Scientists warn about dangers from hasty 5G rollout

Despite medical warnings from scientists and physicians about radiofrequency radiation danger from cellular technology, telecommunications companies have been launching satellites and erecting new cell towers worldwide on an expeditious schedule.

Although 5G technologies are too new to have undergone peer-reviewed studies, thousands of scientists and medical doctors cite “clinical evidence” from 10,000 peer-reviewed studies into 3G and 4G cellular technologies going back at least two decades as proof that radiofrequency radiation damages DNA, causing cancer, heart disease and diabetes, to name a few of the illnesses.

This article is for readers seeking answers about the health risks of radiation from cellphones, cell towers and satellite constellations that are expanding high-speed internet around the globe. Now one piece of extensively-researched journalism answers the following questions about cellular technology:

How is 5G different than preceding 4G and 3G iterations, and why is it potentially more dangerous? • What is the connection between 5G and Havana syndrome? • What do over 10,000 peer-reviewed scientific studies from the last 20 years show about the health and environmental risks of cellular technology? • Why are regulatory agencies in North America and Europe ignoring the advice of scientists and doctors about the dangers of cellular technology? • What is happening on the legal and political fronts concerning this issue? • Why hasn’t the Precautionary Principle been invoked to protect the environment and all living organisms from the risks of cellular radiation? • What steps can cellphone users take to mitigate the dangers of radiation sickness to themselves and their loved ones, especially children and infants who are the most vulnerable? • What actions are average citizens around the world taking to try to slow down the rollout of 5G technologies?

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