Press release Europeans for Safe Connections, September, 2021

Stop (((5G))) – Stay Connected but Protected – a new European Citizen’s Initiative

This August a new European Citizen’s Initiative (ECI) was submitted at the European Commission by Europeans for Safe Connections. They took the initiative to request the EU Commission to make better legislation because of the adverse effects of wireless communication. 5G is being deployed to facilitate an Internet of Things that will be omnipresent without any assessment of possible adverse effects for environment, privacy, or health.

This European Citizen’s Initiative will give a voice to the millions of European citizens that are worried about the seemingly unstoppable deployment of 5G and all its unwanted effects.

Wireless communication already has a big impact on life. With the deployment of 5G and the Internet of Things this impact will grow overwhelmingly. The EU countries and the EU itself ignore the many immense adverse effects to be expected and some already encountered.

That’s why in this ECI Europeans for Safe Connections demand the EU to protect our health, our environment and our digital rights by establishing:

  • regulations to protect all life from radio frequency and microwave radiation
  • stronger regulation to protect the environment from all the impacts of 5G and digitalization
  • effective data protection to safeguard our privacy, security, and freedomDo you want to know more about the ECI Stop (((5G))) Stay Connected but Protected? Please, visit our website (link). Soon you’ll also find the possibility to support and to sign the initiative. We will announce when the collection of signatures starts.


    What exactly is a European Citizens’ Initiative or ECI?

    A European Citizens’ Initiative is a democratic way for citizens to directly influence the EU by proposing new laws to the European Commission. Soon after the registration is accepted by the EU Commission the ECI will be open for Europeans to sign. There is 1 year to gather the signatures for the Initiative.
    When the Initiative has reached over 1 million legal signatures, the European Commission is obliged to consider the proposals and the ECI will also be discussed in the European Parliament.

    Who are Europeans for Safe Connections?
    Europeans for Safe Connections is a coalition of national and international organizations that are aware of adverse consequences of the modern communication technologies. We are not against technology, but we are pro safe technology and safe connections.

    To make our ECI a success it is most important to get broad support from many different organizations, associations and groups who will work together to collect at least one million signatures.

    If this ECI Stop (((5G))) Stay Connected but Protected is important to you, then please contact Europeans for Safe Connections:

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      1. Yes. Perhaps it appears that way. But the majority of people don’t realize the devastation that an all-things-connected world — i.e. “smart” Earth, space and ocean — will mean to the future of all Life on this planet. We’ve got our work cut out, for sure. Please join in raising awareness about the harms to health, privacy, cyber security, the environment, the increased arms race, and the destruction of the fabric of our humanity. Earth can no longer withstand our extractive, consumptive, competitive way of life and desperately needs to learn to once again live with and within the natural world…And to understand that although we appear to be trillions upon trillions of seemingly disparate organisms, we are One Global/Cosmic Interconnected Being.

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