Please sign this petition now to get Gigi Sohn confirmed as FCC Commissioner?

The cut off date for signatures is December 31, 2022!

We need Gigi Sohn as FCC Commissioner. She is a long-time consumer advocate and not beholden to any industry. She is arguably the most qualified candidate ever to be nominated to FCC Commissioner. The telecom industry has been engaging in a smear campaign in the hopes of scuttling her confirmation.

If Gigi Sohn is not confirmed before 12/31/22, President Biden will have to re-nominate someone to that position. We have no idea who that will be. If it isn’t Gigi Sohn, it is likely we will continue to have no traction at the FCC. This is why she needs to be confirmed during this lame duck session.

We may also be circulating our own petition to Senators Schumer and Gillebrand; we will let you know shortly.

Thank you for signing this petition sharing it widely!

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