone to Mars.
  10. Sign and deliver to your government the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and In Space.
  11. Sign, share and write petitions (See list of petitions on Suggested Actions Page)
  12. Host an educational gathering in your home – discussion, film, lecture, envisioning meditation, other.
  13. Follow and join social media groups to stay apprised of happenings and new actions. Telegram – https://t.me/joinchat/ZSsP7IiHse1hOTU0, Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/groups/548912049259423/, Twitter handle – https://twitter.com/stop_5g_intl, Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/stop5ginternational/.

Country (and Continent) Specific:

Press Release Europeans For Safe Connections, September, 2021
Resources in Spanish and Portuguese – Environmental Health Trust
Contaminación Electromagnética  — Antenas Peligrosas Perú
Resources in Italian – Environmental Health Trust
Resources in Slovakian – Environmental Health Trust

South Africa
In South Africa evidence is being gathered on the impacts of 5G from land and satellites, on health, wildlife and the environment.  Please assist by sending an email with observations you have made and any symptoms you have been experiencing, specifically in the past 18 months to medicalemrrfsa@gmail.com
and safetech4sa@gmail.com

Please support active legal cases at www.actionagainst5g.org & www.fishersgate-jr.weebly.com
Learn how to object to masts at www.rfinfo.co.uk.

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