Request from Piti Theatre for video footage

Dear Colleagues,
Our theatre company began making performances that address safe tech issues back in 2012 with “To Bee or Not to Bee” and then again in 2015 with “Innocenzo.” We are now a few weeks away from premiering “Canary in a Gold Mine” at a major New England Theater Festival. This is our first safe tech performance that is made with adults in mind and also built for the web. There will be opportunities for groups to stream it to build awareness in your community but before that we are requesting anyone who is concerned about these issues and particularly microwave sickness sufferers who are able to flim themselves “whistling” (literally whistling like a canary might whistle) for 30 – 60 seconds to send us that video. The last image of the show will be a reference to the “Canary” in the title and then the screen will dissolve into many small squares of whistlers to give an artistic sense of the enormity of this crisis. The show itself is the story of my wife and production partner Godeliève Richard’s struggle with microwave sickness, told in as engaging a way as possible, which began in 2010. A clip is available at

If you are inspired to collect a few videos from different members of your community (different ages, parts of the country/world would be great). MP4 format preferred but whatever is easy for you. Videos should be sent to:

Smaller file sizes (under 25 MB) could be emailed as attachments
Larger file sizes could be sent with, dropbox, etc.
Framing suggestion: relatively close up and looking into the camera.
Deadline: Saturday, January 22 at noon EST.
Another way to support this effort is to attend the (virtual) performance on Feb. 11 – 13 and tell your networks!
More at
Thank you for all of your efforts,

P.S. By sending your video, you are agreeing for your image/footage to be included in this performance which will be shown on the web, in theaters for the public, etc.

Jonathan Mirin
Piti Théâtre Company
Hilltown Health

“I would like to thank Piti Theatre Company for helping to raise awareness about a very pressing problem . . . We need to minimize our exposure to microwave radiation and the artists at the Piti Theatre are raising awareness about this very critical issue in an entertaining way.” – Magda Havas, PhD.

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